Angels Trade of Josh Hamilton to Texas Near?

Change the A to a T?
UPDATE, APRIL 24, 5:28 P.M.: Let's give The Game of Life (Josh Hamilton Edition) Ham-o-wheel a spin again ...

Yikes, it didn't land on a number but the letter T ... for Texas. And trade.

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Rudolph Peter Juarez and Gabriel A. Garcia Join the Club of Ex-Buena Park Officials Behind Bars

Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
Gabriel A. Garcia (left) and Rudolph Peter Juarez pleaded guilty and got prison sentences today.
What's good enough for Buena Park's lying ex-mayor is good enough for the city's embezzling two former parks and recreation managers: guilty verdicts in an Orange County courtroom.

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Pump Documentary on Breaking the Oil Monopoly Rolls at UC Irvine MONDAY

Fuel Freedom Foundation
It's a gas, gas, gas ...
Pump, a 2014 documentary that chronicles the century-long oil monopoly (and what the public can do to end it), is making a swing of California universities, including UCI Irvine Monday night.

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Santa Ana Hosts Checkpoint SATURDAY; Garden Grove Cops Brace for Cinco de Drinko

Categories: DUI-yi-yi

Illustration by Bob Aul/OC Weekly
Not advised in Santa Ana, especially this Saturday night.
The Santa Ana Police Department holds a DUI/drivers license checkpoint from 9 p.m. Saturday through 3 a.m. Sunday. Where? Click through ...

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Cal State Fullerton Newspaper Says Campus Public Relations "Stifles" Student Journalism

Categories: School Daze

A scathing April 23 editorial in The Daily Titan blasted Cal State Fullerton's commitment to transparency. The college newspaper took aim at Christopher Bugbee of Strategic Communications for dragging down news stories by allegedly causing undue delays, insisting on questions being posed by email, with responses returned sometimes a month later.

"In recent semesters, CSUF media relations officials have developed a shameful track record of delaying and denying inquiries from Daily Titan reporters," the editorial begins. "A great deal of information important to the interests of the CSUF's students, faculty, staff and parents has gone unpublished."

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Big-Time Film and TV Composers Tell You the Score at Free NBFF Seminar SATURDAY

Marvel Studios
Digging the Guardians of the Galaxy score.
Composers from hit films and television shows such as Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy, Kingsman: Secret Service, The Odd Couple and The Girl Next Door discuss how they do what they do during a free seminar presented by the Newport Beach Film Festival Saturday.

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Skull of Newborn Fin Whale That Beached in Sunset Beach Aids in Research of Sonar Effects

Categories: Grrranimals

A computed tomography scan of the skull recovered at Sunset Beach is being used it to construct a model for the study of how fin whales hear sounds.
A whale skull obtained from a beached newborn that could not be saved at Sunset Beach is now helping researchers figure out how fin whales hear sounds, which is a hot topic given the controversy surrounding the U.S. Navy's use of sonar.

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Adam Gadahn, American Voice Of Al Qaeda, Killed In CIA Drone Attack

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for gadahn.jpg
According to statements by White House officials, Adam Gadahn, the American face of Al Qaeda, and the first U.S. citizen to be charged with treason since World War 2, was killed during a January 2015 CIA drone strike in Pakistan. Officials claim that Gadahn, who had a million-dollar price tag on his head, was not the target of the attack, but rather that he happened to be at a compound in Pakistan's tribal region known to be used by members of Al Qaeda.

Gadahn, who grew up on a Riverside goat farm but whose grandfather was a prominent Jewish doctor in Santa Ana, apparently joined Al Qaeda after moving to Pakistan before the 9/11 attacks. He first appeared as "Azzam the American" in the terrorist group's propaganda videos three years later, covering his face with a scarf and warning Americans that their "streets will run red with blood."

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Judge M. Marc Kelly Rebuked by OC Board of Supervisors, But He Also Has Defenders

Categories: Court

Courtesy of the Orange County District Attorney's office
Was the sentence Judge M. Marc Brown gave Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto just?
UPDATE NO. 3, APRIL 23, 10:58 A.M.: The Orange County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a resolution calling for the resignation Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly, although the rebuke was less harsh than a previous version of the resolution the supes considered last week.

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San Diego Politician Seeks To Undermine OC Great Park Audit

In Legally Blonde 2, Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) works to pass anti-animal testing legislation. But her sly boss, a congresswoman (Sally Fields), secretly sabotages the effort on behalf of a money-hungry campaign contributor. Though naïve and ditsy, Woods uses her charm to turn once contemptuous politicians into admirers, wins a new law and everybody, including her Chihuahua Bruiser, lives happily ever after.

It's a feel good Hollywood tale that doesn't quite mirror reality, at least in Sacramento. On April 22, Assemblywoman Lorena S. Gonzalez tried to play the role of an Elle Woods-type do-gooder by advocating that the state auditor open an investigation into the City of Irvine. Her issue? In a rambling, semi-coherent statement, Gonzalez said the legislature has "a responsibility" to determine if the audit of Orange County Great Park spending was performed "for political reasons."

The reason for the audit is obvious. Flabbergasted Irvine residents wanted to know how city officials spent about $250 million in park funds without building a single, major, promised feature of the proposed project. And the answer is most definitely political, but not the way Gonzalez is spinning the issue.

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