Nick Schou=King of All Media

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Nick_Schou.jpgJoin us in congratulating our terse Norse, Nick Schou. Variety reports today that Universal is developing a film based on Nick's excellent 2006 book Kill the Messenger, which detailed the tragic career of brave journalist Gary Webb. And this isn't some rinky-dink, indie-film bullshit we're talking about: writing the screenplay is Peter Landesman, who's penning the script for a film about Deep Throat of Watergate fame.

But wait: there's more! Earlier today, Nick found out his book proposal on the Laguna Beach hippie mafia of the 1960s was picked up by Thomas Dunne, an imprint of St. Martin's Press whose roster include legendary baseball scribe Roger Kahn and William Shatner. Hail Nick! Those who toil salute you!

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