Mikey Carona's Folsom Prison Blues!

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Well, ask and you shall receive. . .looks like we're starting a Carona lyric-swap library. Yesterday, Roy Rivenburg and Lisa O'Neill Hill took on The Knack's "My Sharona." Today, our very own Jack Grimshaw shot us his lovely bastardization of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues."

P.S. If anyone else wants to contribute to our growing collection, I'm at jkahn@ocweekly.com.

Mikey's Folsom Prison Blues!
By Jack Grimshaw

Well, I know that prison’s waiting,
It’s just around the bend,
I traded my integrity
For a lousy Montblanc pen,
I’m going to Folsom prison,
And all those scary dudes,
They’ll make me wear silk panties
And do things rather rude!

Got elected sheriff,
Started tapping my rich friends,
The means, I always figured,
Justify the ends,
But those lousy sons of bitches
At the FBI,
Got that sneaky shit Don Haidl
To tape me on the sly.

--- Instrumental ---

Well, they say I took in thousands -
So I took a leave of absence
While pulling down full pay,
Well, they’re claiming bribes and kickbacks
And witness tampering,
Now, to smack George Jaramillo,
I’d give anything.

If they’d just drop all these charges,
I’d promise to behave,
I’d even leave the county
A costly trial they’d save,
I’d even take my Debbies,
Number One and Two,
And if you wanna buy a badge, pal,
Just bring some cash with you!

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