South Coast Plaza Looks a Lot More Chinese These Days--And It's Not By Accident


By Charles Lam

There goes a 3-foot Elsa with verve, walking through South Coast Plaza on Halloween afternoon, passing Sears and Din Tai Fung before getting on the escalator down to go to Uniqlo. A Minnie Mouse and an astronaut flank her; behind the trio are two adults--a man dressed in chinos and a casual button-up shirt, and a woman in a simple top and black pants--watching diligently as their children go from store to store looking for candy.

Hundreds of costumed kiddies join the scramble--Captain America and Optimus Prime for the boys; Katniss Everdeen and a galaxy of Disney princesses for the girls. They mix with the regular Saturday mall-going crowd. But as Elsa's family reaches the bottom of the escalator, the father and mother pull their wards to the side and speak to them in Mandarin, a language rare in South Coast Plaza even a decade ago, but nearly ubiquitous today.

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Man Came at Starbucks Patron "Aggressively" Before Fatally Bonking by Skateboard: Witness

Thumbnail image for Police-line-crime-scene-tape_Qwik-Tape.jpg
Qwik Tape
UPDATE, NOV. 24, 4:28 P.M.: A witness to today's incident reportedly says it happened inside a Starbucks and that a patron used a skateboard to defend himself against the man who died.

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Have You Seen Heaven? Signs Indicate Santa Monica Cat is Being Held in Orange County

Courtesy of Dawn
This is actually Heaven's twin but she pretty much looks like this.
What would you do if your cat got out, a microchip informed it was many miles away, contact came from someone a county away, you were told the finder may not give the feline back and police were reluctant to help?

In the case of Santa Monica's Dawn, who believes her cat Heaven is being held by someone named Anna in Orange County, she is turning to the public for assistance.

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Ksenia Rozen Sues Los Angeles County Over Death by Firetruck of Newlywed Husband

Ksenia Rozen and the late Eric Stein at their wedding that was six months before his death.
A San Clemente woman and her mother-in-law are suing the County of Los Angeles and a fireman over the death of the plaintiffs' newlywed husband/son, who died in a collision with a firetruck.

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UC Irvine Lists Steps Taken to Support Blacks So How About Enlightening Non-Blacks?

Photo by Eric Hood/OC Weekly
Kala Lacy leads a Black Student Union protest at UC Irvine in 2013.
Move over, undergrad Jews and Muslims, it's been blacks and whites that have hogged all the UC Irvine student schism-ing in recent years. But fear not, Anteaters, because your campus administrators claim helpful healing is well under way.

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Fullerton Settles Kelly Thomas Wrongful-Death Lawsuit for $4.9 Million

Categories: Court

Kelly Thomas cowboy 2.jpg
Ron Thomas' son, Kelly
The Kelly Thomas wrongful death civil trial ended this morning before it ever began with a nearly $5 million settlement reached. Ron Thomas, Kelly's father, sought legal redress from the city and its police department following his sons' death five days after being bludgeoned by Fullerton cops on July 5, 2011.

KFI AM 640 reported last Friday that an agreement had been reached but without noting any terms. Fullerton city council called an emergency closed session meeting this morning on the case at the time the trial had been slated to begin. The settlement amount was disclosed shortly thereafter in court.

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John Paul Beckmann, Third Striker Cut Loose in Orange County, Held in Oklahoma Murder

Tahlequah Police Department
John P. Beckmann is accused of fatally stabbing his brother-in-law.
A third-strike defendant who was released from prison in 2013 under a California voter initiative--and over the objections of Orange County prosecutors--is accused of murder in Oklahoma, officials tell the Weekly.

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"5 Documented Gang Members" Held in Slaying of Anaheim's Eduardo Curiel Molina: Update

Anaheim Police Department
UPDATE, NOV. 23, 9:42 A.M.: "Five documented gang members"--the four adults shown here and a juvenile--have been arrested in the Nov. 14 Ponderosa Park homicide, according to Anaheim Police.

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Case Dismissed Against Citizen Journalists Arrested After Kelly Thomas Verdict Protest

Categories: Court

Thumbnail image for aj_pm.jpg
Photo by Gabriel San Roman
Redkey and Beers

Citizen journalists AJ Redkey and PM Beers had much to celebrate at Max Bloom's Cafe Noir in Fullerton on Friday. Earlier that morning, Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert Knox dismissed the case against them claiming they failed to disperse from a Kelly Thomas verdict protest last year. Police called an unlawful assembly that day but the two used live-streaming technology to film skirmish lines upfront and personal. A jury deadlocked on the misdemeanor charges in March with the OCDA vowing to retry the case.

But that didn't happen, allowing for the festive mood at Max Bloom's. "We're feeling good and lovely," Redkey told the Weekly. "The ball is rolling in justice's direction."

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Thorns and Grit Combines Music, Action Sports, Humor and Art All into T-Shirts

Categories: OC News, Sports

Courtesy of Eran Ryan
Rick Thorne (left) and Steven "Grit" Lombardi (with his son Rocco) are the founders of one of OC's latest buzzworthy clothing brands.

BMX legend Rick Thorne likes to stay busy.

The Kansas City transplant's had his hands in everything from TV (including a relatively famous episode of MTV Cribs) to music (his band, Good Guys in Black, opened for the Adicts in LA just a few weeks ago) to social media, Thorne is always finding new ways to keep himself entertained when he's not riding his bike or taking care of his two young kids.

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