Lolipop Records Takeover This Saturday at Can U Not Vintage in Santa Ana

Can U Not Vintage
Rudy De Anda rocking a set at Can U Not earlier this year

This Saturday's Downtown Santa Ana artwalk is the place to be, not just for the Konsept Arts and Music Fest that will dominate the East End with its multiple music stages, but for the exciting Lolipop Records takeover happening at Can U Not Vintage Saturday night.

If you're not familiar, Can U Not (formerly known as Tarte Vintage), is a vintage clothing store tucked away behind an alley where the Yost theater looms a short distance away. Can U Not hosts a monthly themed art show to honor the artwalk, and this month's is no different: nearly 20 artists will be contributing art inspired by the '90s pop culture (all of the artists are children of the '90s anyway).

But what's a local art show nowadays without a couple bands playing? In the past few months Can U Not has hosted numerous local bands including Hollow Ran, Technocrat, GRN+GLD, Canyons, Media Jeweler and Palm Reader as well as SoCal buzz bands Rudy De Anda and Santoros.

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The Anthony Cumia Show Prepares For Totally Unrestricted Mayhem

Within pretty much a month, I was fired and now I'm up and running again

By now, you've surely heard the story about radio jock extraordinaire Anthony Cumia getting fired by SiriusXM for his recent Twitter rant so we're not going to get into it. Whether you stand by Ant or not, life moves on. There'll be no apologies necessary when his HD video podcast "The Anthony Cumia Show" hits the web on August 4th and the lines of dialogue open up. And make no mistake, these lines will be very open.

In the spirit of exercising freedom of speech, there'll be no rules, no restrictions, and no bosses to tell him what to do so if you're looking for something to be offended by, The Anthony Cumia Show will no doubt do just that. For the rest us who are looking forward to watching him succeed, we'll be tuning in to see what he'll do and say next because finally, "Now we're talking uncensored."

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Brandon "Gooch" Hahn's Comedy is Pantera-Approved

Radiant-Inc Photos
I wanted to do both radio and stand-up and now I'm doing it.
Brandon "Gooch" Hahn is well known around Las Vegas for being a comedian and on-air personality at KOMP 92.3 but on March 27th, this funny man is bringing his talent from Sin City to our stomping grounds. Finally! The Irvine Improv is the place to be this Thursday when the "Cackle for Cancer" benefit show goes down and for one night only, Hahn will be there on stage ditching his "PC" on-air persona for his hilarious observational style and rock-n-roll attitude. Before he joins the amazing line-up for this incredible night of giving back, we got more familiar with this man who mixes his realms in hopes that we'll get the chance to see more and more of him in and around Orange County.

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The 6th Annual KROQ's April Foolishness Line-Up Announced

OMG this line-up is INSANE!!!!

Over the years we have waited with baited breath to see who would be on the April Foolishness show hosted by KROQ's Kevin and Bean and this year was obviously no exception. Promising to release the info today, we got up early to get the news on who would grace the stage at this year's event just for you and boy oh boy, we are so glad that we did!

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St. Vincent Live: Here's What You Can Expect

Jena Ardell
Experiencing St. Vincent live is like visiting a modern art museum: you're not sure you fully comprehend what you've just seen or heard, but you feel more cultured upon exiting.

Between clusters of songs, St. Vincent, née Annie Clark, says she feels as if she's really getting to know you. (And you wish it were true).

"Your family doesn't know everything about you," Clark says. "You once tried to start a fire with a magnifying glass... It took nine fucking hours... Then you remembered you're afraid of fire."

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Top Five Saves the Day Music Videos

Categories: upcoming

In the glory days' of emo (let's say late '90s to early '00s), New Jersey outfit Saves the Day paved the way for other upcoming emo bands of the time like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance to produce more elaborate and original videos funded by their labels. With the rise of channels like Fuse and MTV2 dedicated to giving some mainstream juice to the indie scene, Saves the Day front man Chris Conley and his band mates became an infinitely bigger because of how they used this format to make some pretty memorable cinematic art out of their poppy-yet-angst-ridden tunes. All of their major market attention ultimately contributed to the popularizing and so-called selling out that toppled the genre and crushed the hearts of many depressed tweens who now have less bands to turn to when album hunting at Hot Topic, etc. As one of the only bands to actually embrace the term 'emo' and one of the few that still holds onto it today , Saves the Day's music videos will be forever entangled in web that paradoxically helped spread the genre while bringing it crashing to the ground. In honor of them playing the Glass House tonight, we've compiled a list of our top five favorites.

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The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

Modest Mouse -- See Friday
Don't forget to check out our constantly updated OC Concert Calendar
Friday, July 26th

Pacific Amphitheater
Although Weezer's image and reputation has faded over the years with albums Raditude, Hurley, and Death to False Metal seriously lacking in what Weezer is known for, most Weezer fans are die hard enough to stick with them anyway. With the bands first self-titled release also called the Blue Album, Weezer took over the radio with fuzzy punk songs that you and your mom can both sing along too. Between hits "Buddy Holly," "Say It Ain't So," "Undone (The Sweater Song)," and "Holiday" all coming off the same debut release the band could do no wrong. Throw in the cult like appreciation for the album Pinkerton and many more hits following that album, and you see why this is a band that's just too loveable to hate.

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The Five Must-See Shows in OC This Weekend

Categories: upcoming

Adam Ant -- See Friday

Friday, July 19th

Adam Ant
Grove of Anaheim
Supporting his new album Adam Ant Is the Blueblack Hussar in Marrying the Gunner's Daughter, Adam Ant is back in the states and back on the road. As one of the strangest characters to come to America as a part of the changing music scene of the late 70's, Adam Ant has reinvented himself with his new album. Distancing himself from the new-romantics movement and aligning himself more with punk or post-punk, the new album doesn't try to bridge the gap Adam Ant has created between his own adventurous over-the-top persona and the pop music world that once loved him. If you are an Adam Ant fanatic, or someone who just loves 80's pop-culture, you have to see Adam Ant at least one last time.

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2013 Flights & Sounds Summer Festival Line Up Announced

Categories: upcoming

The White Buffalo
After Six years of doing the Flights & Sounds Summer Festivals, Orange County Great Parks has put together the best lineup yet. This year's headliners include American Idol star Casey Abrams, Los Angeles based Reggae group The Aggrolites, ska super-group Western Standard Time, and the soundtrack to Sons of Anarchy, The White Buffalo.

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Eric Andre Explains Why You Should Definitely Wear a Poncho to His Live Show

Gijs Vandermost
Eric Andre is an energy-fueled funny force to be reckoned with--the kind that smashes desks, shows up to work in a thong and pours milk all over himself. And that's usually just the part of his act you're prepared for if your a fan of the insanity that goes on during "The Eric Andre Show" on Adult Swim. Just to prove that point before he rocks crowds with live tapings of his smash hit show at The Fonda Theatre on July 16th and at the House of Blues in San Diego on July 20th, we thought we'd lay out this Q&A a little differently. Getting the chance to talk to Andre was exciting enough, but when the conversation happened over the phone, it was just too amazing not to give it to you the way it REALLY went down. After this interview, if you're not feeling moved to make the drive north or south down the 5 freeway, well then, you must hate comedy. And since there isn't much more to say after that, ladies and gentlemen, it's The Eric Andre Show!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Hey Eric. It's Ali from OC Weekly. How's it going?

Eric Andre: Hello. Hi, how are you? Leave a message. BEEP!

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