Who Wants to Buy OC Weekly? 'Cause We're For Sale!

Cover by Jaime Hernandez
Insert metaphor here...

The headline up there kinda tells you the whole tale, right? The press release below tells you the rest of the story.

On my end, anyone interested in buying this rag gets a motivated band of misfits, almost all of us OC natives loving to tell the best and worst of a land with 3 million souls. We've been comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable for nearly 20 years, and we plan to do so no matter who may be our eventual papi or mami.

Now comes the parlor game: what local mogul should buy us? Henry Samueli? Kobe Bryant? That youngster that created Oculus Rift? T. Jefferson Parker? PLEASE not Don Bren...HA!

The press release is below. We accept payment in pho, pesos, dollars and I THINK Bitcoin...

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10 Things to Know About the Upcoming Matches of OC-Based UFC Fighters

Categories: Sports

A photo posted by Ian Mccall (@unclecreepymma) on

With a new generation of mixed martial artists making names for themselves in the UFC, some of OC's might not be household names just yet. While more common names such as "Rampage" Jackson and Tito Ortiz are still fighting, the prime of their careers has been over for quite some time.

The county, as usual, is a hotbed of talent for rising and current (but not yet mainstream) MMA stars. With many of them scheduled for matches in the coming weeks, here are 10 things to know about their fights.

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Anti-Slavery Campaign Brings Author to Santa Ana and Life-Like Dolls Outside the Super Bowl

Shared Hope
The name of this anti-human slavery campaign is "Children Aren't Playthings."
January is "National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month," which continues Thursday with an author at Santa Ana Public Library sharing her memoir about being a modern day child slave. The commemoration also continues in and around the site of the 2015 Super Bowl in Phoenix, where stark, seven-foot-tall pink doll boxes are popping up.

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Kobe Bryant Suffers Injury and Real Estate Setbacks, But at Least Kobe Inc.'s Doing Fine

Budding Newport Beach business mogul suffers some setbacks.
Yeah, undergoing the knife Wednesday for season-ending shoulder surgery blows, but what really sucks for Kobe Bryant is lowering the asking price on one of his (or is it Vanessa's) home in Newport Coast to $6.995 million. That's down from $7.599 million. Poor mamba!

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Violence in Places of Worship Deplored Hours After OC Church Closes Due to Bomb Threat

Photo by flickr user Beth Jusino
It's called sanctuary for a reason.
Services were canceled at Beachcities Community Church in Huntington Beach on Sunday morning following a bomb threat, which is ironic when you consider what happened by coincidence the same day in nearby Garden Grove.

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Michael Goodwin Conviction Upheld in Murders of Ex-Partner Mickey Thompson and His Wife

Courtesy of ThompsonLSR
Danny Thompson (left) with his late father Mickey Thompson.
A Newport Beach movie producer and Orange County private investigator were confident in October that they would convince a state appeals court to overturn the murder conviction of Michael Goodwin. But Silkwood executive producer Larry Cano and former Scottsdale police detective-turned-P.I. Paul E. Blackford were not members of the appeals panel, which on Monday upheld Goodwin's conviction in connection with the 1988 slayings of his ex-business partner Mickey Thompson and the racing legend's wife Trudy.

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VIDEO: What Happens When Thomas Edison Crashes a Tesla-Loving Steampunk Convention

Matt Kollar/OC Weekly
Edison, right, stealing his latest invention

What happens when Thomas Edison walks onto a ship full of Nikola Tesla lovers? No, this isn't the set-up to a bad joke, but rather the premise of our latest video. Her Royal Majesty's Steampunk Symposium came to the Queen Mary in Long Beach once again, and we sent our freelance reporter Thomas Edison to cover it.

The annual convention dedicated to the retro-futuristic branch of science fiction known as steampunk was filled with supporters for Nikola Tesla, the underdog genius inventor and bitter rival of Edison. How will a shipfull of Teslians greet the great theif Edison? Watch here to find out...

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Weekender Updater (on Monday): Family Murders and Near-Murders Fill OC Courtrooms

Monday edition!
I'm just back from a short vacation aimed at compounding cirrhosis of my liver, which means I was unable to get Weekender Updater up before the weekend. So in this special Monday (and family mayhem!) edition we have prison sentences for a son who murdered his dad so he could drive the old man's car to his girlfriend out of state, and a mom who lost her bid for an insanity plea in the attempted stabbing murders of her young daughters. Also, a teen admitted to the hammer attack of his father, a reserve Orange County sheriff's sergeant, and a Santa Ana mom was convicted of first-degree murder for
drowning her 2-month-old daughter in a bathtub, but the sanity phase starts Tuesday.

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Monday Pervy Monday: CEO Held for Child Porn; Groper is Guilty; Alleged Flasher Nabbed

This week we expose an Irvine CEO accused of getting boys to record themselves having sex online, a Westminster groper undone by Burlington Coat Factory surveillance video and an indecent exposure suspect in Huntington Beach done in by Facebook.

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Neal Monier of American Vintage Tattoos on Keeping 'em Simple and Owning a Shop

Josh Chesler
Neal Monier (black shirt) with his staff at American Vintage Tattoo in Orange.

Editor's note: Welcome to Under Their Skin, our new tattoo column! Every week, Josh Chesler sits down with a different artist to talk shop, crazy questions, and all that good stuff. Got a place Josh should hit up? Tweet at him below--enjoy!

While some tattoo artists know from a very young age that they want to ink people for a living, others get into the industry by chance. For Orange's American Vintage Tattoo owner Neal Monier, his introduction to tattooing came in 1995 when his friend began an apprenticeship.

"My friend was apprenticing at a shop, and he and I were really competitive," Monier says. "I knew I could draw better than him, so I thought I could tattoo better than him. I just hung out at the shop a lot, and eventually they offered me an apprenticeship."

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