Revisiting the Mortal Kombat Song

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This week sees the landmark release of Mortal Kombat X. The 10th game in the beloved Mortal Kombat franchise, all the glorious violence you can shake a severed spinal cord at arrives on the home consoles just in time to bicycle kick your nostalgia and spear you into the future. It's a fitting time for Mortal Mania to strike up again, this year also marks the 20th anniversary of the Mortal Kombat motion picture, easily the greatest video game-based movie of all time. It's precisely because the stars are particularly aligning for the return of Mortal Madness in your mind that just from reading this paragraph a certain everlasting ditty is emptying quarters into the coin slot of your brain. That's right, it's time to discuss the Mortal Kombat theme. Refresh your memory of the tune after the jump.

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Gamers Teach You How to Score Love [VIDEO]

Leandra Romero/OC Weekly
Wanna see fireworks?

Hundreds of professional gamers and thousands of their fans invaded the Anaheim Convention Center for MLG Anaheim 2014 from June 20-22, one of Major League Gaming's largest competitive events of the year. Staff writer Charles Lam was there working on a soon-to-be story, but was able to help our videographer Leandra Romero ask the attendees one of life's toughest questions:

How do you get a high score.. in love?

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Will 'Shaq-Fu' Reignite Interest in Rap Video Games?

Shaq Fu's Indiegogo
Shaq is Back: In Video Game Form
The Shaq Attack is back, jack! In the definitive example of our economy making a full recovery, last week the Indiegogo for funding a sequel to the 1994 hip-hop fighting game Shaq-Fu not only reached its goal, but surpassed it to a dizzying degree, netting a staggering $473,884. While never considered a classic, or even playable game (its original publisher Electronic Arts has gone as far to refer to it as an "abomination") the gaming public has proven to possess enough nostalgia and/or spare cash to make a follow-up a reality.

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Five Things to Look Forward to at BlizzCon This Weekend

Christopher Victorio
Hold me, Tasteless
Orange County's nerd culture doesn't get the hype it deserves. Sure, we may be sandwiched between LA and San Diego, the cities that host literally the largest anime convention and largest comic convention in existence (LA's Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con, obviously), but there's one thing that neither of those two have on us: BlizzCon.

Today and tomorrow, the best thing to ever come out of the city of Irvine invades Anaheim, and there's a little something for everyone from the craft-ling and cosplayer to the eSport hopeful -- even if you didn't get tickets.

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Top Five Super Nintendo Multiplayer Games

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When it comes to writing about video games, specifically Nintendo, it's always fun, because it's a console drenched in memories and nostalgia.  Going through old SNES video games, I came across so many forgotten images and sounds that brought back not only virtual worlds and cheat codes but places in my life, friends, moments, my hometown in Massachusetts.  Like an image blooming on a Polaroid picture, memories illuminate.  And I started to think about the times when I sat in my room, my basement, my friends' house, and I played sports games, RPGs, and racing games for hours with my buddy or my little brother.  So, I decided to put together the top 5 multiplayer games for Super Nintendo.  But it's not just about graphics and game play; it's an homage to buddies, to games that brought friends closer together and created a strange competitive rivalry.  It's about the games that forced N64 to have four controllers. 

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5. Donkey Kong Country 

How can anyone ever forget Donkey Kong Country?  How can anyone forget about the old monkey spinning the vitrola in the opening credits?  Or how can anyone forget that the giant monkey riding a rhino and knocking the crap out of little gopher-like creatures?  The game had a ton of interesting graphics, for the time, and the different colors of the sunny jungle or the dark landscape at night or the purple tint in the rain persuaded viewers that time and weather existed in a virtual world.   But what made this game so cool for friends was that you could switch players in the middle of the game.  It was a tag-team video game, and if someone died, then you could find the other character somewhere in the landscape knocking around in a barrel.  Oh yeah, remember you could actually ride on a freaking marlin?  Awesome.  How could I forget about that?  

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Top Five Nostalgic Nintendo Soundtracks


Think back to the '80s and '90s and the hours kids spent playing mindless video games on systems that aren now considered less powerful than your cell phone. Whether it was Nintendo, Super Nintendo or Nintendo 64, our generation of gamers were glued to video games like Mario and NBA Jam. While the characters, worlds and gameplay are features often discussed, soundtracks are often pushed to the back and forgotten from nostalgic gamer debates. But when you hear them again for the first time in years, they can bring you back so quickly to a place and time that you'll swear that you have a bowl haircut again and Bill Clinton is still stooping secretaries in the oval office. In the spirit of nostalgia, here is our list of the top five nostalgic video game soundtracks.

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Katy Perry, Now On a Sims Game

Electronic Arts today announced its collaboration with Katy Perry for The Sims. The life-simulation game will feature Perry-themed content and virtual goods such as clothing, hairstyles, props and furniture. The Collector's Edition expansion pack for The Sims 3 Showtime will be out in March.

Steve Schnur
, worldwide executive of Music for EA, explained the company chose Perry because she'd been popular "for several years." He also said the song "Hot and Cold" (featured in The Sims 2 series) "became the most popular Simlish music video to date.

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5 Most Important Video Game-Related News Stories of 2011


2011 has come and gone, and the year that seemingly slipped right past us was full of major events--some of which may very change the landscape of the video gaming industry forever. Everything from new a new Nintendo console to the death of a computer pioneer was all crammed into the previous year. However, of all the news-worthy events that occurred last year, which was the most influential to the video gaming industry? The following are the 5 most important video game-related news stories of 2011.

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10 New Year's Resolutions Gamers Should Have

XBox Avatar Treadmill.jpg
It's a time-honored tradition. At the beginning of each calendar year, people from all over the world make resolutions to better themselves. What better time to make commitments to improve your health, ability to save money, and chase your dreams than the start of a new year, right? Whether or not these promises pull through or not, it never hurts to keep a self-improving goal in your sights.

If you're a gamer, then video games probably take up a large portion of your life. Why not resolve the way you live your life as a gamer and the way you enjoy this pastime for the new year? The following are 10 new year's resolutions gamers should follow.

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Top 10 Video Game Posts of 2011

Flickr user Rad Jose
If you're a regular OC Weekly reader and a gamer, our video game writer Peter Mai is probably your hero. Our video game columnist consistently gets hundreds of thousands of page views every week with his insightful and well-written blogs. Which ones were the most popular this year? Find out after the jump.

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