Uh-oh, Remember That Silverado Canyon Fire? Red Cross Opens Flood Evacuation Center

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Photo by Charles Lam/OC Weekly
Smoke rises from the Silverado Canyon fire on Sept. 12.

UPDATE, OCT. 31, 6:257 P.M.: The American Red Cross announced it will open an evacuation center for Silverado Canyon residents at 7 tonight at Santiago Community College, 8045 E. Chapman Ave., Orange.

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David Anthony Parga Gets 50 Years for Murder Originally Billed as Brown-on-Black Hate Crime

Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
David Anthony Parga belongs to a La Habra gang with ties to the Mexican Mafia.

In March 2010, the Mexican-in-Chief wrote that, if the charges against David Anthony Parga were true, it was "time to welcome another group of racist nitwits to our county's collection of skinheads, Holocaust deniers, and queer bashers: Latino gang members intent on terrorizing African-Americans to the point of death." But prosecutors later dropped the hate-crime overtones, not that it spared 28-year-old Parga a long prison stretch in the end: He was sentenced today to 50 years to life in state prison.

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Federal Grand Jury Indicts Two Men For Using Child As Prostitute And Porn Star

A Southern California grand jury has indicted two men on charges involving the sex trafficking of a child and child pornography.

Antonio Dickerson (a.k.a. "Girbaud") and D'Antoine Thomas (a.k.a. "J.O.") are named in the two-count indictment revealed this week inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse.

The case stems from an April 2011, event where Dickerson and Thomas allegedly recruited and transported a minor under the age of 18 to work as a prostitute, according to the indictment that does not give the victim's age, sex or state of residence.

The grand jury also claims the defendants coerced the minor "to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing a visual depiction of such conduct" and plotted to make the images available through interstate and foreign commerce.

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Costa Mesa Con Artist Caught In Water Filtration Scam

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For four years up until March 2011, T. Michael Haws made nationwide solicitations to lure investors in his DrinkRite, a Costa Mesa water filtration company, while concealing material facts.

Haws didn't tell his victims that he illegally diverted their investments to his personal use to pay for groceries, utilities, restaurant bills, pet care, medical expenses and to invest in an Iraqi Dinar scheme.

He also didn't tell his investors that he's a convicted felon who served a 37-month prison sentence stemming from a 1997 FBI arrest and grand jury indictment for a different con game.

Here's where the criminal justice system broke down in mindless secrecy that harms the public. If anybody--including potential investors--had wanted a full background check on Haws, they would have been blocked. Incredibly, then-U.S. District Court Judge Alicemarie H. Stotler sealed all records of the 1998 sentencing hearing and the fact that this crook had been sent to prison.

[Update/clarification on the secrecy point: For unknown reasons, the sentencing was originally sealed in 1998, but unsealed by a separate federal judge the following year. Still, to this very day, court records available to the public continue to show "sentencing under seal" in the disposition.]

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2014 Bob Dornan Scary OC Hall of Fame Inductee: Aaron Kushner!

Illustration by D. W. Frydendall
Gollum Kushner, gone mad with the precious

To coincide with our annual OC Scariest People issue, behold the 2014 entry into the Bob Dornan Scary OC Hall of fame...Orange County Register owner Aaron Kushner!

Has anyone in Orange County history ever had a more dramatic, sudden fall from grace than Aaron Kushner? A bit over two years ago, the Boston millionaire strode into town announcing he was going to save the Reg from the newspaper industry's death throes by staffing up and fattening the paper. And he stuck to his word, garnering national media praise and being hailed as a journalism Jesus at an Orange County Press Club mixer in November 2012.

Just four months later, the Kush missed a delivery payment, and he told his investigative team that he didn't believe in comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. And that's where the REAL fun began.

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Anti-DUI Checkpoints and Extra Patrols Will Spring Up All Halloween Weekend: Cops

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Photo by Jennifer Fedrizzi/OC Weekly
Cheers! Now go find a ride home.

The "Avoid the 38" Task Force--that's 38 as in the number of Orange County law enforcement agencies that belong to the task force--warns that it will have checkpoints and extra patrols out on the hunt for boozy and druggy drivers this Halloween night and weekend.

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Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret Movie Comes with Free Veggie Meal If You Act NOW!

A.U.M. Films
Hey, I'm in a mooooovie.

Nothing whips up a hankering for some chow like a feature-length environmental documentary exposing the total destruction being inflicted upon planet Earth by the meat and dairy industry. Fortunately, the presenters of a special, one-time showing of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret at the Irvine Spectrum have you covered. But you've got to act NOW for the free (and sustainable!) grub.

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Kidnapped for Christ Screens After Kate Logan Talks About Her Horrific Teen Center Film

Kidnapped for Christ LLC
Anti-gay therapy is the pits.

Biola University student Kate Logan went to the Dominican Republic to make a movie about a troubled teen center. But once in Jarabacoa she discovered teens had been kidnapped at the behest of their parents to attend a school where they'd undergo behavior modification and anti-gay therapy. Thus, the theme of Logan's documentary changed, something she'll talk about at a panel discussion in Long Beach Saturday night before Kidnapped for Christ screens.

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A Wedge to Remember From Josh Pomer Recalls a Very Recent Massive Storm Surf Break

Josh Pomer Films
A Wedge to Remember keeps rollin,' rollin,' rollin.'

Hello, he's surf filmmaker Josh Pomer. You may know him from such previous Weekly coverage as the 2013 Newport Beach Film Festival, when his Discovering Mavericks won the Audience Award for Best Action Sports Documentary, the 2010 Newport Beach Film Festival, when his Westsiders won a Festival Honor for Outstanding Achievement in Action Sports or a special screening of his Destination Point.

While I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing A Wedge to Remember, I can safely report it is impressive how quickly Pomer turned his passion project around.

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"What Is This Gay Shit?" and More Morehouse College Football Reactions to Dear White People

Dear White People's Tyler James Williams (center with afro) also played the title character in TV's Everybody Loves Chris.

UPDATE, OCT. 30, 12:45 P.M.: One quote about a movie deserves a bunch of others:

"What kind of movie is this?"
"Man, you looked at that, I saw you!"
"What is this gay shit?"
"Some of y'all didn't turn your heads away!"
"Man, I must've watched every episode of Everybody Hates Chris back in the day. Can't believe he'd go out like that. Shit kills me."

-Members of the football team from the mostly all-black Morehouse College of Atlanta, while watching Dear White People in a Columbia, South Carolina, theater before playing Benedict College last Saturday.

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