Five Reasons Not to Miss HARD DOTD 2014

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One of the biggest party weekends of the year is finally upon us and you know dance music enthusiasts love to stretch this holiday out like it's nobody's business. With so many EDM shows at nightclubs and festivals starting tonight until Sunday, it makes you wonder. Is everyone calling in sick on Monday?

Regardless, we put together this convenient list to give you five reasons why you shouldn't sleep on this years massive HARD Day of the Dead festival, which takes place at a new Pomona Fairplex location on Saturday November 1 and 2. The only thing you need to worry about is what creepy costume you're going to wear nightly.

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The Best Local EDM Shows in October

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Escape From Wonderland 2013 

Next to New Year's Eve, Halloween is probably the second biggest party night of the year. But with the copious amount of party goers come the amateurs who aren't really there for the music and are just looking to rage the night away. Sure there are plenty of epic Halloween EDM shows this year (we'll get to that list later), but we suggest saving some of your dancing budget for some of these top five electronic dance music shows that should also be on your radar. From trance fans to the biggest bass music massive, we've got you covered this month all the way up to All Hallows Eve.

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The Five Must See EDM Shows in August

Fabian Ortiz / OC Weekly
HARD Summer 2013 at the LA Historic Park
It's no secret that we have become the festival generation. Since March (some of us January and February) we've been packing our floral headbands and living out of suitcases at campgrounds and hotels all over. From Coachella to EDC dance music has taken over the largest stages and kept us dancing until the sun comes up while dreading that awful Monday morning. So it's only natural that as the summer comes to a close and the fest season winds down our top five must see EDM shows in August are all festivals. From Lollapalooza to Burning Man there's so much going on this month we had to take a step back and plan the whole month for you.

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Why Sweden's Next EDM Prince Would Rather Be in LA

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Adrian Lux
Some artists and celebs are born with names that are destined for greatness. Swedish Grammy nominated producer and DJ known as Adrian Lux is no exception. Born Prinz Adrian Johannes Hynne he may not be governing his Stockholm hometown, but he's surely reining as one of Sweden's super star DJs alongside Avicii, Eric Prydz and of course Swedish House Mafia. Lux went from sifting through his dad's record collection discovering Massive Attack at 11 years old to picking up DJ equipment and playing at local bars and clubs while in high school.

He joined the Ultra Music family four years ago with singles "Strawberry" and "Can't Sleep" while garnering remix credits from his work wit Britney Spears, the TRON soundtrack and more. But it wasn't until the single "Teenage Crime" dropped in 2010 that the now 28-year-old artist became an overnight EDM success. His self-titled album was released two years later following extensive tours all over the world and collaborations with EDM royalty. Now he celebrates the release of his highly anticipated second EP Make Out as he strolls the streets of LA, his new home since November. We caught up with Lux in the midst of his "Make Out West Tour" in anticipation for his gig tonight at Sutra.

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The Five Must-See Local EDM Shows in June

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Fans at EDCLV 2013

Any EDM fan knows that this month marks the 18th annual Electric Daisy Carnival - the US's largest dance music festival held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway June 20th - 22nd. But if you're not one of the 400,000 fans waiting for their EDC package with tickets in the mail this week, then fear not. With so many artist being routed through Orange County these days, you can get your EDM dance fix every week to some of electronic music's biggest names and favorite local DJs. We did all the hard work for you and picked out the five must-see shows happening right here in your own backyard. The only thing missing is carnival rides and fireworks, but with fourth of July and the OC Fair right around the corner, we think you'll survive.

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Top Five Local EDM Shows in May

Timothy Norris / OC Weekly
The Coachella crowd during Carnage's set
Now that the desert marathon is over and festival season has officially kicked off, a new month is upon us and don't even think for a minute that your livers and wallets will catch a break. Even if you didn't make it to Coachella this year, we're sure you're still itching to rage by now after replaying your favorite sets and scoping out pictures on Instagram. We did the hard work and investigated the massive amount of shows this month to choose the best five local EDM shows for everyone. From dance music newbies to the biggest aficionados; here are the gigs you can't miss out on.

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The Five Must See EDM Acts at Coachella, Weekend 2

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The 2014 Sahara Tent
Week two of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is upon us and with it comes the grueling decisions on which stages to spend the most of your precious time. For EDM aficionados it's easy to think electronic dance music is limited to the pulsating lights of the Sahara tent. Yet in a recent Coachella culture where dance music and electronic bands are increasingly popular (think Calvin Harris on the main stage last week), we noticed there's plenty of diverse artists all over to get your dance fix. So to make life easier for you weekend 2 festival goers, we broke down the Five Must See EDM Acts at Coachella

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Top Five Local EDM Shows in March

Fabian Ortiz / OC Weekly
Ultra Music Festival 2013

From March 21-30, thousands of people from all over the world will congregate in Miami for it's annual Winter Music Conference. With pool parties, panels, and special events surrounding the 29th annual International Dance Music Awards (voting ends tomorrow), this is the premiere EDM event ending with the infamous Ultra Music Festival March 28-30. But for those of you who can't make the pilgrimage this year, fear not. You don't have to suffer from major FOMO this month, as there are plenty of EDM events locally to get your music party fix. After all, every major DJ and producer has decided to take up residency in LA now, giving us access to some of the biggest electronic dance music shows in the US.

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Top Five Local EDM Shows in February

Courtesy of Tyler Hill Photo
Where did the first month of 2014 go? As we slowly head into festival season (a music lover's favorite time of year) it's also time to think about which shows you're going to attend in between saving for Coachella to EDC. Since EDM parties love to revolve around holidays you can bet that there are enough shows this month from Valentine's Day to Presidents Day Weekend to keep you shuffling until dawn. After all, what's a party without an excuse to celebrate something, right? We searched the top five local electronic dance music events this month in all genres. From deep house to dubstep, we've got you covered this February.

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Top Five EDM Shows in December

Jeff Allen
MAKJ at the Yost Theater
Yes we know it's almost the end of the year and dance music devotees are having that epic debate on which massive EDM event they should choose to ring in the new year. But just because you're shelling out $130 for a good time at the end of the month doesn't mean you should go into hibernation until then. There's plenty of talented artist playing all month to help you escape the family gatherings and Christmas music at the malls. From progressive house, moombahton, electro, trance to deep house we got you covered with the top five EDM shows this December.

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