Chris Matthews: Are You a Troglodyte, Rohrabacher?

Huntington Beach U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher went on Chris Matthews' Hardball yesterday to "debate" whether man-made global warming is real. Things got pretty heated (sorry).

Matthews and Rep. Jim Moran (D-Virgina) set out to make Rohrabacher's ideas look like idiocy. Rohrabacher sets out to make global-warming look like idiocy. We all walk away thinking that the real idiocy is in having politicians try to debate each other about science.

See if you can catch our congressman saying the word "Gloogle":

Best moment probably was Matthews asking Rohrabacher the question that many constituents have wondered about in regards to a range of Rohrabacher's views: "Congressman, are you a luddite, a troglodyte, a part of the Planet of the Apes that doesn't want science?"

Rep. Moran is completely unequipped to refute D-Roh's talking points. Daily Kos makes up for that here and here.

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