Rihanna, An Icon? Really?

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Sugarwolf / OC Weekly
Before Sunday night's American Music Awards, the flack Rihanna caught for winning the Icon Award could have easily been dismissed as hearsay--until we actually saw it happen live. Now that the show has passed and we know that there are many more deserving candidates, including some artists who performed along with her on stage that night, the real bashing can rightfully commence.

For starters, how many of the pop princess' accolades highlighted by the AMA during the award show actually mean anything? She was recognized for having 10 million Instagram followers, 33 million Twitter followers and having the most "certified" Vevo videos all-time--does Vevo even know that's a thing?

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Big Freedia - The Constellation Room - July 24, 2013

Hope Lee
Question: In the history of this blog, how many writers can say they got the headlining act to leave the venue, walk into the parking lot and get into a 1960 Ford Starliner on Cragars to take photographs?

Answer: One. Me.

The event in question happened with Big Freedia last night at The Constellation Room.
All week my friend Gabe had been telling me how he wanted Big Freedia (aka the Queen Diva, the Dick Eater, the Late Night Creeper -- ya besta buhleeva!) to take pictures in his car. I told him it wasn't happening. He showed up in the afternoon and was denied. At this point, I figured he'd drop it. He didn't.

See Also: Big Freedia Brings Bounce-Fueled Ass Battles to OC

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Cassette Tape Products You Really Must Own

Cassette tape iPhone case by SealedWithaCase on etsy.
Analog is the new black. We feel bad for the people who never participated in the earliest form of music pirating: creating a mixed tape by recording songs from the radio. Reminisce about your analog days with six of our favorite cassette tape products from etsy artisans. We'd take manually rewinding cassette with our finger over trying to rub scratches from a skipping CD any day!

This mix tape iPhone case by SealedWithaCase (above) will be an instant hit among your friends. Plus, the clever design may deter thieves from stealing your phone.

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Monday Night Raw's Six Most Memorable Music Moments

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the rock promo wwe.jpg

Tonight, television's longest running weekly episodic program, WWE's "Monday Night Raw" has its 1,000th episode. While the show's most known for its brawls in and out of the ring, the past 19 years have had plenty of unforgettable cameos from some of the biggest names in music. On this momentous occasion, we raise our glass (and steel chair) to the WWE and look back on some of its most memorable music moments.

Tiny Tim Tip-Toes with Jerry "The King" Lawler (1993)

"Raw's" first season made an effort to distinguish itself from other wrestling shows by providing the unexpected every week, and what could be less expected on a wrestling show than Tiny Tim? Interviewed here by famed Andy Kaufman foe Jerry "The King" Lawler, a witty comeback from the falsetto crooner causes "The King" to destroy his cherished ukelele.

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Five Jokes You Can Make About Lauryn Hill Pleading Guilty To Tax Evasion

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Lauryn Hill, of not-paying-taxes fame.

With last week's news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' separating, as well as Adele's pregnancy, chances are you didn't have a chance to come up with any witty comments regarding hip-hop icon Lauryn Hill pleading guilty to tax evasion. Lucky for you, we wrote five one-liners for you to freely use next time the topic comes up around the water cooler.

Here are the five best jokes you can make about Lauryn Hill pleading guilty to tax evasion:

5) I guess Lauryn Hill failed to pay her taxes more than one time (one time).

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An Open (Love) Letter to Nancy Sanchez

Hi Nancy,

My name is Ryan Ritchie and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with you. Let me explain.

A few days ago, I was browsing this here blog when I came across Gabriel San Roman's post about how you created a Kickstarter page in hopes of coming up with $15,000 for your full-length debut. One thing I am is honest, so I ain't gonna lie: That picture of you atop that blog was enough to get me to keep reading. Seriously, you are one good looking woman, the kind who makes lame dudes such as myself continue to read blogs they might not have otherwise read.

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NBA Lockout is Finally Over: Our Top Five Terrible Songs by Athletes

LA Lakers Rap All-Stars
I don't believe in God, but if I did, I'd be thanking her right now for salvaging the upcoming NBA season. I mean, I tried to watch hockey, I really did, but I just can't hang with that shit. And my dad was born in Canada, so I should be able to get through more than three minutes without asking, "Where's the puck?" before changing the channel to "1 Girl 5 Gays."

Hockey indifference aside, there's a better reason to be thankful for the recently announced unlocked out NBA season and that's the fact that the more these dudes are balling on the court, the less they're rapping in studios. In case you don't believe me, here are five videos that prove just because these guys can dunk a basketball doesn't mean they have superhuman abilities at everything in life.

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Kim Kardashian's Wedding Playist: 5 Songs To Avoid


On Saturday, while you're sleeping in or making a run to Trader Joe's for vegan pizza, there'll be more important things going on in the world. Yeah, it's Kim Kardashian's wedding! We know you could probably care less, but these multimillion-dollar Hollywood weddings only happen once every...month?

Since this wedding will be televised in a two-day E! event, we're sure some big musical heavyweights will be performing (or at least some well-known DJ will be mounted on a huge platform) at the $29-million estate in Montecito which is where the wedding is being held. And since we already have some inclination of what the wedding playlist might include, we definitely know what songs will NOT be making the cut:

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Did Ke$ha Rip Off OC Real Housewife Gretchen Rossi?

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Gretchen Rossi
First of all, yes, there's a Real Housewife of Orange County who sings. In between muzzling her ex-boyfriend and being obsessed with Tamra Barney, Gretchen Rossi has found time to launch a cute little music career. "Revelation" is the sorta-catchy autotuned dance track that she debuted last year at Shark Club in Costa Mesa.  

Apparently, the song is good enough for Ke$ha to possibly rip off. AOL Music points out the striking similarities between "Revelation and the pop star's just-leaked single "Tease Me"--same crunk-synth intro, cadence and chorus. Of course, they also note that it could just be a fluke as "there are only 12 notes anyway."  

Judge for yourself after the jump. 
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Climate Scientists Turn to Making a Rap Video

On the very serious issue of global warming, people in the United States are straight chillin', more so than in previous years. A Gallup poll last month revealed a 10 percent drop in the number of survey respondents in the U.S. who said that global warming was a "somewhat" or "very" serious threat.

This is no doubt applicable, in part, to the phenomenon books such as Climate Cover-Up by James Hoggan outline in terms of how powerful self-interest groups turn a scientific consensus into a debatable issue in the media. But part of the problem, according to scientist-turned-author Randy Olson, is the way the folks in those white coats communicate their message to the public. More »