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Why be a birth tourist? American citizens are some of the world's most privileged people! Below are just some of the reasons to have your child in the United States.

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Did MSNBC's Blowjob of OC Sheriff's Department Violate a Killer's Rights?

Screenshot from Lockup, Orange County Jail: Extended Stay, MSNBC, 2011
MSNBC's Lockup series--the one that sends camera crews inside jails and prisons to craft hagiographic presentations of cops and showcase the monsters and freaks housed there--came to rescue the scandal-ridden Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) in 2010. OCSD's embarrassments included the FBI arrests and convictions of the sheriff and two assistant sheriffs; a deputy caught stealing seafood and a fellow deputy lying to protect the theft; a deputy falsely accusing a motorist of intoxication to cover up a deputy-caused traffic collision; two deputies hiding exculpatory evidence, writing misleading reports and offering disingenuous testimony in a burglary case; and a deputy committing suicide when charged with raping a 12-year-old boy.

But the biggest reason for the creation of Lockup: Extended Stay Orange County is that veteran deputies doctored official logs, erased video recordings and committed perjury after inmates claimed guards enticed them to commit the grisly, 2006 sodomy and fatal mutilation of John Derek Chamberlain, a pretrial inmate. The incident generated numerous unflattering national headlines, and morale plummeted among the decent cops at the agency.

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The OC Weekly Guide to Chinese Birth Tourism

Dustin Ames/OC Weekly
Last March, federal agents from the FBI, IRS and Homeland Security Investigations ripped through dozens of apartments and several homes in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange counties, targeting locations they believed to be so-called "birthing houses"--essentially, dorms for birth-tourism agencies that offer vacation-like packages for pregnant couples in China seeking to give birth on American soil.

In an apartment building just across the street from John Wayne Airport, agents found dozens of women and babies and a handful of mostly Mandarin-speaking cooks and nurses. The investigators seized boxes upon boxes worth of documents, notebooks and computers.

The Chinese birth-tourism industry in Southern California, which has operated for years more or less undisturbed, was blown up.

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Loretta Sanchez TV Apology for Indian Gaffe Not Enough, Complain OC Native Americans

Thumbnail image for SanchezTranKOCE.jpg
Loretta Sanchez is wound up before a local television appearance.

Disclaimer: Out of respect for our Native American brothers and sisters, the following post refrains from uses of "warpath," "war paint," "scalping," the "woo-woo-woo" sound (EXCEPT in reference to its divisive use by a certain someone) as well as the names of several professional sports teams.

Kamala Harris could not have planned it better: Orange County Native American residents met in Garden Grove Tuesday evening to "take a stand against" Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove).

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Michael Morell Brings a Very un-Fox News Benghazi Analysis to Nixon Library TONIGHT

Categories: Events, Politics

Courtesy of Richard Nixon Foundation
Michael Morell and his book come to Yorba Linda tonight.
Call me a bigot (or a cab or a broach), but I tend to surmise many Richard Nixon Foundation members are also Fox News viewers. So it is interesting that the foundation tonight hosts Michael Morell at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in Yorba Linda, where the former CIA deputy director will get to share a central theme of his recent writings: that Fox News pundits are getting it all wrong on Benghazi.

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Kristoff St. John of The Young and The Restless Sues Long Beach Mental Health Facility

Aaron Montgomery/JPI Studios
Kristoff St. John and Victoria Rowell in a scene from The Young and The Restless.
A star of The Young and The Restless and his professional boxer ex-wife are suing La Casa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center in Long Beach over the death of their son in a restroom there.

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Pedego Trips the Electric Bike Fantastic

Categories: Ride Me

The electric bike on the left is like the one I rode, but that's not me standing next to it.
This is another in an occasional series on consumer vehicles powered by water, natural gas, electricity, hybrid motors, high-efficiency gasoline engines, my tears or other alternative sources.

Oil slicks, drunken drivers and snapping mutts are banes of many bicyclists' existence.

Mine is "The Hill."

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Garden Grove Mayor Wants Vietnamese Communists To Enact Democratic Reforms

Mayor Nguyen
The Garden Grove city council is scheduled tonight to debate sending a "notice of support" letter to a powerful U.S. congressman who seeks the movement of Vietnam's communist dictatorship toward democracy in exchange for future favorable trade and security deals.

If the council agrees to the sentiment, Mayor Bao Nguyen will sign a letter applauding Congressman Christopher Smith (R-NJ), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, for H.R. 2140, the so-called "Vietnam Human Rights Act of 2015."

In addition to boosting religious freedom in Vietnam, the congressional proposal wants the Southeast Asian nation to take "additional and sustained steps to advance human rights protections" for its citizens; stop jamming Radio Free Asia broadcasts providing U.S.-backed news; minimize human sex and slave trafficking; and promote educational and cultural exchanges designed to advance democratic reform notions.

At issue is Vietnam's 2006 U.S.-approved admittance into the World Trade Organization after communist leaders promised major reforms to win lucrative business deals. The move helped make the nation's rulers, family members and allies become ultra-rich and improved Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi as global travel destinations. But Vietnam's war refugees as well as international observers insist the cash-loaded communists "continue to disrespect and violate basic human rights."

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Gustavo's Latest KCRW "OC Line": On Disneyland's 60th Anniversary Present from Anaheim: Progressive Politics

Illustration by Trevor Keen
From my 2010 cover story on UNITE HERE

In 1988, Disneyland held a huge celebration for Mickey Mouse's 60th anniversary. To commemorate it, they let all Anaheim students attend for free, and gave us T-shirts of Mickey Mouse looking like a rodent version of Huey Lewis down to the fuzzy suit and sneakers.

Oh, those were the good ol' days of Disneyland-Anaheim goodwill, back before Anaheim constructed an I-5 off-ramp to go directly into the Resort and Mexicans began to assert their political influence in the city. Now, for Disneyland's 60th anniversary, they're faced with the unhappy prospect of having to deal with a bunch of Aztlanistas on the City Council at the end of next year.

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Missing Since Mother's Day, Cecil Knutson Found Dead, Wife Dianna Bedwell Dehydrated

Categories: Main

Cecil Knutson (R.I.P.) and Dianna Bedwell
Perhaps you heard about the elderly Fullerton couple who had been missing since failing to show up at their son's Mother Day gathering. Cecil "Paul" Knutson, 79, and his 68-year-old wife Dianna Bedwell have now been found--under tragic circumstances.

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