The Los Angeles Times is Stupid (Canto MCXVI)

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It's painful picking up the Los Angeles Times every morning and notice it's getting lighter every week. While they're doing this, however, their Chicago pendejo overseers are spending mucho millions on how to attract more readers. Their supposed salvation: Mexicans.

If so, why in God's green earth would they axe La Cucaracha, the pinche funny comic strip drawn by legendary pocho Lalo Alcaraz??? It's one of the precious few comic strips in Latino USA drawn by Latinos and that deal with Latino issues. But fuck affirmative action: the strip is funny (we'll never forget the one or two strips dealing with Paris Hilton's Mexican relative, Fresno). What's more boggling is that the Times deported Lalo while keeping creaking gabacho favorites like Crankshaft and Rex Morgan, MD and unfunny tripe like Dennis the Menace and that weird one with the kid that doesn't talk.

Below is Lalo's take. And Los Times: if you ever get rid of 9 Chickweed Lane, I'm cancelling my free subscription.

Dear friends

My daily comic strip, La Cucaracha has been CUT from the LA TIMES, without so much as an explanation. Can you please help bring to their attention that perhaps Los Angeles, with its majority Raza population might need at least ONE THING in the newspaper to show kids and grownups that represents a large part of Los Angeles in the paper? I'm thinking "Blondie" isn't really reflective of Los Angeles.

If you email them, please cc me at

Please contact:
Los Angeles Times Readers' Representative Office
Telephone message line: (877) 554-4000
Fax: (213) 237-3535
Postal mail: 202 W. 1st St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

Lalo Alcaraz

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