Big Worm Defends Bill Cosby

You Tube screen grab
Faizon Love as "Big Worm" in the movie Friday
In light of the recent rape allegations against Bill Cosby, the comedy community is divided. Generally this industry sticks together but when a major topic comes up (i.e. rape, racism, disease, national tragedy), it gets split right down the middle. One side inevitably takes the "righteous" route and the other is purely doing their comedic duty by taking these topics and crafting the wittiest jokes they can think of.

We love a good joke because we realize that it's just that, a joke. And regardless of who you are and how you feel about comedy legend Bill Cosby, the jokes are a flyin'. With Twitter being the best place to showcase your thoughts these days and with Bill Cosby trending all over the world for the last week on the daily, we grabbed a few tweets on this very topic from Fazion Love (aka the guy who played "Big Worm" in Friday) because he seems to be one of the few who are taking Dr. Huxtable's side. Actually, if you really read into what Fazion's tweets are saying, it would seem like he has an ulterior motive. And it's all against Hannibal Buress. Sounds to us like Love is spewing a ton of hate.

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Funniest Tweets From the American Music Awards 2014

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Depends much?
Pitbull took the reins with hosting duties for the 2014 American Music Awards and not to be rude (Haha, J/K), he did a better job with his performance with Ne-Yo. There were however plenty of acts to watch this year thankfully. Well, kinda. There was Iggy Azalea giving possibly one of the worst appearances we've seen her do since she fell off the stage at the VMA's, Lorde's spastic, uhhh, "dancing," a mediocre solo performance from Ariana Grande, Lil Wayne and Christina Milian SUCKING, Taylor Swift attempting to dance on stage (as well as off), Fergie (the fuck?), a performance slated as "a very personal song" by Selena Gomez, and J-Lo (who looked like she was wearing a diaper) trying to stay relevant by performing with Iggy Azalea (Enough of Iggy already. Eminem, you got this?). And just a side note here but, was everyone lip-syncing this year? OK, not you Jessie J but everyone else, WTF?

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The Best Tweets During the 2014 Emmy Awards.

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Hosted by Seth Meyers, some of the 2014 Emmy Award winners included Sarah Silverman, Louis C.K., Jim Parsons, Allison Janney, Ty Burrell, Stephen Colbert, Anna Gunn, Jessica Lange, and Aaron Paul. While Seth did a decent job with his hosting duties, he in fact said it best when he commented, "Jokes are like nominees, they can't all be winners."

Winners (and lose-bags) aside, the festivities also included Billy Crystal telling a sweet story about Robin Williams, Chris Hardwick giving a PSA on "internet trolls," we saw a funny "Billy on the Street" skit from Billy Eichner, witnessed a sexy PDA fest between Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston, and watched an interesting performance by "Weird Al" Yankovic. While, some of your personal favorites got robbed at the Emmy's and you just sat there and groaned, our Twitter feed was lit up with comments from those who live to spout off. And trust, the "spout" was on high flow mode during the 2014 Emmy Awards.

See also: Best Tweets During the 2014 VMAs

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The Best Tweets During the 2014 VMAs.

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The women ruled the evening at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards with vag-tastic performances by Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Rita Ora, and Iggy Azalea. Not to be outdone, Usher, 5 Seconds Of Summer, and Maroon 5 also gave great performances while overly clothed but hey, we can't all pull off a sparkly unitard. Right, Beyoncé? So while the ladies went with the running theme of hitting the stage in "smaller is better" wardrobe choices, Jay Pharaoh killed it with the impersonations, Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels made cameos, Katy Perry mimicked a prior Britney Spears look, Miley Cyrus helped the homeless, and Twitter, well, they had a shit ton to say about all of it. Here are our picks for "The Best Tweets During the 2014 VMAs."

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Best Phrases Found on Black Twitter Right Now

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As the A$VP MXB continues to inspire the rap community to replace vowels with varied Xs and Vs, a more grammatically based change is taking place once again among those who partake in an offshoot of social media called Black Twitter. Yes, as Salon so eloquently states, Black Twitter is ""a collective of active, primarily African-American Twitter users who have created a virtual community ... [and are] proving adept at bringing about a wide range of sociopolitical changes." It also gives young rappers and the fans that love them a place to congregate and come up with some new terminology that sounds confusing as fuck to the average white person.

Since words like "ratchet" and "YOLO" have become so embarrassingly commonplace thanks to mainstream hip-hop (waiting for Merriam-Webster to add them to the official lexicon any day now) it's only right you get familiar with the next wave of terms populating your favorite rapper's Twitter feed. Here's a list of the best phrases found on Black Twitter right now.

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The Funniest Tweets From the ESPY Awards.

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Double Lance Cam!
God dammit we hate to say this BUT...Drake did a pretty fantastic job of hosting the 2014 ESPY Awards last night. Between spouting off on Blake Griffin, Donald Sterling, LeBron James, and killing it with the "Lance Cam," Drake actually left us in happy tears rather than the way we like to talk about him being in tears. (Because he's soft. Duh.) Not everyone will agree with our assessment of Drake's hosting duties but nonetheless, in our opinion, the award show was pretty stellar.

Highlights included the inspirational speech given by Stuart Scott (that left us in inspired tears), Michael Sam actually being in tears, the "USA" chant when the US soccer team won, and the wardrobe choices that were less than inspiring (Yeah, we're looking at you Westbrook). And while they crowned the best of the best on the ESPY Awards, some peeps on social media sat back in judgment and let the hilarity fly. Oh you missed it? Not to worry because we trolled what was killing our Twitter feed and it kept us sidetracked from the festivities all while keeping us in stitches.

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Funniest Tweets From the 2014 BET Awards

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It's clear that all Chris Rock needs is a platform in front of an open-minded audience and he will have you at "hello." That's exactly how it went down when the 2014 BET Awards kicked off with Rock at the helm delivering a monologue that slaughtered Rick Ross, took jabs at the Solange/Jay-Z elevator fight, and hilariously defended (of sorts) Donald Sterling. Later on, he also killed with his "monster truck rally" bit and one upped Ellen DeGeneres by passing out Roscoe's chicken.

If you're wondering why we can't stop talking about him, it's because it could be argued that his presence was the best part of the whole BET Awards. Sure, there were some superb performances from Pharrell, Nicki Minaj, Usher, and John Legend as well as a fantastic tribute to Lionel Richie complete with a performance by the man himself. But really, Chris Rock slayed--that is all you need to know. In all, the show did drag and probably could've omitted a few acts (such as Robin Thicke crying about how he fucked up on his marriage ONCE AGAIN) but in all, it was as T.I. would put it, "mediocre." You may disagree with our review on last night's show so let's hand it off to the fine and funny folks of Twitter to see what they had to say about the 2014 BET Awards.

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Funniest Tweets of 2014 Billboard Music Awards

The way this made us feel? Mesmerized.
Last night during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, Twitter let us know the good (the Michael Jackson hologram), the bad (Lorde to the tenth power), and the ruiners (again, please see Lorde). But before we even get into the Tweetosphere feedback, we have a bone to pick with ABC Network. This whole "taping the show in the west coast" and showing it first to the east coast needs to stop. Since social media has taken over so many of our lives it's unfair to ask us to abandon "our feeds" for any amount of time. By the time we were "fortunate" enough to watch the show we already knew what the stars were wearing, knew the winners, and knew all of the so called "surprises." This is total and utter bullshit and it needs to end. NOW. Anyway, on with the show...

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The Best Pick Up Lines Are on Twitter

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We never fail to be amused when we scroll through our Twitter timeline and when it comes to those who attempt to get their flirt on, it leaves us wondering if they could really work in everyday life. Come on now, we're just kidding. There is no way they could work. For the love of all that is sacred we really, really hope they don't work! Because some of these playful lines are so severely cringe-worthy, we decided to compile a list of fifteen "Twitter Pick-Up Lines" to see if you choked back vomit the way we did. And on a side note folks, if you try any of these out in the real world and they actually do work, please report back to us so we can call you out on being a liar.

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Twitter Had a Fun Time Talking Shit on Coachella

Christopher Victorio
Pharrell stays happy...and hot.
The first weekend of Coachella is officially over. As always the Tweetosphere had plenty to say about it.

It's becoming common that Twitter keeps it vocal during any type of show and while there were a TON of tweets bitching that they weren't partying in the desert this weekend and constantly fawning over Vanessa Hudgens wardrobe choices (mostly from the hipster youth of America), the best of the best came from the cynical peeps who know better. Here's some of the best Twitter commentary about Coachella 2014.

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