Twitter Had a Fun Time Talking Shit on Coachella

Christopher Victorio
Pharrell stays happy...and hot.
The first weekend of Coachella is officially over. As always the Tweetosphere had plenty to say about it.

It's becoming common that Twitter keeps it vocal during any type of show and while there were a TON of tweets bitching that they weren't partying in the desert this weekend and constantly fawning over Vanessa Hudgens wardrobe choices (mostly from the hipster youth of America), the best of the best came from the cynical peeps who know better. Here's some of the best Twitter commentary about Coachella 2014.

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The Funniest Tweets From the Oscars

Stupid Twitter crashing selfie!!


Another award show and another chance for us to troll Twitter and find some perfected wit to make us laugh our balls off. This year, the 86th Academy Awards were hosted by Ellen DeGeneres and while we personally think she did a pretty decent job (minus her wardrobe choices, the whole "pizza" timewaster, and breaking Twitter for a lame "selfie" retweet), the fact remains that you can't please everyone. Kind of like when it comes to the lucky winners that got to take home that coveted golden Oscar statue last night. Either you agreed and beamed your pride across social media like you were going to get the award shipped directly to you or your pick for your favorite movie or actor "got robbed" and you pouted. Yeah, we saw some of you and it was utterly shameful. We scoured Twitter to bring you some of the grade-A comments from last night's Academy Awards.

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Happy (Anti) Valentine's Day From Twitter

Yeah, yeah we know what day it is. But if you read this blog on the reg, you know we're not all in love floating on a cloud with rainbows, cupids, and a fucking harp playing in the background. And no, we're not a bitter party of one because we're "jealous of your relationship" when Valentine's Day rolls around. We're actually not knocking what being in love is or saying we've never been there but when it comes to this made up "Hallmark holiday," some of us have different ideas other than showering people with candies and flowers. Case in point: the delightfully entertaining people of Twitter. These folks always seem to know how to lighten up the mood and "feel your pain" no matter what the occasion is. So whether you are in love and want to laugh at the single and lonely or you are one of those hostile peeps who like to poo-poo all over this day filled with chocolates that will end up giving you cavities in the long run, sit back and enjoy our top 14 magical affection filled tweets that are flying around the Twittersphere to prepare us for this year's love fest labeled, "Valentine's Day."

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Top Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Tweets

While the beginning of Super Bowl 48 was abuzz with comments about Joe Namath's jacket and safeties, the rest of the game was a shit storm of comments about how the Seattle Seahawks were bending over the Denver Broncos and beating them down. And of course the promise of Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers performing on this year's "Super Bowl Halftime Show," drew plenty of shit talking from the Twittersphere. In honor of all the online commentary that made us was LOL, HAHA, ROFL, LMFAO, etc., here are our picks for the Top Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Tweets.

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Funniest Tweets From The 2014 Grammy Awards

Even Arby's had jokes....
The 56th annual Grammy Awards took over our TV's last night and as usual, the world was observing. Whether people were watching because they wanted to see their favorite musical acts like Metallica, Lorde, Kendrick Lamar, and Imagine Dragons hit the stage, or whether they watched simply to trash talk, it seemed like everyone tuned in for the festivities. Once again, the Grammys were hosted by LL Cool J and filmed in Los Angeles yet somehow, the east coast got to watch it first. (Seriously, that bullshit needs to be fixed.) Thanks to our fascination with social media, all of the winners, their outfit successes and fails (Pharrell, we're talking to you), and the standout performances were shouted out before we even got a chance to watch it ourselves but honestly, we weren't too bummed out about it. After all, it just gave us more time to troll Twitter for the stand-out opinions from our pals rocking their skillfully crafted tweets in 140 characters or less. We have to once again give it up to you guys and gals for all of the on-line entertainment because this year during the Grammys, well, you certainly didn't disappoint at all.

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The Iron Sheik Demands Respect, You Jabroni!

If you don't like me I don't give a fuck.
Over here at OC Weekly, we don't mind being labeled "super fans" when it comes to Pro Wrestling Hall of Famer, former bodyguard to the Shah of Iran, and the ruler of Twitter, the one and only Iron Sheik. Over the past year, he has become one of Twitter's most cultish figures, opining on everything from Nelson Mandela to Chris Brown to sporting events, all in a looping, hilarious narrative that fans of Howard Stern have long loved. Matter of fact (and to take a page out of the book of the man himself), if you don't respect the legend, then you can go fuck yourself. The Iron Sheik keeps it real, whether he is online or in person by letting his emotions fly verbally in the sweetest and/or the most cutting way. It's actually overly apparent (and hysterical) if he doesn't respect someone or something by watching him voice his opinion's on-line and letting those "all caps" fly. And for the record, that's just one of the reasons that we are #TeamSheikieForLife.

Another reason is because when he loves and respects someone, it's overly obvious as well. This is no doubt why he launched the new "Iron Sheik Alarm Clock" app that just hit iTunes yesterday. See, The Iron Sheik is a tough guy but, he also cares about some of your no good asses as well. Before you download his new app and let him wake you lazy mother fuckers up, we had a chance to talk to the legend himself and...Oh. My. God. After how "real" he kept it with us, well, we didn't think it was possible but we love him even more now--he is no Rice Krispies dick. Respect.

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The Answer to the Comedic Equation is Patton Oswalt

Johnathan Leibson
Someone should look that up because I don't know if I invented it.
If you don't know who Patton Oswalt is by now, sorry, you must be living a life of boredom. Lately, the multifaceted comedian has been everywhere doing everything from writing to voiceovers but at the end of the day, he's just a humbly gifted man that's super talent has made him into a household name. Without going on and on (and on and on), the bottom line here is that Oswalt fucking rules no matter what venture he is dipping his toes into. With a new special "Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time" airing on EPIX January 17th, we took the opportunity to toot his horn on his fantastic Twitter skills and to pretty much gush about how fan-boy we are about everything he does. Sorry (not sorry) folks, we sincerely love Oswalt. There, we said it.

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Top (20)14 Tweets from New Year's Eve


Did you go out on New Year's Eve? Have a great time? Spend too much money? Wake up needing five Advil, three espressos, and a shot of Jack Daniel's to take the edge off? Pardon us if we sound bitter but some of us stayed home last night. Whether it was because you didn't want to spend excess cash, couldn't line up a babysitter, or the memories of past NYE night's that made your friends question your taste in the opposite sex kept you in, those of us who stayed home still had fun. We did right? OK, we had a decent time ringing in 2014 from the comfort of our couches. See, while we were watching the ball drop with the likes of Kathy Griffin, Ryan Seacrest, Jenny McCarthy, and Anderson Cooper, we were also cruising the web. Twitter to be more exact.

While Facebook was full of party pictures last night, a party of words (and no doubt a TON of drinking) was going down on Twitter. To celebrate 2014 and in case you missed something while you were out there having the time of your lives (jealousy is a hell of a drug), we chose the "Top 14 Tweets from New Year's Eve" just for a video. And by the way, we get it if you need to squint while looking at the bright light coming of off your phone or laptop while you read this. Maybe you better have two shots of Jack. Yeah, that'll help.

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Top 10 Tweets on Christmas Day

Gary Orona

The holiday season means two things, you are ohhh so excited to hang out with family or, you are forced to hang out but you'd rather be doing something else. Like spend your time on social media. (As if you don't do that 364 days of the year. Yes, we're also talking to ourselves here.) When it came to the "joyous" day of the 25th this December, folks of all faiths cruised through the Twittersphere multitasking and did both. Whether they celebrated the day or didn't, everyone had something to say and while we avoided our own family, we read and laughed at all of them. OK, at most of them. So just in case you missed some of the great tweets because you were too busy posting everything you got (at nauseum) on Instagram, we picked out some of the best of the best just for you with our Top 10 Tweets on Christmas Day. It's like a little gift from us to you. And no worries, there is no thank you card necessary.

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Top 10 Tweeters of 2013

via Twitter
All hail the Iron Sheik!
Twitter has been really taking over social media for the last few years but when it comes to 2013, it seems to have been more explosive than ever. It's turned into a source for breaking news, events, and of course, a go-to spot for non-stop hilarity during an awards show. Some tweeters do it so well in fact that they have scored book deals, TV shows, and even board games just from keeping it awesome in 140 characters or less. That's something we call, mad skills. And while some people still hate on Twitter, some people on Twitter do it so well they make it impossible to hate on them. Those people have made our list for the Top 10 Tweeters of 2013 and with that, we offer a hearty thank you for entertaining us over the year and we can't wait to see what you'll do in 2014!

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