Because You're Ugly: Holistic Wisdom and Green Sex Toys

It's not everyday one receives a press release on green sex toys in their inbox.

Lisa S. Lawless, the CEO and founder of internet-based company Holistic Wisdom, Inc., has been pushing for an environmentally conscious movement in the sex toy industry. She stresses the importance on knowing what sex toys are made of in addition to the ingredients in personal lubricants—and yes, it is apparently possible to recycle your worn out vibrator. Or... butt plug. Or what have you.

Holistic Wisdom's official website has tons of sexual health articles (mostly linking holistic health with sexuality) and care guides on how to make the most of your favorite toys.

And an added bonus after the jump, lucky reader: an AIM discourse between Calendar Editor Tom Child and I on environmentally responsible sex toys.

Vickie: i got sent a press release on 'green' sex toys
Vickie: i'm looking at the website
Tom: oh, thank god
Vickie: look at this gift basket
Tom: finally
Vickie: LOOK AT IT!
Tom: oh lord!
Tom: are those all...
Tom: vibrators?
Tom: or...
Vickie: what does one do with that many vibrators???
Tom: haha
Tom: exactly!!!
Vickie: do u give them out???
Tom: that's exactly what I was thinking
Tom: that's why I thought I must be wrong
Tom: hahah
Vickie: o man
Tom: Well, maybe since they're "green" they're not as durable?
Tom: so you need to keep a bunch around
Tom: that's my theory
Tom: are you going to do a Trendzilla?
Vickie: hahahaha
Tom: it'd be a good one
Vickie: biodegradable
Tom: hahaha
Tom: totally
Vickie: mmmm melted down dildos
Tom: "Where did it go?"
Tom: hahahaa
Tom: I remember reading Savage Love
Tom: someone wrote in to ask if there was any kind of sex-toy recycling service because she didn't want to throw away the plastic
Tom: that's pretty responsible
Tom: but who'd have to collect that stuff???
Tom: what a job!
Vickie: what was his answer!?
Tom: you know, I don't remember
Tom: I think there WAS some kind of service
Tom: but I think you had to pay for shipping and handling yourself
Tom: like, they just mail you a black plastic bag or something
Tom: I don't remember
Tom: It's good to know people are really getting serious about this whole "green" thing

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