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During a May 2004 appearance on The Daily Show, Janeane Garofalo told Jon Stewart, "At this point, I think voting for Bush is a character flaw." Now news from Connecticut suggests she may have been more accurate than she knew.

The New Haven Advocate reports:

[Christopher] Lohse, a social work master's student at Southern Connecticut State University, says he has proven what many progressives have probably suspected for years: a direct link between mental illness and support for President Bush.

Read the rest here.

And for the record, Lohse is a not a dirty liberal like Garofalo-- he describes himself as a "Reagan revolution fanatic".

(via Tom Tomorrow)

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HEY! Although I agree with Garofalo's statement, mental illness is not a "character flaw." Thanks for perpetuating stigma around the issue though, kudos.

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