Baboso Busty Bursts Bubbles of Boho Beaners!

carlos_bustamante.jpg*Updated, with new info after the jump...

Carlos Bustamante was supposed to be the Golden Boy, the Mexican who could deliver Latinos to the Republican Party in Orange County. He won a SanTana City Council seat in 2004 by defeating a Papi Pulido-backed candidate in the one OC city where Democrats rule, and the dreaming started immediately. From a 2004 Los Angeles Times article:

His candidacy was supported by Hispanic 100, an organization that supports pro-business Latino candidates. Founder Manuel Ramirez, who attended Mater Dei High School with Bustamante, said he "is the face of the Republican Party of the future. We are very excited about him moving to higher public office."

Manny Padilla, head of Latino outreach in Orange County for the Republican Party state Central Committee, said Bustamante filled a void because the party lacked Latino leaders. Bustamante could "have a bright future in the party. He'd be an excellent candidate in the future if he wants to expand his horizons."

And Bustamante did--he ran for an open seat in the 2007 First Supervisorial District special election, backed by his buddies in the Hispanic 100 and the old money of theLincoln Club and the new represented by Generation Next. With the support of those three, the smart money went, the OC GOP would have its best Great Brown Hope since Gaddi Vasquez.

Alas, it was not to be--because their boy Bustamante is a complete baboso.

Despite all the money, Bustamante finished in fourth place--this despite his SanTana council seat, his Hispanic surname, and the fact the First has a shitload of wab voters. But the future didn't seem finished for Bustamante--he was appointed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the California Council on Criminal Justice and was awaiting approval for a spot on the Fair Employment and Housing Commission, a slot maneuvered by Schwarzenegger's appointment secretary, Hispanic 100 member John Cruz.

All of this is gone because Bustamante is a baboso. Last month, Bustamante cracked some stupid joke regarding breast implants and a water bra about newly appointed Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, and good-minded folks went wacko. Bustamante at first denied the remarks, but now all he's doing is resigning from the two commissions. He cited the excuse of new responsibilities at his job, but when was the last time a "rising" politician declines to move up the ladder? Now, Bustamante shall forever be known on this blog as Busty Bustamante for being such a baboso. Now, the GOP's Great Brown Hope is congressional candidate Rosemarie Avila, the most-toxic prospective representative since Tan Nguyen. Now, Busty can do no better than run for reelection this year to the SanTana City Council.

And the saddest part about this tale? Despite all of what I've described, despite the fact Busty loves stretching conflict-of-interests, despite having a slumlord brother, SanTana politics are so screwy that betcha he gets reelected because Papi Pulido wants him there. Oh, John Palacio--where are you???

*UPDATE: Amazingly, Busty still denies he made his crude joke, even though OC Blog editor Matt "Jubal" Cunningham was the guy who heard it (and laughed). So not only is Busty a coward, not only is he a baboso, but he's a LIAR. Cunningham heard the joke and freely admits to it; Los Angeles Times reporter Christian Berthelsen broke the story. And Busty still denies it? Baboso.

BTW, Busty told the state that being on the two commissions put a "substantial strain" on him. Oh, really? The FEHC met a grand total of six times last year, while the Council on Criminal Justice can't meet more than 12 times a year. And strain on his family? Funny how that's not stopping him from running for SanTana City Council again. LIAR.

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