Behind the Scenes at a Star Wars-Inspired Burlesque Show [VIDEO]

Leandra Romero/OC Weekly

By Leandra Romero

Most jobs don't include standing on a stage in a wig with fireworks shooting out of a violin. For Diamondback Annie, the Star Girls burlesque show at the Yost Theater on July 12 was just another night at the office where she transformed from her petite, soft-spoken self into a Star Wars character in front of a live audience. Her character of choice? Luke Skywalker.

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Top 12 Music Videos With Celebrity Cameos

Jenny Lewis knows one way to make a music video go viral: feature a handful of celebrity starlets... disguised as dudes. Lewis debuted 'Just One Of The Guys' this week as the first single from her upcoming album, The Voyager. The song is an ode to womanly woes, like the figurative ticking of the biological clock. The music video features Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson, Kristen Stewart and Tennessee Thomas as crossdressers who wear terrible Bieber tracksuits.

Lewis softly croons at a languid speed that channels Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval: "No matter how hard I try, to be just one of the guys / There's a little something inside that won't let me / No matter how hard I try to have an open mind / There's a little clock inside that keeps tickin'..."

The video prompted us to reminisce about other artists who have incorporated celebrity cameos into their music videos in the past.

Now, before you get all Internet-troll-like on us, please note that we refused to include "cameos" of actors who were not yet famous at the time of the video release, ie: Courteney Cox in Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" or Alicia Silverstone in any video for Aerosmith. Opinions are subjective, but our list is not. These really are the best cameos, and most will put a goofy smile on your face. Drum roll please...

Here are the Top 12 Celebrity Cameos in a Music Video:

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Gamers Teach You How to Score Love [VIDEO]

Leandra Romero/OC Weekly
Wanna see fireworks?

Hundreds of professional gamers and thousands of their fans invaded the Anaheim Convention Center for MLG Anaheim 2014 from June 20-22, one of Major League Gaming's largest competitive events of the year. Staff writer Charles Lam was there working on a soon-to-be story, but was able to help our videographer Leandra Romero ask the attendees one of life's toughest questions:

How do you get a high score.. in love?

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New Video: Ariano's "When You Can't Come Home"

Categories: Videos

Courtesy of Ariano
Vocalist Ariano continues to prove that down-and-out jams are indeed his specialty. And for the emcee-turned-singer/songwriter (once dubbed one of the best rappers in OC), that vibe takes on an even more sombre form with his latest EP, aptly titled Sad Songs Make Me Happy. The lead single, "When Can't Come Home," sounds like an acoustic prayer for the recently evicted, which is also illustrated by the video. But more than that, it shows the Huntington Beach artists' expanding range as a soulful singer. Before his new EP drops this summer on Camobear Records, Ariano just released a video for the new single, directed by Luke Schaefer.

Like many of his tunes, the depressing tone of the 4-minute video does come with a silver lining, once you've battled through all the various stages of grief getting through it. Ariano co-wrote the song with guitarist DJ Lobsta, part of Ariano's SoCal artist collective Technicali Sound. Also stay tuned for a nice little cameo by Ariano's long time collaborator and producer LD, (now of Sublime with Rome fame). See the full video after the jump.

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The Best Music Videos at Newport Beach Film Festival

Categories: Film, Videos

David Bowie.jpg
Music videos are hardly ever considered in the same vein as short films, but with the upscale production value and high concepts behind music videos today, it's foolhardy to consider them otherwise. The music video showcase happening tonight on what is the conclusion of Newport Beach Film Festival does something that's unheard of, which is to consider the music video as an elevated art form.

While you might be guffawing at the thought of seeing on the big screen what you'd already see on a computer, consider that here you won't be subjected to Vevo's annoying ads or a viewer comment board, or the hundreds of possible interruptions you'd encounter at home (like the dreaded wi-fi disconnection). Plus, you'll be able to know the actual names of the directors behind each vid. 

Here are five music video picks from tonight's showcase to check out at Newport's Triangle theater.

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A. Crusher: Former Local Natives Bassist's Wonderfully Weird New Project

Categories: Videos

Courtesy of A. Crusher
What the hell ever happened to Andy Hamm? It's a question plenty of avid Local Natives fans have wondered about since the band's original bassist was unexpectedly ousted from the group in 2011. Turns out that bump in the road led to some pretty intriguing work from the former OC dweller--especially if you're into campy horror and Mike Patton. Under the new moniker, Andrew Crusher (A. Crusher for short), Hamm unleashed his debut music video for "Pebbles Massive," the lead single for his debut album Melted Bodies Vol. 1, released independently in September.

One look at this video, centered on a young boy and a homicidal set of demon claymation teeth, and it's apparent that A. Crusher has a totally different agenda than the pristine, FM indie pop melodies of his former band. Lo-fi, shoegazy synth and Hamm's minimalist vocals are the backdrop to five minutes of holiday bloodshed that any fan of old-school horror flicks is likely to enjoy. In the context of the entire album, which melds piano balladry with metal/punk guitar fuzz and haunting atmospherics, this is one of the mellower tracks--which oddly makes it's pairing with the video even more perfect. Directed by Jared Iacino with animation from Cam Leeburg and Zeb Wells (who've both worked on Adult Swim's Robot Chicken), Hamm's video is his chance to exhibit his dark, bedroom project and Mr. Bungle-esque sense of humor.

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The 30 Most Disturbing Songs of All Time

Categories: Videos

Bushwick Bill on the cover of the Geto Boys' We Can't Be Stopped.
By: Mac McCann
Artists choose to write shockingly upsetting music for a number of reasons, among them to express extreme emotions, to provoke a visceral response from listeners, to say something about a particular issue, or for the shock itself. Sometimes, they're presented as true story warnings, as in Bushwick Bill's "Ever So Clear." And sometimes they're the fulfillment of a fictional persona, as in DMX's "Bring Your Whole Crew." When done right, these songs can be artful, but sometimes a disturbing song is just a hollow gross-out. Either way, shockingly violent imagery has been a part of music forever.

Obviously our extensive list of most disturbing songs is, well, yeah, very disturbing. So there's your warning. For those who don't want to read this list, we don't blame you. Mom, I'm sorry for this.

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Hott MT Combine Gore, 80s Synths and Pinball in Their New Music Video, "YKWYR"

Categories: Videos
Rarely (ok, never) do we get to see 80s synth pop, pinball and B-movie cannibalism championed in the same music video. Then again, maybe its something we should just learn to expect from Hott MT, the loveable bunch of LA/OC weirdos who stormed Wayne Coynes house to give him a present and wound up making a song and a video with him. Now, they've taken the echo-laden dreaminess of their song "YKWYR" up a few notches with a new video, premiering today on Heard Mentality.

It starts out normal enough, as the band crowds around a blinking pinball machine somehow possessed by the floating purple aura of vocalist Ashleigh Allard. A minute or so into the video, the band are inexplicably glass jars of pickles and weird looking preserves. That's kinda where it starts getting gross. We won't spoil the entire thing for you, let's just say that if you're somehow of fan of both Holy Mountain and Redneck Zombies, then the ending of this video is exactly what you wanted to see right before lunch today. This month, in addition to the recent release of their debut album I Made This, the band is also hosting a Monday night residency at the Echo. Maybe stand a few feet back from the stage just in case they decide to do a live reenactment of this video. Check it out after the jump.

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Six Alkaline Trio Songs That Should Be Played Live (But Probably Won't Be)


Every band has "hits," the songs they have to play in concert or no one will pay money to see them. Alkaline Trio is no different.

Thanks to nine studio albums, including My Shame is True (released today), singer/guitarist Matt Skiba, singer/bassist Dan Andriano and drummer Derek Grant have a plethora of tunes that are damn-near guaranteed to make any set list, which means there's a good chance you'll hear "Radio," "Nose Over Tail," "Clavicle," "'97," "This Could Be Love," "Mercy Me," "Crawl," "Cringe" and "Bleeder." While there's nothing wrong with these (in fact, they are some of the band's best material), there are also a bunch of songs that rarely -- if ever -- get played. But they should.

There's no way of knowing what we'll hear from My Shame is True, but "Kiss You to Death," "Young Lovers" and "Until Death Do Us Part" are bona fide awesome and are worthy of replacing the oft-played "She Took Him to the Lake" and "Private Eye." And, if we are lucky, the addition of new material might force the band to dig into its catalog to pull out a few oldies-but-goodies.

So, here, in no particular order, are six songs that should be added to the band's set list when they kick off their upcoming tour at The Observatory on April 25.

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The Shrills Were Almost Reality TV Stars [And They Have the Footage to Prove It!]

Categories: Videos
Thumbnail image for the shrills.jpg

Seeing the Shrills for the first time can be a daunting experience. It's rare these days that an OC band sees the acquirement of scrapes, bruises and bloody gashes as an everyday bi-product of being on stage. The fact that there's always a chance that every show could end in a meltdown (a fact that inspired their aptly-titled debut full-length, Meltdown) is enough to keep crowd watching after they launch into the string-snapping guitar work of "Coconuts" or "Pink Hotel." Given our innate desire to watch extreme debauchery unfold from the comfort of our living rooms, It's only natural to think, "Damn, I wish someone would give these guys a reality show. I'd watch it." Funny thing is, it almost happened.

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