The Five Best Local EDM Shows in April

April 26th

James Caleb Cornette aka Amtrac was on everyone's radar after opening for Kaskade on his Atmosphere Tour late last year and remixing the hit single of the same title. The Kentucky songwriter, producer, vocalist, instrumentalist, and DJ is one of the HARD dawgs playing events like HARD Miami, Ultra Music Festival, Day of the Dead, and Tomorrowworld! The up and coming 25 year old fuses deep house with nu disco and is the perfect fit for Posch's new Maison Saturdays which caters to the more mature sounds of dance music.

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Five Songs on Jim Norton's "Ozzy's Boneyard" Playlist

Jonathan Brandstein
I got to hang with Lemmy for four days and ride to the city in a limo with him while he smoked approximately 350 cigarettes.
As a youngster, comedian Jim Norton became a huge fan of Ozzy Osbourne. Fast forward through the years and as it would turn out, little Jimmy is now actual friends with the "Prince of Darkness" himself and is more of a "fanboy" than ever. Hey, if that doesn't teach the kids that dreams really can come true then nothing will. With a three-day stint at the Ontario Improv (March 6th through 8th), we knew that the perfect topic to hit this funny man up for would have to be related to pumping up some hard rock. Since Ozzy's Boneyard is so popular on SiriusXM and Jim also hosts "Norton's Obsessed on Ozzy's Boneyard" on the channel, we decided to get his picks for a "Five Song Ozzy's Boneyard Playlist." Makes perfect sense right? Kind of like it makes perfect sense for you to grab your tickets now to see Jim in Ontario before it sells out. Seriously, this guys sells out everywhere so you better hurry up!

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Five Songs to Make Out to in Your Car According to Ralphie May

And what guy doesn't want to use your love?
Comedian Ralphie May is a favorite of ours and since we already know so much about the big man, we wanted to get his take on something a little more personal. A little advice if you will. Ralphie has a hilarious bit in his set where he talks about a certain song along with a side of "digital penetration" while in the car so we decided to take it a bit further. We figured there had to be a few more songs that would be appropriate to make some sweet love to while in your vehicle and as it turns out, we were totally right. So before you grab tickets to catch his show at the Brea Improv this weekend, we got May's picks for "Five Songs to Make Out in Your Car To." Feel free to use them at your discretion on the way to or from his show.

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Five Songs To Get You Over Last Night

After a shame shower, you'll be juuuust fine.
Hey, it happens to the best of us. We screw the wrong person and in the morning, the regret is unbearable. And let's be honest, the walk of shame is the least of your worries because once you get home, you become one with your thoughts. All alone. What do you do from there? Do you tell your friends? Do you "sub-tweet" your misery and then troll for "favorites" from people that might be in the same boat as you? Do you Facebook stalk? How about "none of the above" instead!

It's been proven that in the worst and best of times music helps so after you take a shower (seriously, wash that remorse off), try pumping up these jams and you will be back to normal in an instant. Well, you might not be back to "normal" but who the fuck is normal anyway these days? After all, you can't call and cry to your mommy so what else are you going to do? Our suggestion is to crank up this shit, grab a beer, bag of chips, or maybe some Ben and Jerry's and attempt to laugh it off. Listen, you really aren't alone. Okay, all better now?

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"Five Songs That Will Put You in the Mood for Love" According to Maz Jobrani

This is a great song because it encourages people to go have sex in public.
Being a youngster in Iran gave comedian Maz Jobrani plenty of material to sharpen his craft for clowning and it definitely shows in his set. Not only does he showcase some stellar dance moves while gracing the stage, his act also talks up finding the humor in racial stereotypes, his family life then and now, the differences in way the world views politics, and owning his baldness. (Lucky for him, he pulls off the Mr. Clean flawlessly.) With everyone's favorite candy and flower-filled holiday falling during Maz's weekend at the Brea Improv (February 14th through 16th), Jobrani put together a list of"Five Songs That Will Put You in the Mood for Love."

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Top 5 Songs to Give a Lap Dance To According to Steve Byrne

A single tear is how I end this lap dance.
Steve Byrne knows all about striking a sexy pose but something that's even more striking is that this man has moves that would that put Mick Jagger (and Adam Levine) to shame. We've already had the pleasure of talking about his talent for furious hip action, so this time before he headlines the Brea Improv January 30th- February 1st, we decided to delve a little deeper. OK, not that deep pervs. This time we got the picks for his "Top 5 Songs to Give a Lap Dance To" and hopefully, if you're very, very lucky, he'll treat you to a little dancing to go along with the incredible set he is bound to give. Trust us, you want to see this and that.

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Five Comics to Watch Out For in 2014

Tina Compise/Quickstyle Photography
Last year's crop of new comics brought us some huge names handpicked to come out and perform in and around town. Of course, over here at the Weekly, we have a lot of pride when it comes to our own. We can brag about how we've produced a lot of homegrown talent that has swept the world by storm (ahem, Will Farrell and Steve Martin) but the truth is, we also take great pride in watching promising cutting-edge artists from around the country hit the touring circuit at some of our favorite city spots.Thanks to Twitter and YouTube, comics are somewhat of a dime a dozen these days, so we picked out a few comedians that we think everyone will be laughing at and talking about in 2014.

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"Top 5 Songs to Come Out on Stage To" According to Charlie Murphy

The music is the easy part!
Comedian, actor, writer, and storytelling extraordinaire Charlie Murphy is heading into Orange County to start your year off the right way by delivering laughs just for you at the Irvine Improv, Jan. 2-5. With the date quickly approaching, we didn't want to ask Charlie the same old questions that he no doubt gets again and again. Also since at this point we are all familiar with his with vast body of hilarious work, we wanted learn something about Charlie and the choices that he makes in his "off-stage" life. Well, not that far off-stage. This time around we picked Charlie's brain for his "Top 5 Songs to Come Out on Stage To." Hmmm...we wonder what he'll walk out to this weekend.

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The Five Best Stand-Up Comics of 2013

Steven Meckler
Finally Doug has a podcast!
We've covered a lot of fantastic comics over the years but when it comes to this year, there were definitely some comedic favorites that had people buzzing around the world. Whether they made it into beautiful Orange County or not in 2013, we were all watching, laughing along, and becoming even bigger fans of their work. It's undeniable that a list like this could go on and on and depending on your taste in comedy and the location you live, chances are that you might not agree with our picks. And that's fine by us. As long as you watch and support live comedy we can always agree to disagree but when it comes to our choices, well, here are our top picks for the "Five Stand-Up Comics That Had a Stand-Out Year in 2013."

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Five Best Local EDM Artists of 2013

Ed Carrasco
2013 had all the elements of a great year for electronic dance music: older acts making a comeback, duos crossing genres and progressing their sound, and clubs all over OC catering to the EDM aficionado crowds. But who were the local taste makers making moves right here in your own backyard? We picked our five best local DJs and producers of 2013 making a serious name for themselves in our small, but exponentially growing dance music community. From household names to the cream of the crop check out who made the cut.

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