Serial Pedophile Who Bought 5-Year-Old Vietnamese Sex Slave is Up For Parole

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England wants freedom but hasn't admitted his sick sex crimes
A convicted California serial pedophile who despises Jews, cops and African Americans and who forced a kindergarten-age girl he purchased in Vietnam to become a sex slave to not only himself but also his German shepherd and basset hound, both males, becomes eligible for parole in December.

George Joseph England--a self-proclaimed Christian who remains unrepentant, according to law enforcement sources--is scheduled to make his pitch for freedom to the parole board after lunch on Monday inside Salinas Valley State Prison, where the 65-year-old Quebec, Canada native and U.S. Army veteran is housed.

Not surprisingly, the thought of England's return to society alarms Orange County district attorney Tony Rackauckas.

"The only way to stop England is to keep him in prison away from young girls," Rackauckas said today. "My district attorney's office will do everything in our legal arsenal to make sure he never again has access to little girls."

Though his office is cutting back on parole hearing attendance thanks to budget shortfalls, Rackauckas is dispatching Rebecca Olivieri, one of his veteran deputies, to England's hearing in Soledad. Olivieri will ask the parole board to keep the child molester in custody to the maximum allowable date: December 2013.

Yes, that's right--just four years from now.  Thanks to legal technicalities, England is the beneficiary of weak California sentencing laws for sexual predators in 1977, the year he was convicted of molesting three American minors--ages 8, 9 and 10--in Costa Mesa and fled the state with the Vietnamese girl before sentencing. For 29 years, England eluded justice and, court reports viewed by the Weekly show, continued to rape a series of girls.

In April 2005, the FBI--working in conjunction with ace Orange County District Attorney (OCDA) investigator Clint McCall and the U.S. Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service--located England in Miami, where he was using the identity of a deceased person. After extradition, he was sentenced under the old California statute to serve three, one-year-to-life sentences with early parole rights.

Never discount the delusional abilities of certain criminals. England saw himself as a victim. Claiming his convictions were unfair and his punishment too harsh, he appealed to a state appellate court in Santa Ana in 2006. In its November 2007 ruling, a three-justice panel headed by William Bedsworth noted that England had sought leniency immediately after his 1977 trial by portraying himself as a mentally deranged sex offender needing psychological counseling. He also noted that Orange County court officials had destroyed the transcript of his trial in 1983 and, therefore, he argued, there was no official evidence of his crimes. The appellate panel wasn't impressed. It affirmed the convictions.

At the upcoming parole hearing, Olivieri is likely to recount the contents of law enforcement investigative files that show England is nothing less than a monster. The following account, which he disputes as the wild imagination of a girl, is based on those records:

In 1972, while working in a civilian electronics job in South Vietnam, a 28-year-old England bought then-5-year-old Thi My Lan Nguyen from her mother. He took Nguyen--an Amerasian born in 1967 from the union of a U.S. soldier and a Vietnamese woman--to a Bangkok, Thailand, hotel, injected a needle into her body, watched her fall unconscious and raped her for the first time. For several months, he and the minor traveled together in India and Japan, where he raped a 13-year-old girl in her presence.

When Nguyen turned 6, England moved her to Hawaii and then California, where they lived in a motor home parked in the rear of a Costa Mesa apartment complex near Harbor Boulevard and the 55 Freeway. He was caught molesting three girls in 1976. The Vietnamese girl, then 9 years old, denied she was a victim. Investigators later discovered she'd been sexually assaulted five days a week for years and had witnessed England orally copulate a six-month-old girl after tricking unsuspecting parents into a babysitting gig.

After the convictions and pre-sentencing escape from California, the fugitive took the Vietnamese girl by bus to Texas and then to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He enrolled her into school under the lie that he'd legally adopted her and took a job at a factory. Inside his trailer home, he abused alcohol, marijuana and cocaine. He forced Nguyen to drink alcohol. He drilled a hole in the bathroom wall so he could spy on the girl and any friends who'd come to play with her.

During this timeframe, England continued on his path to hell, adding a bestiality element to his twisted repertoire. On repeated occasions, he stripped the then-10-year-old girl, rubbed fresh hamburger patties on her crotch as foreplay and allowed his two dogs to lick her and penetrate her both vaginally and anally, according to police reports. The German shepherd eventually became so "out of control" with desire, England got rid of him.

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