'Rifles Burs'--Video/Song of the Year That Will Make You Take Your Shirt Off

I could ramble on for days about how awesome this video/song called "Rifle Burs" is, but I won't for two reasons.

1. Within the first 10 seconds, the unnamed rapper (whose name appears to be Gil) says all you need to know when he explains, "It's the hardest beat anybody's ever heard... Gunshots are the beat." Do you even need to know anything else? Answer: No.

2. The whole thing is three minutes and twenty-three seconds long. Trust me, between solitaire, free cell, spider solitaire and online Tetris, you've already proven to yourself and that creepy IT guy at work who monitors your computer activity that have enough time to watch this.

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Mark McGrath's Post-Rock Résumé

Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
Mark McGrath accepting the Orange County Impact Award with his band Sugar Ray at the 2010 OC Music Awards
​Midlife is rarely kind to anyone, most of all rock stars. For every fortysomething badass like Dave Grohl, there are hundreds of mopes from the alternative-rock era sprawled on the fringes of relevance like wads of blubber decomposing in the sun. 

Somewhere in the middle of that is Newport Beach's very own Mark McGrath. Known for the 1997 hit "Fly," McGrath and his band Sugar Ray's glory days are long gone, with their latest record sales so small you'd need tweezers and a microscope to detect them. 

At 43, McGrath is too spry for the oldies circuit, placing him in the kind of career purgatory that fuels tragicomic episodes of Behind the Music. Barring his involvement with the charity Music for a Cure (a great cause we're all proud of him for), McGrath has in recent years spent more time on TV hosting and acting gigs instead of music. From B-list pop to C-list TV, we review his post-rock résumé and throw in free career coaching from a licensed counselor (who asked to remain anonymous).

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UCLA Girl's Racist Rant, Remixed--a Bunch of Times

You knew it was going to happen: Wannabe model Alexandra Wallace, now infamous as the UCLA girl who posted a racist rant against Asian students on YouTube, is not only all over the news, but she's also gotten her rant remixed. More than once. And her video was first posted over the WEEKEND. (Watch them all after the jump.)

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Five Careers for the Post-Retirement Phil Collins

shirtless collins.JPG
In a move that devastated fans of the soundtrack to Disney's Tarzan (1999), Phil Collins announced his retirement from the music industry this week. A prolific recording artist during his 40-year career, it's unlikely the former Genesis front man will stay idle for long. When Collins is ready to rejoin the rat race, we humbly suggest to him the following careers:

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Who Will Save Charlie Sheen? A List of Possible Saviors

It doesn't have to end like this
Charlie Sheen now admits he's losing his mind, but since his public downward spiral began, the meth-tastic actor has been thumbing his nose at offers of help from family, friends, Dr. Drew and traditional rehab programs.

Who will save Charlie Sheen? And can he be saved at all? Well, yes--because he has been saved before. And by people you'd least expect.

Our five favorite Sheen rescues after the jump. More »

Gratuitous Viral Video Mashup of the Day: Don Draper + Samwell

Don Draper on AMC's hit show Mad Men says "What?" a lot, which, in the Internet world, automatically means a supercut of all the times Draper says the word by way of YouTube. (Watch it here.)

 If you're not a fan that's not that terribly interesting, but today (via Jezebel), you'll find a mashup of Draper's supercut and Samwell's "What What (In the Butt)" also on a YouTube clip. You remember Samwell, right? One of Web 2.0's early Internet superstars? Watch it after the jump. More »

Photos: Shakira at the Honda Center... and Performs in the Parking Lot

Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
Them hips.
We've got an amazing slideshow here of Shakira performing at the Honda Center. Click here to see it.

And after the jump? Shakira surprised/freaked out fans when she put on an unannounced performance in the parking lot of the Honda Center. We have video!  More »

Video: 1st Annual Clown Jam at the Doll Hut

Yeastie Boys2.jpg
Eat your heart out, Insane Clown Posse.

Call us clownaholics, but after goofing around with the Yeastie Boys--Costa Mesa's favorite face-painted, punk rock bozo squad--we just had to pop in to last weekend's 1st Annual All-Star Clown Jam.  Hosted by the Doll Hut in Anaheim, the soul purpose of gathering all Yeastie Boys members past present in front of a the crowded, beer-drenched swarm of die-hard fans. More »

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti's New Video

What has a surfing footage, Ariel Pink being held hostage at a girl's school, and getting rescued with a cardboard Trojan Horse, and psychedelic visuals? You guessed it: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti's video of "Bright Lit Blue Skies" from the new album, out today on 4AD, Before Today. Watch it after the jump.

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Why is Snoop Dogg Wearing a Red Bandanna?

This and many other questions from fans brought about by Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi's new video for "That Tree." (You know. Treeeeees.)

Well, actually... We think we have a theory on that red bandanna.
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