U2's iPhone6 Invasion: What We Learned

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It's been nearly 200 years since anti-Irish sentiments (especially "Irish Need Not Apply" signs) became a part of American history. Now, U2, which hails from Dublin, Ireland, has become the poster child for another unwelcome invasion. Starting September 9th, Apple boasted that it would give U2's new album, Songs of Innocence, to over 500 million iTunes customers. What they didn't boast was that the iTunes customers would be getting the album whether they wanted it or not. Any users who allowed purchased material to download automatically to their devices received the album.

The promotion was performed in tandem with the release of Apple's iPhone 6, and, immediately after discovering the compulsory download, bloggers and news outlets began running stories about Apple's inappropriate and invasive move. Adding to the original frustrations of having had their accounts "spammed" or "hijacked," iTunes users found that deleting the invasive and space-hogging album (which has generally received mediocre reviews) was not possible. Apple responded to the criticism the following week by providing a means to eliminate the album from their libraries. Wired magazine observed that "Songs of Innocence is the first album to command a custom-coded deletion tool and an official accompanying support document issued by one of the largest technology companies in history."

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Amusing Twitter Reviews of This Week's Major Album Releases

Jena Ardell
Flowery, contemplative album reviews are nice, but when it comes to finding amusing music criticism on the go, nothing tops Twitter. After all, when people only have 140 characters to spend, they tend to get right to the point. So we browsed through endless feeds to see what people are saying about the albums that dropped this week. Here's what the Twitterverse had to say about Black Sabbath, CSS and Beady Eye.

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Coachella Jumps On Board the Floating Festival Trend, But is This New Cruise a Sinker?

SSCoachella Flyer.jpg
The S. S. Coachella Flyer

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Yesterday the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival promoters announced they will be setting sail on a new festival titled the S. S. Coachella as early as this December 16th - 19th in the Bahamas and Jamaica December 19th - 23rd. With other music festivals cruises like Hard's Holy Ship and Groove Cruise already sold out it only made sense that Coachella would capitalize on their brand and bring their festivals to the high sea as well, or does it?

The line-up is nowhere near as good as the Coachella line-ups (which have been getting worse and worse throughout the years) and in a way left fans a little confused. "Why does this even have the Coachella name" tweeted fans and posted comments on the new Facebook Page. It seems more like a way for Goldenvoice to profit on the already popular Coachella brand rather than bring together like minded people on a festival cruise experience that moves and changes lives.

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A Perfect Circle Officially Off-Hiatus

A Perfect Circle, 2004: Josh Freese, Jeordie White, Maynard James Keenan, James Iha, Billy Howerdel
After six years of being on hiatus, "supergroup" A Perfect Circle is officially--no, seriously officially this time--working together again. More »

Who's Sick of Music Critics Lamenting the Death of Music Criticism?

Last year, the self-proclaimed "last rock critic standing" Chris Weingarten (blogger, rock critic, Spin, Rolling Stone and Village Voice contributor) talked about the death of music criticism at the 140 Characters Conference. (Watch it here.)


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