The Reg Gets the Story

Categories: Carona Watch

So, Peggy Lowe at the Register broke the story that His Indictedness (hey, that title still works!) would announce his resignation today on the department's website.

And here's the money quote—literally:

By stepping down from his elected position, Carona will also be able to accept the free legal work offered by two top white-collar criminal attorneys. The California Attorney General's Office has been reviewing since last month whether Carona's use of the pro bono services would violate the state's gift ban for public officials

That acrid smell coming from your computer is the death throes of your Irony Card.

(And the Los Angeles Times? At 7:30 this morning, they still had up the an Associated Press version of the story—which attributed everything to the Reg. Ooch.)

(Times catches up at 8:14 a.m.)

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