Beat Theatre Brings Experimental Film + Beats to the Frida Tonight with Santa Sangre

Antonio Brown/ Courtesy Tony Damico
Gabonano scoring The Shining with fresh beats
The aural, visual experience of a Beat Theatre show is unlike your typical cinematic live re-scoring event. You take a classic art house/avant garde film and pair it with the sounds of original beats made by underground beat producers, and you get a hypnotic, ultra-sensory experience that connects sight, sound, and mind.

While the beat scene remains fairly under the radar from its mainstream-EDM counterparts, local beat artists consider Beat Theatre to be a space for inspiration and connectivity to other artists, while for the performers themselves it's a place to give their bedroom compositions some exposure.

Dating back to 2013 in Long Beach, Beat Theatre shows have always taken place at smaller venues like houses, cultural centers and dive bars, but tonight they'll be making their actual theater debut at the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana with a grand pairing of the 1989 Alejandro Jodorowsky film Santa Sangre, featuring the musical talents of DJs Afta 1, AshTreJinkins, Eludem, Gabonano, and Memesy.

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Tonight at the Irvine Improv: "Stand Up & Deliver: Cabo Relief"

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There is something to be said about coming together for a good cause and when you pair that with a ton of laughter, amazing things can happen. NUVOtv was all set to film season four of their comedy show "Stand Up & Deliver" at the Cabo Comedy Festival in early October but sadly, the festival was postponed due to the devastation in the area caused by Hurricane Odile. In order to show their support for an area they love and so you can get on board as well, NUVOtv is joining forces with Levity Entertainment and the Irvine Improv tonight (October 1st) at 8 p.m. to chuckle for charity and help raise money for the city and community of Cabo San Lucas.

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What's Up With Crazy Town These Days?

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[Editor's note: Tonight's show with Crazy Town at the Observatory has been postponed.]

Come, my lady. Come, come, my lady.

Rock-rap outfit Crazy Town will be performing at the Observatory tonight. Didn't know they were back together? Didn't know they were broken up in the first place?

Well, before their 2001 hit "Butterfly," they toiled in the Los Angeles underground for years, anticipating the rise of nu-metal.

But their career mellowed after that; two of their members passed away, and their front man Shifty Shellshock was in a coma a couple years back.

This reunion tour has been rumored for seven years and is finally happening. Here's what you need to know to adequately prepare for a voyage into Crazy Town.

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Nick Waterhouse DJing at HopScotch Tonight!

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It's never too late to hear good news on Friday that automatically forces you to change your weekend plans. In this case, it's that OC's blue-eyed soul star Nick Waterhouse is popping into Fullerton to party and play some records for you. The special guest DJ is taking over HopScotch as part of the restaurant's "Stay Gold" Fridays. Normally one of the only places we go in DTF to get a decent craft brew, we're pretty psyched that Waterhouse is also adding some sumptuous platters to the menu, playing all 45s from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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Ghost Beach Make Waves With "Tropical Grit-Pop"

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Press Photo
If you're a musician hoping to get people to talk about your music, there are a few ways to help shape how people will discuss your output. The easiest way is to invent and stick to a genre of your own, which is something Ghost Beach have accomplished. Although the New York City duo of Josh Ocean and Eric "Doc" Mendelsohn are both a young band and haven't indicated any real distaste for genres in the first place, the pair have identified as "tropical grit-pop" on their Facebook page and in interviews. Along with helping them promote a distinct idea of sound, the tag is largely apropos.

On Blonde, their debut record released in March, the pair craft a 1980s-leaning, synth-driven sound along the lines of MGMT, Passion Pit and the Naked and Famous that's definitely upbeat enough to sell it as "tropical" and hook-oriented enough to click with "pop." Gritty? The production is too clean to really go with that, but when the other two components of the genre work so well, we'll let that part slide.

"I grew up basically with the beach as my backyard, so I've always been into beach culture. I grew up surfing when I came back from school," says Ocean, the group's 28-year-old lead vocalist, referencing his upbringing on Fire Island, a New York island outside of Long Island.

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Grant Cotter Is "Jerking Off" For a Living

Whoops! Is that a prank?
Stand-up comic, host, and writer Grant Cotter has been making waves in the comedy scene for a while and we're not taking any credit here BUT, since we named him one of OC Weekly's "Five Comics to Watch Out For in 2013," the work has been pouring in for Cotter like a tidal wave. Okay, it's probably because of his mad humorous stage skills but hey, we'll still take a little love! You can kick back and enjoy Grant's set that is beyond clever, sharp, and completely energetic at the Irvine Improv tonight and once you see him and want more (because you are bound to), you can catch him every Thursday night on MTV's new prank show, "Jerks With Cameras." If you haven't had the chance to watch the show before, number one: what the fuck are you waiting for? And number two: not to worry because we got the scoop just for you straight from Grant himself!

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Quick Questions With Steve Trevino

Steve is totally relatable...

Starting off with a comedy bang by touring with Carlos Mencia to appearances on Comedy TV, The Late Late Show, Comics Unleashed, and Que Locos, Steve Trevino has been doing it big in the biggest ways possible. His set is packed full of personal and candid life experiences on matters in marriage, body issues, and all things Latino yet even if you are a skinny, unmarried, non-Latino, Trevino's material remains completely relatable. Coincidentally (although totally not coincidental), Steve's second special "Relateable" premiered on NUVOtv February 16th and with an encore airing of this specular stand-up show tonight, we decided to delve a little deeper into his off-stage life with a survey of sorts. Picking brains is what we do and with this funny man quickly rising up the popularity charts, we just had to go there with him to see is we "relate" to his choices. What we found out wasn't too shabby either. Not. Too. Shabby. Steve.

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Skinny Puppy's Rage is Still Potent 30 Years After They Started

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Press Photo
By: Scott Feinblatt

Skinny Puppy's music has always been inspired by the domineering view that corporations and the government are out to get us. Specifically, vocalist Kevin "Nivek Ogre" Ogilvie has said that he's always empathized with tyrannized people and animals; thus the quintessential image of the band is of a loving and sensitive creature that has been pushed to the extent that it bites back. The other principal puppy is Kevin "cEvin Key" Crompton, who performs and engineers the typically vicious and nightmarish soundscapes.

Meanwhile, their music, their philosophy, their lyrical style often reflect the social issues that grab them at the moment, though the songs still retain the same fire they've had since the early days. Together, the pair will take the stage tonight for a rare OC performance at the Observatory.

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How The Olms Brought Pete Yorn and J.D. King Together

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Pete Yorn and J.D. King's new band have nothing to do with fiery, four-chord rebellion. But if not for the wife of a punk legend, the Olms might've never existed.

Yorn first met Johnny Ramone in 2002 when the guitarist requested that Yorn contribute to We're a Happy Family, the all-star tribute album to the patron saints of CBGB's. For his part, Yorn covered the band's "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend." The two became close friends over the final two years of Ramone's life, before he succumbed to cancer in 2004. Yorn continued his friendship with the iconic guitar player's wife, Linda, who a few years later, introduced him to King, a respected artist and guitarist for his own band, J.D. King and the Coachmen. The two have now been good friends for the better part of the past decade.

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Jenni Rivera Drag Show Kicks Off the Arrival of New Hamburger Mary's in Downtown Long Beach

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Though Latin songstress and Renaissance woman Jenni Rivera is no longer with us, some talented queens in Long Beach are making sure that honoring the anniversary of her death won't be such a drag. Actually, it'll be a drag show. Tonight, one year after the tragic plane crash that took the life of La de la Playa Larga, Hamburger Mary's is using a tribute to Rivera as the kick off to their new location on Pine Avenue. Recently, the iconic LGBT hot spot moved out of it's old building on Alamitos and Broadway to start fresh downtown. Given how much coverage we've given to the former Weekly cover girl over the years--rightfully so, given her status as a regional Mexican star and a local talent--we're more than happy to see this show tacked on to the number of tributes to Rivera in her home town.

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