Anaheim Opens New Dog Park After Clearing Out Homeless People

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Gabriel San Roman / OC Weekly
A homeless person naps outside the fenced off dog park before its big day

Anaheim's brand-new La Palma Dog Park is all set to open this Saturday with a buncha festivities because dogs! A dedication ceremony starts at 10 a.m. and Frisbee demonstrations will entertain the four-footed and two-footed alike all day. After the celebratory events wrap up, dogs, both big and small, are free to roam the grassy areas without a leash. Inside the six-foot high gates are newly furnished benches and watering stations for the hounds.

While the city and others will celebrate the occasion, others remember what the city did to make it happen.

"I wish they would tear it down," says Bill Johnston, a homeless man pushing a shopping cart near the park. "Homeless people used to sleep there, minding their own business."

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Headquarters Dedicated in Name of Fallen Newport Beach Lifeguard Ben Carlson SUNDAY

City of Newport Beach
Ben Carlson was the first Newport Beach city lifeguard to die in the line of duty.
At high noon on Sunday, the City of Newport Beach will dedicate the Benjamin M Carlson Lifeguard Headquarters, named after the 15-year veteran lifeguard who lost his life last July while rescuing a swimmer in distress.

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Sheriff's Anti-DUI Patrols Blanket South Orange County TONIGHT

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Thumbnail image for Deputy-DUI-test_ocsd-square.jpg
Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department
Light for the lit.
The Orange County Sheriff's Department's DUI Task Force will deploy "saturation patrols" tonight in Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel and Laguna Woods.

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Michael D. Drobot and His Former Pacific Hospital of Long Beach Win a Round in Court

Michael D. Drobot
Corona del Mar resident Michael D. Drobot won another round in court recently as a Los Angeles Superior Court judge threw out conspiracy claims against a group of Southern California hospitals (including Drobot's former Pacific Hospital of Long Beach) accused of having used "counterfeit'' surgical screws on patients. At a Feb. 20 court hearing, Judge Elihu M. Berle was particularly perplexed that plaintiff lawyers made dozens of claims against Drobot and Pacific Hospital when 29 of their 32 cases involve patients who never received treatment from Drobot or his former hospital.

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Two Day Human Trafficking Conference Kicks Off in Costa Mesa TODAY

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Photo by flickr user David Schexnaydre
Just in time for St. Pimptrick's Day
The Orange County District Attorney's office just this week announced that: Dominique Legrand Lewis, 22, of San Diego, was sentenced to 10 years in state prison and mandatory lifetime sex offender registration for trafficking and pimping an underage girl and pimping another female teenager; gang member Tavaris Daniels Mims, 33, of Anaheim, was convicted of human trafficking, pimping, pandering, and assaulting a woman; and Aaron Graham Byrnes, 44, of Newport Beach, Albert Eunsuk Oh, 32, of Garden Grove, Jesus Manuel Lopez, 48, of Santa Ana, and Joaquin Espinoza, 47, of Pico Rivera, pleaded guilty to misdemeanors for loitering with the intent to pick up prostitutes.

Surely it's just coinky dink that a two-day conference on human trafficking kicks off today in Costa Mesa.

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Luther Pete Haynes (Still) Guilty of Indecent Exposure That Happened 20 Years Ago: Update

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Photo by flickr user Andrew W. Sieber
Luther Pete Haynes must have loads of frequent flier miles.
UPDATE NO. 2, MARCH 5, 5:07 P.M.: Orange County Superior Court Judge W. Michael Hayes this afternoon denied several defense motions to toss the child annoyance case against Luther Pete Haynes on grounds the 62-year-old's rights to a speedy trial were violated, City News Service reports.

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Anastacio Castaneda Rios Released from Custody in Shooting Murder at El Zocalo

Google Maps
El Zocalo Mexican Grill and Seafood is at 301 North Tustin Ave., Santa Ana.
UPDATE NO. 2, MARCH 5, 5:03 P.M.: Anastacio Castaneda Rios, who is one of the two Santa Ana men who were arrested for the murder of a Los Angeles man at El Zocalo restaurant early Tuesday, has been released from custody.

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Ringling Bros. Gives Elephants That Perform in Anaheim Every Year Their Walking Papers

Photo by Keith May/OC Weekly
Soon to be jobless.
The Feld family, which owns Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, announced today that it has accomplished something animal-rights activists have not: End the use of elephants in the Greatest Show on Earth.

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Huntington Beach Attorney Matt McLaughlin Files Ballot Measure Requiring Gays To Be Shot

Fly this flag at your own risk.

How do you stop the encroaching gay menace threatening the well-being of [one particular interpretation of the Christian] God's country? Well, if you're attorney Matt McLaughlin, you crawl out of the Mailbox Express box you practice out of in Huntington Beach and you spend $200 of your own money to file a ballot measure called the "Sodomite Suppression Act". This charmingly titled proposal re-criminalizes homosexuality and makes it a capital crime.

The text also specifies that the death penalty must be carried out by "bullets to the head or any other convenient method." Good call there: Wal-Mart has been sold out of rifle bullets the last few times we went to stock up for Gay Marksman Days.

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You Can Uber or Lyft to and from John Wayne Airport But Leave Your Bodily Fluids to Yourself

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Now that we can (legally) be picked up or dropped off at John Wayne Airport by an Uber driver, the question is will we be taxed on our bodily fluids.

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