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Certain students at Columbia University are none too fond of Jim Gilchrist. Yesterday the former accountant and OC native's speech was interrupted by protesters storming the stage, where some sort of fracas broke out. Though many news accounts suggest that Gilchrist himself was attacked, he appears to have been escorted offstage with the quickness; perhaps they mean he was attacked in the ideological sense?
FOLLOW THIS LINK to see eyewitness video of the protest, courtesy of the Columbia University Television Network.

Columbia Brawl

Freedom of Speech v. Freedom of Expression

UPDATE: Fox News Telecast

Barely a day after being "attacked", Gilchrist somehow managed to compose himself for a Fox News interview on Hannity & Colmes. If I had two words to describe his physical appearance, those words would not be "visibly shaken", nor would they be "apparently attacked". And upon reviewing the video, it certainly looks as if Columbia College Republicans were the first to get physical, attempting to "herd" banner-carriers away from Gilchrist and off the stage.

Gilchrist on FOX

"Minutemen, Nazis, KKK; Racists, Fascists, Go Away!"

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