Wax On, Wax Off: Surfrider Foundation Celebrity Expression Session recap and Hurley Pro update

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​The surf was uneventful at best at last weekend's Surfrider Celebrity Expression Session in Malibu. But even with not-so-great conditions, a chance to ride First Point with nobody out is a rare treat, no matter how famous you are. Surfer celebs come in all shapes and styles, ranging from Jason Mraz to actor Eric Balfour of numerous television and pop film appearances, to Jane's addiction bassist Eric Avery.

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In spite of unimpressive swells, the event accomplished its two main goals--to raise money for coastal protection, and to satisfy the strange American urge to watch famous people do stuff. Barefoot Wine donated 50 dollars for every wave caught by a celeb. Other sponsors included Surfrider Foundation, Malibu Surfing Association and Transworld Surf mag. The event raised aver 5,000 dollars for the protection of our coastal environment in Southern California. Also this past week, the Hurley Pro has been delivering on promises to take the event at Lower Trestles to the next level with HD streaming media and yet another extra-fat winner's purse of 100,000 dollars. Carefully choosing the days to run the contest, the event has been on and off all week. But the days it's been on have had some good surfing, with competitors digging into deep, carving turns and landing clean aerials on the smooth lines that made the spot famous. The contest is on hold for the time being, until conditions improve. For now, keep checking out www.Hurley.com/HurleyPro for detailed info on contest results, news and conditions at the ongoing event at Lowers, as well as the fabled HD streams and some cool photo sets.

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