Five Things an EDM Diva Learned at Burning Man

Burning Man

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Burning Man is an annual event and temporary community based on radical self-expression and self-reliance in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Having conquered every other major music and arts festival in the US from Ultra Music Festival, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival to Electric Daisy Carnival it seemed only natural that I was ready to embark on the journey to take on the 26th Annual Burning Man pilgrimage. On top of being a community of over 60,000 music and art aficionados it is a spiritual refuge where burners gather to reflect on their lives and mourn the loss of loved ones or other obstacles with the burning of the man (a giant wooden effigy in the shape of a man) and then the temple so beautiful it rivals many churches.

Burning Man takes place on a dry lake bed, a vast flat expanse of alkali salt called the playa. Two girl friends and I made the nine-hour drive to meet our three guy friends who drove an RV all the way down from Vancouver and another close girl friend who flew into Reno, Nevada. All sharing journeys of overheated cars and electrical problems on planes, I wish someone would have told us the journey to the playa would take an entire day. But we were finally together, brought some bad-ass army and Indian tribe outfits and stocked way too much vodka and beer with not enough tequila and Four Lokos. Living on an RV in Black Rock City made us the closest hippie family and taught us plenty of valuable life-changing lessons.

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Fingerprints Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary With a Big Ol' Record Sale

Lilledeshan Bose / OC Weekly
Fans outside a Brian Wilson album signing at Fingerprints

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For as much of a Long Beach institution as Fingerprints has become, it wasn't until the record store announced their latest weekend sale that we realized how long it's been since owner Rand Foster sold his first piece of music. Starting Friday, the store is celebrating its 20th anniversary by offering it's biggest discount ever.

For the most part, the weekend event is major boon for diggers of the bargain bin. Starting today, all used CDs are 30 percent off, progressing to a 40 percent discount on Saturday and 50 percent off on Sunday. Those of you still rocking CDs better get over there. In addition to used stuff, every other category--new CDs, LPs, DVDs, books-- are 15% off all weekend. And in case you're not completely broke next week, Monday offers a 25% discount on all used vinyl.

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Top Five Bands Playing The 13th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament in Vegas


Its that time of year again--the 13th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament & Music Festival is happening next weekend. Yup, while hipster indie fans may get random festivals in the middle of deserts, we get a  four-day-long music festival set in the heart of Vegas, baby! Thanks to the hardworking people of BYO Records and Smash Magazine, pogo, beer and punk-rock can be enjoyed with all-you-can-eat crab legs!

Man, I'm still trying to forget about the debauchery brought forth by attending last years show with my friends....we had all just turned 21 and it was our first time in Vegas.

Well, this year is looking even better with the lineup of bands being almost legendary....

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Rock, Rum and the OC Roller Girls

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Brandon Ferguson
Some say the sport of roller derby is experiencing a resurgence--but it probably never really went away. Though its 1970s heyday has long since passed, the commitment to the sport demonstrated by the girls who don old-timey skates, fishnets and knee pads is impressive. More »

Want to be Part of a Coachella Flash Mob with Monarchy? Start Practicing NOW.

So this guy named Take Some Crime put on a full-body, gold-lamé zentai suit and recorded himself dancing to Monarchy's "Love Get Out of My Way" on YouTube. The band was so impressed, they invited him to join them on stage at Coachella. He also choreographed a flash mob dance for you to practice before hitting the desert. Watch and learn it after the jump. We'll be taking pictures, so see you there!More »

Monday: Madlib and Special Guests at Commonwealth Lounge, Fullerton

The realm of underground hip-hop is full of innovators, insane rhyme slangers and true architects of boom-bap artistry. But at what point does one move from innovator to "hip-hop genius"? For most avid backpack rap fans, that term has been and always will be synonymous with Madlib

Next week, this West Coast pioneer and Stones Throw Recording artist makes his first appearance at Commonwealth Lounge in Downtown Fullerton with supporting DJ sets by Jeremy Sole, Cocoe, Bobby Soul and DJ Lito as well as a surprise special guest. Trust us, get there early because any hip-hop head worth his/her salt will be at this show.

Born Otis Jackson Jr., Madlib began his career with Oxnard-based hip-hop trio Lootpack in 1993. From there, this eclectic MC, producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist followed a path filled with jazzy hip-hop jams and revered pseudonyms (i.e. Quasimoto, The Beat Konducta, Yesterday's New Quintet, Monk Hughes...the list goes on). 
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Henry Rollins: Coming to Somewhere Near OC

Beth Stirnaman
Singer/actor/poet/writer/DJ/etc. Henry Rollins is bringing the first American stop of his worldwide 2010 spoken word tour to Solana Beach's Belly Up Tavern on Wednesday, Feb. 17.

So far, it's the closest he's getting to Orange County, let alone the state of California, so if you want to see him, start saving your gas money now.

From Rollins' official site: "There will be two different legs, weeks apart. I have to go to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa between the two US legs. SO . . . if you don't see your state listed, hang in there, I will hopefully be in range on the next leg. The tour will be very long and hopefully I will get to all the places where the is the smallest amount of interest. As you know, I do the best I can to get out there. If we get updates, find errors, we will correct them. As dates come in from whatever continent, we will post them as soon as they confirm."

Who knows what topics are on Rollins' list this go-round, but what I really want to know is, will he be this intense?...More »

Flier of the Week: The Studiofix at The Airliner 9/22

Thumbnail image for studiofix flyer.png
Maybe it's a little presumptuous on a Monday morning to claim that we've already found the best show flier we're going to see all week. But what the hell? If this titillatingly clever ode to good ol' American rock 'n roll doesn't get you going then maybe you just don't like the music as much as you thought.

That would be a shame, especially considering loud guitars and unshakable attitude are the two main commodities offered by OC/LA band and Locals Only alumnae The Studiofix. In case you missed out on their performance at Semi Sweet's album release party over at Detroit Bar last week, you can always spice up your Tuesday night with an LA road trip to The Airliner.

By now we're sure you've checked out every inch of information involving this show. I like the fact that the band saved a special place for their Long Beach compadres in Brown and Blue. And of course, you've got to give it up to The Summer Twins for adding an extra dash of tongue in cheek humor to this week's early favorite. If only all fliers could look this good.

Brownout!: Disgustingly Funky and Coming to Fullerton

Within the genus of funk music, the variety of beastly and beautiful breeds are well documented. But for a type of music that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and sonic permutations, they all succeed at making you do one simple thing: dance. And as far as our Orange County exposure to funk goes, the Continental Room in Fullerton does it's damnedest.

Tomorrow is just another example of that, as the crimson-dipped watering hole brings the legendary latin psychedelic funk band Brownout! to their stage. "Who is Brownout!," you ask? Well, their mix of syncopated percussion, screeching horns and infectiously eclectic rhythms definitely qualify as both beastly and beautiful. Secondly, they are the reason for this awesome music video for their song "Slinky" on their new record Aguilars and Cobras, released this week. Watch this first and then follow after the jump to find out more about them.

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Long Beach Bands Scheduled for Saturday's FYF Fest


There's a three-day weekend coming up, y'know. (Whee!) So what better way to celebrate the day of our nation's labor to drive uptown to Chinatown and partake in some musical entertainment?

This year's FYF Fest (formerly the F Yeah Fest), takes place this Saturday at the Los Angeles State Historic Park, and features not only headliners like Black Lips (who just played Detroit Bar a couple of times in the spring), hilariously off-beat Adult Swim comedy duo Tim and Eric and No Age, but also several Long Beach bands: Crystal Antlers, Avi Buffalo and Dios. Good job, guys! No OC representation, sadly, but there are a couple of out-of-town acts we've written about lately in the OC Weekly: Kurt Vile and Telepathe. Overall, seems like a fun day at the park. Lineup info, straight from the official site, after the jump.

Oh, one more cool thing to tell you about: whichever band donates the most canned goods (all vegetables, no meat) to FYF Fest's LA offices, gets a midday slot on one of the stages. You don't even have to be in a band. As their site says, "if you want to do tell jokes, play guitar hero, tap dance or meditate on stage we are all for it." Finally, a chance to unveil my revolutionary glockenspiel/See 'n Say routine. Details here.

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