Cristela Alonzo's New TV Gig is More Than a "Latino Show"

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We all have the same problems and the same joys.
Put in your time, be prepared for life on the road, and be funny. Those rules are quintessential when it comes to the art of stand-up comedy and Cristela Alonzo has mastered that list and then some. Hanging up the mic for now (although she promises it's never for good), this talented lady has landed herself a TV gig and, it's a big one at that. Her show "Cristela" debuts on ABC this Friday (October 10th) at 8:30 p.m. and we had the chance to chat with her to find out how the show came to be and what we are in store for the first season.

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HB Local Didn't Conquer The Voice, But She Still Has One

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Nicole DiSandro
Caitlin Lucia knows first hand what the road to reality television looks like, thanks to her recent appearance on NBC's singing competition, The Voice. Although her run at instant stardom was cut short after the show's judges failed to turn their chairs, the 19-year-old Huntington Beach native says her journey into the music industry has just begun. Lucia's season seven appearance last week was her second effort to be a part of the show, and after two consecutive attempts, she says she's walking away with her head held high.

The indie-folk songstress made her official Voice debut last Tuesday singing her version of "You're The One That I Want," but her initial involvement with the ratings juggernaut began in June of 2013. Fresh out of high school, she was given the choice of traveling to London for business school or attending callbacks for season six. She waived the overseas opportunity to pursue her first run at The Voice and commit to her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter. After several rounds of auditions she scored an invitation to the televised blind auditions. But to her shock and disappointment, the spots for season six had filled before she had a chance to perform before the judges.

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Paul Rodriguez and Mario Lopez: The Not So Odd Couple?

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I knew he was going to be a big and talented star, I would have treated him better.
Comedian Paul Rodriguez has made a major success out of himself as a comedian and actor for almost 30 years. It's that longevity that spawned his newest NUVOtv special "For the Record" which tells the tale of his life. On September 18th at 10pm, he'll be talking all about both when he joins Mario Lopez on his series, "One on One." With the show coming up tomorrow night, we got Paul on the horn to see what's been going on since the last time we talked to him and to find out not just about this special, but to see what's up with his ever evolving life, get an update on his comedy camp at Laugh Factory, and to hear about his newest venture in theater.

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Hey, Matt Iseman. How Well Do You Know Your Co-Hosts on American Ninja Warrior?

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Matt Iseman (right): I think we celebrate the differences rather than actually point them out.
The stars of the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior are ultimately the competitors but there is a lot to be said about the hosts as well. Jenn Brown, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, and Matt Iseman spout off play-by-play, do interviews, and have a repartee that makes them almost as entertaining as watching the ninjas run the course itself. I was lucky enough to snag an invite from Iseman to see the set while they were in Las Vegas (which starts airing September 1st on NBC) and while there, I met and talked to Jenn and Akbar as well. Full disclosure, I didn't know much about the show before I went there so I pretty much asked them all of the same questions about it. When compiling it all together, it sounded a little dry. Totally my fault. Because of that, we decided to cover our asses by flipping the script on stand-up comic and host extraordinaire Matt Iseman for a little friendly competition to see how his answers compare to his ANW co-hosts.

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How BRGRTV Became a YouTube 'Zine For Burger Records

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Moss Perricone
Jack Sample, Steele O'Neil and Lee Rickard watching some BRGRTV
Jack Sample is scrolling through a reel of '80s commercials. He's got footage of a bizzaro wood puppet pumping up a hot air balloon. There's a voiceover, calm and vaguely sinister -- "just when you thought we couldn't go any higher." Cut. Jack stops the clip before any context, any hint as to what the ad was selling. He splices it between live footage of Tomorrow's Tulips and a new Beachwood Sparks music video.

This week 1500 kids from all over the world will tune into BRGRTV.

It's a weekly show. Ten minute episodes play out like Youtube 'zines. Think of it as the propaganda arm of Burger Records -- the ruling party in the Orange County music scene. Go to any local venue: the Observatory, the Yost, your stoner buddy's sweaty garage, hell, go to James Franco's instagram -- you'll see a Burger pin, a t-shirt, that catchy pop slogan "I'm a Burger bitch."

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The Best Tweets During the 2014 Emmy Awards.

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Hosted by Seth Meyers, some of the 2014 Emmy Award winners included Sarah Silverman, Louis C.K., Jim Parsons, Allison Janney, Ty Burrell, Stephen Colbert, Anna Gunn, Jessica Lange, and Aaron Paul. While Seth did a decent job with his hosting duties, he in fact said it best when he commented, "Jokes are like nominees, they can't all be winners."

Winners (and lose-bags) aside, the festivities also included Billy Crystal telling a sweet story about Robin Williams, Chris Hardwick giving a PSA on "internet trolls," we saw a funny "Billy on the Street" skit from Billy Eichner, witnessed a sexy PDA fest between Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston, and watched an interesting performance by "Weird Al" Yankovic. While, some of your personal favorites got robbed at the Emmy's and you just sat there and groaned, our Twitter feed was lit up with comments from those who live to spout off. And trust, the "spout" was on high flow mode during the 2014 Emmy Awards.

See also: Best Tweets During the 2014 VMAs

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My Massage From "Gigolos" Star Ash Armand Had a Happy Ending

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I'd say Gigalos is kind of like a soft-porn/comedy.
I'm not going to lie, when I heard that Ash Armand from Showtime's "Gigolos" was going to come and give me a massage, the dirty jokes in my head flew at a rapid pace. Even though he is a professional massage therapist, I joked with my friends about how maybe I'd "get some," I told my dad about it and he seemed more than a little concerned, and even comedian Jay Mohr who set up this experience for me (Thanks Jay!) thought I might have been serious about a "happy ending" as well. I was obviously joking because what I really wanted was a free massage while learning more about this "gigolo." You know, in case this whole writing thing doesn't work out. (KIDDING, dad.)

What happened when Ash knocked on the door to sit and talk to me turned out to be completely eye-opening and actually changed my views on his "TV profession." You see, he is much more than a gorgeous face. (Although it is sooo stunning.) He happens to have a beautiful mind, is a total entrepreneur, and has a wicked sense of humor to boot. Oh, and his massages are off the charts. Just trust me on that one.

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Top Five Videos with Cheerleaders in Them According to Jonathan McDaniel

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I miss Gwen Stefani!
Funny man Jonathan McDaniel is back reprising his role as German Vega for the second season of the VH-1 smash show "Hit The Floor" on Monday May 26th. And since some of you can't get enough of this man (and why would you want to?), he's also dropping a new album that'll be available on iTunes Tuesday May 27th called "Born a S.T.A.R." Over here at the Weekly, we love Mr. McDaniel and figured since he has more than enough interaction with sexy cheerleaders on his show, who better to ask then him to point out some videos where these lovely, flexible, and gifted ladies are represented? Exactly. There's no one better. That's why we hit him up for his picks for the "Top 5 Videos with Cheerleaders in Them."

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Fred Armisen Brings a Live Portlandia Viewing to the Observatory

Charles Lam/OC Weekly

It's hard to name one other television show that has brilliantly crystallized the humor and absurdity of contemporary lifestyle trends than Portlandia. Created by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein--veteran musicians and close friends--the two pooled together their collective experiences of Portland and have generated a successful format for satirizing some of the most innocuous quirks about the city and the millenial generation as a whole.

Four seasons since their debut in 2011, Portlandia has become a cult hit with its iconic one-liners ("Put a bird on it!"), awesome guest stars, and various recurring characters played by Armisen and Brownstein, like the gender-swapping roles Lance and Nina, aging punks Spike and Iris, and of course, feminist bookstore Women & Women First owners Toni and Candace.Last Saturday night, Armisen came down to the Observatory in Santa Ana to extend to fans an exclusive first look of this season's upcoming episode 8, and engaged audiences in a hilarious Q&A session full of memorable moments and insightful answers.

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Steve Martin's Wild and Crazy Career Ride from Orange County to Stardom is PBS Show's Focus

Steve Martin's Orange County roots run deep. He was a cheerleader at Garden Grove High School, attended Santa Ana College and Cal State Long Beach, got one of his first jobs at Disneyland, developed a magic act in the park's Magic Shop and went on to join a Knott's Berry Farm comedy troupe. I don't recall ever hearing the 68-year-old talk in depth about his early days here so perhaps Paula Zahn pulls that out of the actor/comic/author/musician/screenwriter in a PBS interview airing Friday night.

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