Top Five Best and Worst Parts of Escape From Wonderland - NOS Events Center - October 27,2012

Courtesy of Insomniac Events
Escape From Wonderland Was a Delightful Fright

This weekend, Insomniac Events hosted their second annual Escape from Wonderland music festival at the Nos Events Center in San Bernadino. The Wonderland parties have become a staple brand for the promoters and are becoming just as popular as Electric Daisy Carnival (their biggest event of the year). Built on a foundation of Alice and Wonderland themed performers and décor, Escape from Wonderland brought out the spooky side of this magical world we've come to love. We break down the night with the top five best and worst of our dark decent into this massive EDM event.

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Top 10 EDM Halloween Parties in OC

Courtesy of Identity Management Group
Beefam at the Sutra Masquerade

Halloween is less than a week away, but as you know the EDM scene can stretch out a holiday like nobody's business. And with the potential for slutty costumes and thematic whimsey being at an all time high in October, it's obvious that this is one of the biggest party weekends of the year.  No doubt you and your friends have already staked out the parties happening in the most exclusive (i.e. expensive) clubs and events in Los Angeles to San Diego, but why waste your money on gas? You're smarter than that. We broke down a list of the best Halloween parties for our avid electronic music fans right here in Orange County.

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Top 10 OC Comics...So Far!

Categories: LOL, Top 10, comedy
Steve Martin.JPG
Most famous OC comic ever? Maybe.

Ahhh Orange County. We might be known for our beautiful weather, pristine coastlines, and gorgeous people but we are soooo much more than that! Orange County is also the stomping grounds of some of the funniest comedic talent. With that said, we thought we'd do a little bragging on some of O.C.'s finest so you can get familiar and maybe do a little bragging of your own!

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Top 10 Best and Worst Dressed of Ultra Music Festival

Brett Byers
This year's sold out Ultra Music Festival at Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida brought out 165,000 attendees from all over the world ready to enjoy their favorite EDM DJs and producers. Now that it's come and gone and we've nursed our epic hangovers let's take a look at the top 10 best and worst dressed party goers.

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The 10 Worst Music Videos of 2011

We're on the fence about Katy Perry in "E.T."

2011 was host to a legion of ambitiously unconventional music videos -- often so rapt in their quest for originality that quality (and logic) fell by the wayside. Surprisingly, the songs themselves often aren't stinkers -- but the visual adaptations are. Applauded for their audacity and mocked for their absurdity, here's a top 10 of front runners.

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Top 9 Most Annoying Songs Of 2011

Categories: Top 10
 Whether it's overexposure, repetition, or just a terrible melody, each of the songs below are some of the most grating tunes to be released in 2011.

A quick caveat: I realize that there is a lot of top 40 on this list--that isn't because I dislike top 40. But frankly, when the radio is saturated with a certain song, you're more likely to trigger annoyance much faster than an indie number that plays on occasion. (But trust me, had Tame Impala's "Solitude is Bliss" been released in 2011, it would've topped the list--nothing is more annoying than a hipster who brags about how much he enjoys his own pretentious company.)

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The Five Best New Acts of 2011

Categories: Top 10

Every year, a shit load of music drops. Some of it's good, most of it's bad, but it's almost impossible to sift through it all to find the juicy stuff without experiencing autotune-induced madness.

Relax. We've done the heavy lifting for you. Sorting through the mess of music released this year, we pulled our favorite five up-and-comers of 2011 from across a variety of musical genres.  2012 is the year of genre-pushing, so ring in the New Year with some soon-to-be classics, and a couple ditties that will leave your ears (and your head) confused. That's a good thing. 

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Worst Bon Jovi Lyrics

Categories: Top 10, lists
Bon Jovi, which plays the Honda Center in Anaheim Friday and Saturday, has a gift for big guitar hooks and sing-along choruses. Their songs are so catchy enthusiasts gleefully embrace some pretty laughable lyrics. Check out these beauties.    

1. "As the words slipped off my tongue, they sounded dumb / If this old heart could talk, it'd say you're the one," from "Misunderstood."

2. "With an ironclad fist I wake up / And French kiss the morning," from "Bed of Roses."

3. "And as my broken heart lies bleeding / You say true love it's suicide," from "I'll Be There For You."

4. "And like a blind dog without a bone / I was a gypsy lost in the twilight zone," from "Who Says You Can't Go Home."

5. "I'm a fighter, I'm a poet, I'm a preacher / I've been to school and baby, I've been the teacher," from "Lay Your Hands on Me."

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Bon Jovi

John Mayer Quotes You Missed in the Playboy Interview

Categories: Top 10, lists
"There have probably been days when I saw 300 vaginas before I got out of bed."
The John Mayer interview published in the March edition of Playboy will go down as perhaps the greatest display of douchery in the history of pop culture. The media immediately jumped on such deplorable statements as "nigger pass," "my dick is sort of like a white supremacist" and sex with Jessica Simpson "was like crack cocaine." But there's so much more! Here are 10 quotes, in addition to the toxic bombs previously mentioned, that will make you want to throw a rock at Mayer's strangely elevated hairdo.

1. "By the way, pornography? It's a new synaptic pathway. You wake up in the morning, open a thumbnail page, and it leads to a Pandora's box of visuals. There have probably been days when I saw 300 vaginas before I got out of bed."

2. "When I watch porn, if it's not hot enough, I'll make up backstories in my mind. My biggest dream is to write pornography."

3. "I can invent things really well. I mean, I have unbelievable orgasms alone."

4. Playboy: Masturbation for you is as good as sex? "Absolutely, because during sex, I'm just going to run a filmstrip. I'm still masturbating."

5. "Early in my career, when I was 19 or 20, I'd meet presidents of record companies and refused to give them my demos. I'd say, 'We'll see each other again sometime.'"

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Top 10 Orange County Concerts of 2009, No. 6: Sunny Day Real Estate, October 10, House of Blues, Anaheim

Editor's Note: Having spent hours perusing the Heard Mentality archives for a Concert Year in Review feature running in the print issue that streets Jan. 1, I compiled a Top 10 list of the coolest shows to come through Orange County in 2009. I'm posting one per day for the rest of the year. 

Andrew Youssef

Emo pioneers Sunny Day Real Estate immediately proved impressive with their renewed musical chemistry. Singer-guitarist Jeremy Enigk slashed out the power chords, and lead guitarist Dan Hoerner interweaved grabby riffs while bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith interlocked as a gnat's-ass-tight rhythm section.

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