Video: Time and Energy Let Their Minds Wander on "Powerslide"

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There's a certain type of magic that happens when your brain tunes out behind the wheel of a car. Your hands and feet guide that giant hunk of metal like a pro but there's no question your mind is somewhere else. It's faded back into the dark recesses behind your eyes while you busy your thoughts with, well, other shit besides driving. In the case of Santa Ana duo Time and Energy, the Radiohead-inspired sights and sounds of their new video for "Powerslide" translate into a very similar headspace--where the blur of cold street lights through a windshield morph into specters of psychedelic trees and random memories. It's night driving music for the thinking man (or woman) who's imagination can wonder while their eyes stay straight ahead. Check out the video below.

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Afroman's New Version of "Because I Got High"! (VIDEO)

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Jesus Hernandez
On the set of Afroman's music video for the new version of "Because I Got High"
By: Amanda Lewis
Few novelty songs are as much fun as Afroman's 2000 track "Because I Got High." (The video, which has 47 million views, is at the bottom of this post.)

The Grammy-nominated hip-hop jam worked not just because it's an hilarious earworm, but because it tells a story. It starts off relatable: "I was gonna clean my room/ Until then I got high," but soon, like the genius Anna-Faris-as-pothead flick Smiley Face, it escalates to the absurd: "I wasn't gonna run from the cops, but I was high...Now I'm a paraplegic."

Now Afroman, who hails from Palmdale, has recorded a new version of the track, in conjunction with NORML and Weedmaps, the Irvine-based dispensary directory app. It's not out yet, but we've got a teaser clip of the video below.

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Foo Fighters Ice Bucket Challenge Just Changed the Game

Foo Fighters for ALS
The Foo Fighters, known for their humorous music videos and parodies, always know how to turn it up a notch. By now you've seen countless videos of celebrities (and non-celebrities) accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, but no one has executed their video quite like the Foos.

We can't wait to see how Grohl's pal Jack Black accepts the challenge. Grohl also called out Stephen King, whose classic horror film 'Carrie' is parodied in the Foos video, and John Travolta... interesting choice, Grohl.

The Viral Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $15.6 million for ALS, reports Time. Last year, the organization raised under $50,000 in the same period last year. Check out the Foos' video after the jump.

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Behind the Scenes at a Star Wars-Inspired Burlesque Show [VIDEO]

Leandra Romero/OC Weekly

By Leandra Romero

Most jobs don't include standing on a stage in a wig with fireworks shooting out of a violin. For Diamondback Annie, the Star Girls burlesque show at the Yost Theater on July 12 was just another night at the office where she transformed from her petite, soft-spoken self into a Star Wars character in front of a live audience. Her character of choice? Luke Skywalker.

See Also: Set Your Boners to Hyperdrive: Star Wars-Inspired Burlesque Show Coming to Santa Ana!

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Top 12 Music Videos With Celebrity Cameos

Jenny Lewis knows one way to make a music video go viral: feature a handful of celebrity starlets... disguised as dudes. Lewis debuted 'Just One Of The Guys' this week as the first single from her upcoming album, The Voyager. The song is an ode to womanly woes, like the figurative ticking of the biological clock. The music video features Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson, Kristen Stewart and Tennessee Thomas as crossdressers who wear terrible Bieber tracksuits.

Lewis softly croons at a languid speed that channels Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval: "No matter how hard I try, to be just one of the guys / There's a little something inside that won't let me / No matter how hard I try to have an open mind / There's a little clock inside that keeps tickin'..."

The video prompted us to reminisce about other artists who have incorporated celebrity cameos into their music videos in the past.

Now, before you get all Internet-troll-like on us, please note that we refused to include "cameos" of actors who were not yet famous at the time of the video release, ie: Courteney Cox in Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" or Alicia Silverstone in any video for Aerosmith. Opinions are subjective, but our list is not. These really are the best cameos, and most will put a goofy smile on your face. Drum roll please...

Here are the Top 12 Celebrity Cameos in a Music Video:

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Gamers Teach You How to Score Love [VIDEO]

Leandra Romero/OC Weekly
Wanna see fireworks?

Hundreds of professional gamers and thousands of their fans invaded the Anaheim Convention Center for MLG Anaheim 2014 from June 20-22, one of Major League Gaming's largest competitive events of the year. Staff writer Charles Lam was there working on a soon-to-be story, but was able to help our videographer Leandra Romero ask the attendees one of life's toughest questions:

How do you get a high score.. in love?

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Michael Bolton Breaks Down Some of His Most Epic Music Videos

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This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow!
For decades now, Michael Bolton's undisputed commitment to his craft continues to earn him our undying respect as the White Lion of R&B. Long after the '90s, after shedding his long, golden mane, he's continued a multi-multi-multi-platinum career, churning out raspy soul with the kind of God-given sexiness that your mom would totally leave your dad for (and you can bet he'd understand). On the heels of his 2013 release Ain't No Mountain High Enough--A Tribute to Hitsville, prepare for a sensual, soft-rockin' trip through the last half century of soul music at the City National Grove of Anaheim on Thursday as Bolton grabs a mic, unbuttons his shirt, and unleashes hit, after hit, after hit. This time around, he's bringing you everything from Motown staples to his crooning '90s classics, and even a little opera (cuz Bolton's got it like that).

But before stepping on the stage at the Grove, we caught up with Bolton himself on the phone to go over another important part of his legacy...those music videos! We've never met a Michael Bolton video we didn't like (or at least made us laugh a little). Any true Bolton fan is well aware of those unforgettable scenes of him standing on a mountain or a beach somewhere, wind in his hair, ready to whisk you off to paradise through your television. Or maybe you're a Lonely Island fan who knows him as some crazy guy pretending to be Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. One by one, the R&B legend gave us some behind the scenes stories of some of his most epic videos, while we add in our own analysis about what earns them the distinction of "Classic Bolton."

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Six Alkaline Trio Songs That Should Be Played Live (But Probably Won't Be)


Every band has "hits," the songs they have to play in concert or no one will pay money to see them. Alkaline Trio is no different.

Thanks to nine studio albums, including My Shame is True (released today), singer/guitarist Matt Skiba, singer/bassist Dan Andriano and drummer Derek Grant have a plethora of tunes that are damn-near guaranteed to make any set list, which means there's a good chance you'll hear "Radio," "Nose Over Tail," "Clavicle," "'97," "This Could Be Love," "Mercy Me," "Crawl," "Cringe" and "Bleeder." While there's nothing wrong with these (in fact, they are some of the band's best material), there are also a bunch of songs that rarely -- if ever -- get played. But they should.

There's no way of knowing what we'll hear from My Shame is True, but "Kiss You to Death," "Young Lovers" and "Until Death Do Us Part" are bona fide awesome and are worthy of replacing the oft-played "She Took Him to the Lake" and "Private Eye." And, if we are lucky, the addition of new material might force the band to dig into its catalog to pull out a few oldies-but-goodies.

So, here, in no particular order, are six songs that should be added to the band's set list when they kick off their upcoming tour at The Observatory on April 25.

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Video: Max and the Moon Mess With Your Mind in 'The Way I See'

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max and the moon.jpg
Max and the Moon

While we're no strangers to the effects of mind-altering pharmaceuticals,  we have to say, Max and the Moon really know how to trip us out. As the band continues to bulk up its repertoire of well-constructed concept videos centered around it's You Tube trilogy The Trail of Dead--which we touched on in their recent Locals Only column--they've also hit us this morning with another A/V gem that favors a more earthly realm than the romantic saga of young love, face-painted ghouls and sea monsters set forth in their previous video for the song "Out of My Head."

This new video for the title track of their most recent EP The Way I See is more of a Memento-inspired head trip that involves one very confused man in a suit and tie. The song, centered on the power of memories, is one of the first things that brought this band to our attention so we're glad to see something this strange and glorious (including the band's sweet moves in front of a white screen) make it to our computer screen.

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Plugged Into Local Video: Billy Kernkamp Covers the Pixies' 'Wave of Mutilation'

billy kernkamp-001.jpg
Mary Bell
Billy Kernkamp: Doesn't like covers, or covering up
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*Billy Kernkamp Headlines Plugged Into Local on Aug. 29 at Time Out Tavern
*Jack Grisham's New Band the Manic Low to Headline Plugged Into Local, a New OC Weekly Concert Series
*[Slideshow] Plugged Into Local: The Manic Low at the Observatory-July 25

Tomorrow night, the Weekly's new concert series Plugged Into Local heads down to South County haunt Time Out Tavern in Aliso Viejo. And to make that long-ass drive well worth the gas money (at least for you Northerners), we've put together a folky lineup with artists who are full of surprises. Take our headliner Billy Kernkamp for example. For as long as he can remember, he's hated performing covers. "I don't mind listening to other people do them," he says on the couch in his Costa Mesa apartment. "It's just never been for me as an artist, I dunno what it is, I can't get my self to do them."

But we found out quickly that despite his distaste for acoustic homages, he does have one go-to cover up his sleeve. After busting into his humble abode on a recent afternoon to get some promo footage for the show, he decided to flip the script on the terse, distorted surrealism of the Pixies' track "Wave of Mutilation"--turning it into a contemplative campfire jam that enunciates the poetry of Frank Black rather beautifully. It may sound a bit more gentle, but it takes some serious cajones to tackle any track from the Pixies hallowed sophomore album Doolittle.

Make sure to cruise down at 9p.m. to catch him take the PiL stage with South County regulars Micah Brown and Live Oak Revue. The show is free, all you have to do is RSVP for the event and you're in (provided you're 21 years-old and wiser). Find out how to get into the show and check out the exclusive video of Kernkamp breaking his "no-covers" rule after the jump!

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