Cal State Fullerton Can't Afford to Buy One Copy of Newly Published Professor for Archives Anymore

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Lovell: Also hosts a good radio show on KUCI-FM...
It's a tradition of any university library to buy one copy of a book by a professor for its archives, but the budget for Cal State Fullerton's Pollak Library is so strained that they can no longer do this. This is what Jarret Lovell, professor of politics, administration and justice and longtime progressive activist has shared with the Weekly. Lovell just published Crimes of Dissent: Civil Disobedience, Criminal Justice, and the Politics of Conscience in July, but a request for addition to the university archives to Pollak acquisitions librarian Linda Ford was met with a polite rejection email due to the budget and a promise to purchase if this damn budget mess ever gets any better.

So, who's the good lefty Samaritan Titan out there who will buy Lovell's book and donate it to the Pollak Library?

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