The Littlest Viking's 'Picadilly Palare' Video Takes Us Through One Crazy-Ass Night With DJ Oldboy

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The Littlest Viking

Adhering to the highest standards of journalism, a writer must always be mindful of his biases. That is unless you write for an alt weekly, in which case, ethics be damned. So what if I occasionally use Heard Mentality to shamelessly write about my friends and plug their bands-- cut me some slack--I only write about the supremely talented ones. One such act, hailing from  Ye Friendly Town of Whittier, is prog duo the Littlest Viking.  

Back in 2004, me and TLV guitar-noodler Ruben Cortez played the mean streets of Whittier in an emo band (it's not important which one.) After declaring me dead weight, Cortez ankled my blogger ass and teamed up with Chris Gregory, a drummer whose mathematical virtuosity shall never be spoken of--lest the gods of percussion strike us all dead for blaspheming that which shall never be spoken of. 

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New Gillionaire Track: "Imdabes"

From the man who brought us "Rifles Burs" and "Snacks" comes a new song/video called "Imdabes." It's already blowing up Youtube, so I'm going to go head and call it now: It's an instant classic, the kind you don't take home to mother.

On the track, Gillionaire tells listeners that he "be the one that win Street Fighter tournaments," "got the highest score in the world on my SAT" and that he's in the best at "watching all them '90s videos -- Power Rangers, All That, Kenan & Kel."

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New Bleeding Through Song: Listen Now!


Orange County hardcore/metal hybrid Bleeding Through just posted a new song titled "Goodbye to Death," a track from the band's latest, The Great Fire, slated for a Jan. 31 release.

As you might expect, the song is heavy.

Recently, I interviewed Bleeding Through guitarist Dave Nassie and asked him specifically about this song, which I assumed was a reference to Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (sure, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is a classic, but in my humble opinion, Bogus Journey is one of the greatest and most underrated sequels in film history). I won't give away Nassie's answer, but I will say this: Sadly, it's not about that hilarious scene in which Bill S. Preston, Esq., and Ted "Theodore" Logan play the Grim Reaper in Battleship, Clue, electronic football and Twister.

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'Rifles Burs'--Video/Song of the Year That Will Make You Take Your Shirt Off

I could ramble on for days about how awesome this video/song called "Rifle Burs" is, but I won't for two reasons.

1. Within the first 10 seconds, the unnamed rapper (whose name appears to be Gil) says all you need to know when he explains, "It's the hardest beat anybody's ever heard... Gunshots are the beat." Do you even need to know anything else? Answer: No.

2. The whole thing is three minutes and twenty-three seconds long. Trust me, between solitaire, free cell, spider solitaire and online Tetris, you've already proven to yourself and that creepy IT guy at work who monitors your computer activity that have enough time to watch this.

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Top 5 Break-Up Albums for Valentine's Day

The Cure
​Not that you care, but last week, my girlfriend of 11 years and I broke up, which I guess makes me somewhat of an expert on the subject of really good records to listen to if you're feeling the loss of someone today. Like anyone who was with another person for a long enough time, it's nearly inevitable that certain songs, bands or records will remind me of that lost love, so here are five records I most certainly will not be listening to today.

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Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa Release 'That Good'

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Snoop Dogg just doesn't slow down these days. He and partner in crime Wiz Khalifa are back with another single. The new track, "That Good," is a love song to really great weed, which is a gigantic shock, we know. The video (directed by a man named "Dah Dah") is straight-up weed pornography, with "the new Cheech and Chong" and a few friends grinding, rolling and smoking their dank like it's going out of style. 

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