Skinny Puppy's Rage is Still Potent 30 Years After They Started

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By: Scott Feinblatt

Skinny Puppy's music has always been inspired by the domineering view that corporations and the government are out to get us. Specifically, vocalist Kevin "Nivek Ogre" Ogilvie has said that he's always empathized with tyrannized people and animals; thus the quintessential image of the band is of a loving and sensitive creature that has been pushed to the extent that it bites back. The other principal puppy is Kevin "cEvin Key" Crompton, who performs and engineers the typically vicious and nightmarish soundscapes.

Meanwhile, their music, their philosophy, their lyrical style often reflect the social issues that grab them at the moment, though the songs still retain the same fire they've had since the early days. Together, the pair will take the stage tonight for a rare OC performance at the Observatory.

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How The Olms Brought Pete Yorn and J.D. King Together

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Pete Yorn and J.D. King's new band have nothing to do with fiery, four-chord rebellion. But if not for the wife of a punk legend, the Olms might've never existed.

Yorn first met Johnny Ramone in 2002 when the guitarist requested that Yorn contribute to We're a Happy Family, the all-star tribute album to the patron saints of CBGB's. For his part, Yorn covered the band's "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend." The two became close friends over the final two years of Ramone's life, before he succumbed to cancer in 2004. Yorn continued his friendship with the iconic guitar player's wife, Linda, who a few years later, introduced him to King, a respected artist and guitarist for his own band, J.D. King and the Coachmen. The two have now been good friends for the better part of the past decade.

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Jenni Rivera Drag Show Kicks Off the Arrival of New Hamburger Mary's in Downtown Long Beach

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Though Latin songstress and Renaissance woman Jenni Rivera is no longer with us, some talented queens in Long Beach are making sure that honoring the anniversary of her death won't be such a drag. Actually, it'll be a drag show. Tonight, one year after the tragic plane crash that took the life of La de la Playa Larga, Hamburger Mary's is using a tribute to Rivera as the kick off to their new location on Pine Avenue. Recently, the iconic LGBT hot spot moved out of it's old building on Alamitos and Broadway to start fresh downtown. Given how much coverage we've given to the former Weekly cover girl over the years--rightfully so, given her status as a regional Mexican star and a local talent--we're more than happy to see this show tacked on to the number of tributes to Rivera in her home town.

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Why Prince Paul Refuses to Be "Old-School"

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Rarely do we consider the fact that not all of hip-hop's historical icons get excited about reliving the past. Sure, New York-bred producer extraordinaire Prince Paul (a.k.a. Paul Huston) knows he's done a lot of stuff in his lifetime--creating the first live hip-hop band Stetsasonic, pioneering horrorcore with the Gravediggaz, working with De La Soul, being one of the most sought after producers in rap since '89. So it should seem natural that a man who prides himself on living ahead of his time, should be more concerned with staying at least current in hip-hop's ever-changing climate.

It's part of the reason he's become such a noticeable presence on various VH1 clip shows, documentaries and of course Scion's "The All Purpose Show" and "Paul vs. Paul" two webisode programs he hosts that focus on him keeping up with music news, interviewing of-the-minute rappers. He even co-hosts the latter with his 21 year-old son, DJ PForreal. It's all part expanding his knowledge of hip-hop world far beyond the Golden Age. Paul makes a trip to OC tonight for a guest DJ set at the Crosby alongside his cohorts Mr. Len and Rhettmatic. We got a chance to speak to him before the gig.

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Jeremy Olander Is Goin' Back to Cali

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When he first discovered house-music hits such as Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction," Jeremy Olander was too young to enter clubs. "I think that's why I'm more into the dark side of house music because that's what I started to listen to first," he says.
Now 24, the Stockholm resident is part of the exclusive Pryda Records roster spearheaded by Swedish genius producer Eric Prydz. Early releases "Riots" and "Fairfax" were among the label's biggest Beatport sellers in 2011, and Olander continues to ride that momentum on his latest singles, "Petroleum" and "Let Me Feel."

Olander and his sidekick/label mate Fehrplay recently embarked on the second leg of the first Pryda Friends Tour, with 11 dates in the U.S. and Canada. They'll play Orange County on Thursday, Oct. 3 at the EDM haven Sutra; expect an intimate show of big pro-gressive hits and deep techno vibes. "I really like a small club where you can feel connected with the crowd," says Olander.

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Tapioca and the Flea's Transition From Bedroom Project to Break-Out Act

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To appreciate the recent rise of Tapioca and the Flea is to recognize the power of persistence and dedication to the idea that a bedroom project is always just a song or two away from blowing up. For Samuel Jacob-Lopez Jr., the lead vocalist and brainchild of the OC-bred outfit, years of pawing and tinkering with electronic music in between gigs as a hired gun for gritty garage bands was always just something he'd seen as a spare time outlet with no intention of gaining an audience. Fast forward to 2013 and songs like "Mellotron" and "Home" are being blasted over the airwaves and getting clicked on like crazy.

Over the last few months, Tapioca and the Flea's profile boost in the eyes of indie rock tastemakers comes on the heels of a relentless radio campaign inspired by Lopez's new and improved sound bolstered by a band full of his best friends and roommates. Right around the time stations like 89.9 FM KCRW and 98.7 ALT FM began to take notice, Lopez--along with drummer Matt McClanahan, guitarist Ronnie Knott and bassist/keyboardist Frank Alva--were already on a mission to play key gigs like Silverlake's Jubliee Fest well as packed shows at Bardot and House of Blues. Currently, the band is on the cusp of releasing their new EP in the fall. As opportunities continue to expand exponentially for TATF, they're adamant about maintaining their connection to OC, which includes a gig tomorrow at Detroit Bar alongside fellow OC/LA band Mt. Ossa as well as Gazoota and Semi Sweet. We caught up with Lopez over the phone to get a better understanding of what this whirlwind summer has been like for them.

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Maor Levi is the DJ Behind "Everything Step"

Maor Levi
The Israeli producer Maor Levi has been fine-tuning his talents for more than a decade after becoming fascinated by Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise at the age of 12. In 2005 he released his first single "Lital" on Anjunadeep records, the sub-label to Above & Beyond's world renowned Anjuanbeats and was named "Trance Artist of the Year" by the group. Showcasing his more progressive and deep house side he's dabbled in the many sub genres of electronic dance music through various aliases which include 123XYZ, M.A.O.R., Maori, MLV, Pillow One, Roam L and Verny. He was forced however, to take a three year break from his musical aspirations to serve in the Israeli army.

In the face of adversity Maor Levi came back stronger than ever as he redefined himself and his sound playing what he calls "everything step" an inventive genre-crossing modern take on EDM today. Now the rising star is co-headlining his own Anjunabeats "Summer USA Tour" alongside OC natives Norin & Rad. The tour makes a stop at Exchange LA tonight as part of their Insomniac "Awakening" nights before coming back to Sutra September 14th. We caught up with Levi after a special Above & Beyond show at Sutra this week to find out how life has changed for the young artist as a part of the Anjunabeats family.

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Tom Papa Really Knows How to Freak You Out

Corey Melton/EPIX
Come to Papa!

Comedian Tom Papa has spent a long time in the business of laughs, but his talent doesn't start and end on the stand-up stage. Not by a mile. A well rounded TV and film guy, he's made waves as host of "The Marriage Ref," brought El Superbeasto to life in the animated feature The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, was tapped to play Ray Arnett in the HBO hit Behind the Candelabra, and he pulls some of the biggest names to chat it up with him on his SiriusXM show "Come to Papa." Of course he has several successful stand-up specials under his belt and if you haven't had the chance to see one the funniest comics around in an hour long format, on July 26th the game is about to change for you when Tom's special "Freaked Out" premieres on EPIX. With a somewhat crass (yet somehow clean) observational style, you are about to see why everyone loves them some Papa.

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Seven Lions Says Going to Burning Man Changed the Course of His DJ Career

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It seems that more and more EDM producers today are bridging the gap between genres to create their own unique take on dance music.Especially in a time when any kid can pick up a computer and software seems to be the only way to stand out from the bunch. The 25 year-old Santa Barbara resident, Jeff Montalvo is no exception. Though he once produced trance tracks under his real name which he claims "weren't very good," Montalvo is better known by his DJ moniker Seven Lions which he has been going by for the last couple of years. He makes his way to Sutra tonight as part of a special IndepenDANCE week long celebration in OC spearheaded by Insomniac and their Identity Management partners.

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Hot Mouth Left LA Riots to Do Things on His Own Terms

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Jon Pegnato aka Hot Mouth

Jon Pegnato has carried on by his DJ moniker Hot Mouth since he left the electro duo LA Riots almost a year and a half ago. But really, the project started about five years prior, before the LA native joined powerhouse EDM duo LA Riots and became the whirlwind success that he never saw coming.

Eager to continue his career as his own solo act and get back to the dream he originally created, Pegnato has been busy in the studio focusing on his own original productions and finding time to have fun as a touring DJ. Coming straight from his four gigs and 10 days of heavy partying at WMC, Pegnato is showcasing his skills as a taste-maker and all around hilarious dude at the Yost Theater in downtown Santa Ana for White Rabbit's "Havoc Thursdays." We got a chance to speak to Pegnato as he walked around his LA neighborhood and talked our ears off about his wild days as a kid, how he came up with Hot Mouth and where his music is headed.

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