Ex-LAPD Cop Admits Guilt in OC Kiddie Picture Arousal Case

Ralph Lakin booking photo.JPG

A visibly nervous Ralph Cameron Lakin II (pictured) stood out this morning in Superior Court Judge Steven Bromberg's courtroom not just because he wore a natty suit (tan slacks, green coat and floral-patterned tie), but also because the other criminal defendants awaiting attention were hoodlums or drug addicts while he served as a veteran cop in the Los Angeles Police Department.

On May 26, 2007, Lakin was captured at the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival secretly filming the crotch areas of eight unwitting, underaged girls, as he confessed today in a pretrial guilty plea, "with the intent to sexually gratify" himself.

At the time, the incident appeared on numerous LA-based television news broadcasts because Lakin had the misfortune of selecting as one of his victims the daughter of Mark Dornan, son of one of Southern California's most famous politicians, retired Congressman Robert K. Dornan. Even the OC Register featured the crime. Lakin quickly retired in the aftermath.

The younger Dornan, a schoolteacher and man not known for fence-straddling or meekness, chased Lakin down, wrestled away the cop's gun and camera, and held him for local police. The sensational citizen's arrest prompted the Weekly to name Dornan "Father of the Year" in 2008.

Assistant District Attorney James Laird, who heads the DA's West Court prosecution efforts, said he agreed to a plea deal that required Lakin to confess to eight misdemeanors. After the dismissal of a child-porn possession count, punishment includes no jail time, but four years of formal, supervised probation, 100 hours of community service, a $1,000 fine and professional counseling.

It's pathetic that a 55-year-old man finds himself banned from all future Strawberry Festivals and "any/all festival activities such as parades." Although he escaped sex-crime charges, the La Palma resident also will have to register with local police agencies as a sex offender for four years. If he violates probation, he faces up to four years in the Orange County Jail, according to Bromberg.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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I am sick of the way ex cops get off. If it were me I would be locked up. This is bullshit. Send him to jail and let the other felons teach him a lesson. That my friends is justice.


Why do they always soft peddle on cops?  And why was he allowed to retire when he was pending felony charges?  I'm sick of the double stand on those that should be held to higher standards.  Dornan should have beat this POS bloody and unconscious.


This FPO cop is the S (stalk) in SKIRTS rendition. KI is kidnap. RTS> rape, torture and sacrifice. This is a federal SSO activity these predator perverts prove their FFO worth on (eg Ted Bundy was one of these). Lakin's so dirty he drips mud, so is the judge that controlled his sentence. This is the type of individual that matrixed the Polly Klass kidnapping. She was handed off to such a cop by RAD and used in ritual sacrifice. RAD picked her off for a price, and he TOLD her this the night he kidnapped her. It's in the records. So, OC justice system and this journal swept this freak under the front porch carpet knowing full well the teacher that busted him caught one of their "entertainment" raptors. They'll still use him. He's a skilled and experienced SKIRTS perp. It's an identity they NEVER relinquish. Putting this SOB on the street is like releasing John Wayne Gacy to have lunch with children at McDonalds.  

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