10 Songs With Hidden Messages When Played In Reverse

Styx's infamous backmasking message
Christian McPhate
For years, uptight people have been accusing various metal bands of influencing their flock with hidden messages that could only be heard by playing the vinyl backward. Overnight, this "backmasking" became a threat to national security, especially after Dan Rather played clips of hidden messages on CBS Evening News in 1982. Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd were also implicated in promoting Satanic messages that "can manipulate our behavior without our knowledge or consent and turn us into disciples of the Antichrist." Furious, politicians demanded that TG&Y and Woolworths, the grandparents of Wal-Mart, place warning labels on the records.

Here's some of the more infamous backmasking messages for your not-so-virgin ears.

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Guys, Predatory Dance Floor Boners Are Not Okay

Credit: Timothy Norris
We're not saying this guy is a boner sidler, but his t-shirt illustrates the problem.
Gentleman, this is a public service announcement.

We know that things can get hot and sweaty on the dance floor. The atmosphere is festive, the music is peaking and the ladies are looking good. You see one you like, and you want to dance with her. Totally cool. Men and women have been dancing together for thousands of years. It's nature.

But there's a right way and a wrong way to go about this, and a lot of you are doing it the wrong way. R. Kelly may have said that there's nothing wrong with a little bump and grind, but you have got to stop putting your boners on us.

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Famous Musicians Talking About Politics, in Illustrated Form

Jena Ardell
Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, especially if you are a famous musician who has millions of people dangling on your every word. Here's what a few rockstars had to say about politics.

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Jerry Garcia Fan Art, You Really Must Own


"We're like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice." ~Jerry Garcia

Summer festival season is in full-swing, so what better time to recognize the King of Jam Bands, Jerry Garcia. (August also happens to be Garcia's birth and death month). Here are our favorite handmade items, honoring the Grateful Dead frontman. Licorice for everyone!

This awesome Jerry Garcia painting by RyanJacobsonArt (above) is an original and framed, so you better snatch it ASAP.

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Quotes from Pussy Riot, in Illustrated Form

Jena Ardell
Don't call Pussy Riot a band. They are three young, brave women (plus a few anonymous members) who started a feminist movement in Russia. Although we don't agree with their 'protest' which involved surprise open-mouth kissing female security guards, we admire their gumption to stand up to a Russian dictator... err, president.

Pussy Riot member Yekaterina Samutsevich has been freed, but Nadezhda Tolokonnikovan and Maria Alekhina, who was recently denied parole, will remain incarcerated until March 2014 on charges of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.

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Annie Clark (a.k.a. St. Vincent) Quotations, in Illustrated Form

Jena Ardell
Annie Clark has talent, brains and beauty. Yes, it's hard to not love the mastermind behind St. Vincent. She and David Byrne (of the Talking Heads) are currently wrapping up the U.S. leg of their "Love This Giant" tour before heading overseas. Here are five illustrated quotations from our favorite curly-haired crooner.

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Musician Quotations as Fortune Cookie Fortunes

Jena Ardell
Sometimes famous musicians say profound things otherwise only conjured by fortune cookie writers. We wouldn't mind finding these pearls of wisdom the next time we crack open a fortune cookie. Moo shoo gai pan with a side of lo mein, please!

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ASMR: When Music Creates a "Brain Orgasm"

Photo by Scott Denny
By: Jesse Sendejas Jr.
I was especially bad at science in school. I failed chemistry twice and third-time-charmed my way to finally passing with a C.

So now, of course, I enjoy anything with a scientific bent and listen to excellent podcasts, like Radiolab and This American Life, that present the scientific world in a way even a dodo-brain like me can understand.

Recently, I was listening to a piece by American Life contributor Andrea Seigel, where she related having a specific sensation to the sound of a whispering voice. She described it as "this tingling throughout my skull... it was like starbursts in my head, starbursts that open on the crown and then sparkle down to the nape, like this warm, glittering water rushing under your scalp."

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Six Pieces of Pearl Jam Fan Art You Really Must Own

Avocado cross stitch by CrassCross on etsy.

We got so excited when Pearl Jam announced they are touring this fall, that we started scouring etsy for Pearl Jam stuff we could buy while waiting to spend money on concert tickets (which will be on sale July 27). Long live grunge and handmade items!

This Avocado Album Cover Cross Stitch Pattern by CrassCross (above) is as iconic as it is clever. We hope you're crafty!

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Famous Musicians Talk About Guitars, In Illustrated Form

Jena Ardell

We like reading quotations just as much as we like quoting musicians. So we illustrated our favorite five quotations from musicians. This week's topic: GUITARS. This magical instrument holds the power to make you cry, sing, smile and want to rip someone's clothes off. Thank goodness for guitars.

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