Comic-Con 2007: Watchmen

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Billy Crudup as Jon Osterman; fully CG performance-capture when he's Dr. Manhattan
Patrick Wilson (Hard Candy) as Dan Dreiberg, Nite Owl
Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Supernatural, Kabluey) as Comedian
Steven McHattie as Hollis Mason, original Nite Owl
Malin Akerman as Laurie
Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach

Zack Snyder wants to film the pirate story; not guaranteed yet. Real sets, except Antarctica and Mars. Set in 1985 -- Snyder was the first to say it shouldn't be updated, made more accessible (good call -- that's what messed up V for Vendetta. "Mistake [with V] was to assume the movie knows better," says Snyder))

Snyder: "It's an adult movie, if you call me an adult, which is a mistake."

"We're not gonna make it accessible to teenyboppers for marketing reasons."

Hopes Alan Moore might feel "he didn't fuck it up that bad." Feels movie audiences now are comic-savvy, at the same place comic audiences were in 1985, ready for something more.

Production design is not like Sin City, more Se7en-ish.

Cast is young because of all the flashbacks -- easier to age up for the present than double-cast for two different eras.

Snyder talked to Keanu about Dr. Manhattan at one point.

Dave Gibbons promo poster unveiled -- it's Comedian being punched in the face, with several visual in-jokes. Should have images here soon. Photo added.

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