10 Reasons the Misfits are Still Relevant

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So what they only have one original member left? The Misfits are still one of the most important punk bands of all time, and they're at the Observatory for three nights this weekend.

Before you go check them out, here are 10 reasons the Misfits are still relevant.

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10 Best Stage Falls Caught On Video

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Jena Ardell
Humans love watching things fall down. When a duck slips on ice, we're tickled. When a friend trips while walking, we're in tears. When a well-known musician slips down a set of stairs, we're searching for footage of the best angle.

By now we've all watched the video below of Grohl stumbling off stage during a Foo Fighters show in Sweden on Friday, breaking his leg. Even if you're not a fan of Grohl, you have to give him mad props for being a badass; who else breaks their leg on stage and then returns to rock out on crutches?!

We send our well wishes to the Foo's frontman and wish him a speedy recovery. Here's a collection of 10 of the best stage falls to amuse you masochists (and to remind Grohl he's in good company).

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10 Reasons You Need to Go to Ink-N-Iron

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Whether it's music, cars, tattoos or burlesque you're looking for, Ink-N-Iron promises to deliver in Long Beach this weekend aboard the Queen Mary for the last time before the festival pulls anchor and sails to Nashville. In case you've never been and still don't understand what all the buzz is about, allow us give you 10 reasons why you be out there with the rest of the punks, pinups, outlaws and rockabillies to see this fest off into the sunset.

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10 Reasons Deftones Remain Relevant

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After over two decades, these guys are still making music, and here's why they matter.
The 21st century proved a tough battlefield for many '90s alt-metal and nu-metal bands. Corpses of deceased and irrelevant nu-metal bands line the depths of Internet radio (and the side stages at many music festivals looking to draw crowds in their 30s and 40s), but a few bands are still going strong from the time period.

Among those brave few is Sacramento-based five-piece Deftones, who happen to be rolling through Orange County for a sold out show on Friday. There's no question that the band that started in 1988 still remains relevant today. Here are 10 reasons why.

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Top 10 Musicians Whose Artwork Doesn't Suck

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You'll never guess who created the artwork featured in our #1 spot...
Art begets music and music begets art; we're pretty sure that's in the Bible. Musical ability and visual art skills usually coincide, but rarely does someone carry enough talent in both media to be recognized for each art form--unless celebrity is involved.

We'll be the bad guys and say it: some musicians' artwork could spawn a career in the arts and some musicians' artwork is recognized because the person who painted it is famous and an art gallery wants to profit. Not to knock creative expression, but have you ever seen a painting by Paul Stanley? Yikes. Ditto for Ringo Starr's digital artwork and for Courtney Love's And She's Not Even Pretty series (that we discredited after watching her process), which is a shame because she creates great titles (i.g.: "Suicide Fuck Bomber," "I Can't, I Can't, I Didn't, I Didn't," and "Valentine Menstrual").

What makes judging artistic ability difficult is that art is subjective. We might never fully appreciate Kazimir Malevich enough to salivate over a black canvas, but that doesn't stop someone from paying $60 million dollars for one of his works.

While it's true the artist will forever be more famous than his art, we've curated a list of contemporary musicians whose work we'd actually hang on our walls--even had Jane Doe on Etsy painted it in Minnesota, not David Bowie.

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10 Awesome Things Bands Do at Concerts

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Taylor Hamby
Isn't it nice when the artist directly interacts with the crowd?
Concerts can be a truly amazing experience. When one of your favorite bands puts on a great performance, it can make for a mind-blowing night.

While there is a wide variety of ways for bands to make concerts awesome, there are a few things that we personally enjoy seeing at shows. Here's 10 of them.

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10 Annoying Things Bands Do at Concerts

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Kathryn Millard
There's nothing better than seeing one of your favorite bands play live. There's also nothing worse than seeing one of your favorite bands play live when they put on a terrible show. For all the things we love about concerts, there are several things bands do that we really can't stand. Here are 10 things bands should just stop doing when playing live shows.

See also: 10 Dick Moves to Avoid at Concerts

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What's Up With Songs That Compare Women To Foods?

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Warrant's Cherry Pie.
We find it a disturbing that male musicians constantly compare women (or their body parts) to foods, specifically fruits and candies. While it's flattering to be compared to edible products with a high glycemic index, it's also becoming unoriginal and while these songs are entertaining, they are mildly sexist and/or misogynistic.

Perhaps the popular 19th century nursery rhyme 'What Are Little Boys Made Of?' has ingrained the notion that girls are "sugar and spice and everything nice."

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, "honey" has been documented as a term of endearment from at least the 14th century. As women, we've come to expect our significant other to call us by a pet name, which--you guessed it--is usually a sweet.

Being someone's "honey," "sweetie pie," "muffin", or "baby cakes" might not seem so bad if you consider some foreign options. In France, you may be called a petite chou (little cabbage), in Germany you may be called Mausebär (mouse-bear) and if you're Hispanic, your family may already be addressing you as gorda or flaca (fat or skinny).

Here are the Top Ten Songs That Compare Women To Foods. No, The Archies' "Sugar, Sugar" didn't make the cut, sorry.

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10 Songs About Gettin' Freaky In The Back Seat

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Keep your eyes on the road, Ludacris.
A car is essentially a couch on wheels; it's the perfect (ie: only) atmosphere for you and your loved one or Tinder date to spend some quality time if you live with your parents/roommates/overly affectionate cat. Or maybe you're just an exhibitionist and get your jollies by pulling over on the side of the PCH to take care of business. We don't judge here. Just do it safely.

Here are 10 songs about having sex in your car, or someone else's car:

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Top 8 Skinny Shaming Songs

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Meghan Trainor video.
We're not one to follow asinine, trendy linguistic trends (sorry, not sorry: yes, we are, brah), but we love how fired up everyone is over so-called "skinny shaming," and justifiably so. For those who don't know: skinny shaming is when a person who isn't skinny insults a person who is skinny and it's become prevalent in today's pop culture.

In the wake of recent, semi-controversial hits like Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" and Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," the following terms have saturated the media: size oppression, reverse sexism, skinny-prejudice, reverse fat-shaming, and anti-feminism.

Like skinny shaming, these terms create wonderful headlines, but only convolute the real issue behind these insulting lyrics: nothing about bashing another person's body type is empowering or will change your own body image. It may feel good for a moment, but haters are still going to wind up unhappy with themselves (and their body types) in the end.

Skinny shaming lyrics are more often just women shaming, and isn't that something the artists -- especially the female singers -- should be ashamed of? We don't need encouragement from celebrities to make women feel like they need to compete with each other, when the media already makes women feel they need to look like the celebrities du jour.

Here are the Top 8 songs that disrespect skinny girls:

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