Softly, softly Mr. Limbaugh

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Lord knows, that if there's one thing I find even less appealing to think about than Rush Limbaugh, it's Rush Limbaugh genitals. So when the story broke that Rush had been busted at the airport with a questionable stash of Viagra while returning from the Dominican Republic (which I now understand is a major sex tourism vacation spot– who knew?), I couldn't imagine wanting to read anything about this story, unless it ended with a new mug shot for Limbaugh. But I'd underestimated the skills of the blogger known only as Digby (an homage to the great 19th century Anglo-Indian journalist William Digby? Probably not.), who wrote an excellent and entertaining post on Rush's trip "to one of the underage sex capitals of the world with a bottle of Viagra in one hand and God knows what in the other", and how Rush can turn his limpness into something positive. Read the whole thing here.

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