Thursday's Headlines

Categories: News Roundups
  • Sweet feat: The Ducks won their first Stanley Cup, beating the Ottawa Senators 6-2 Wednesday night in Anaheim.
  • A sacrificial supremacist pal? Billy Joe Johnson - a guy already serving a life term in prison - stood at a packed courtroom Wednesday and claimed he'd killed the guy his friends, white supremacist gang members Michael Allen Lamb and Jacob Anthony Rump, were charged with shooting.
  • Mauled in Tustin: Two pit bulls attacked a 75-year-old Tustin woman and killed her pet poodle early Wednesday. The dogs were later hit with everything from tranquilizer darts to a beanbag to slow them down.
  • An art-fueled economy: Laguna Beach's art scene drew some $55 million to the city in 2005, according to a study recently released by the nonprofit Americans for the Arts.
  • Sorry, smokers: Fountain Valley is considering banning all forms of tobacco from parks. If implemented, law breakers could face six months in jail.

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