Twin Shadow - The Glass House - 8/25/12


Twin Shadow and Poolside
The Glass House

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Indie pop act Twin Shadow and LA disco revivalists Poolside took control of the Glass House in Pomona on Saturday night, marrying the sounds of overt emotion and glittery dancefloors for the packed venue to enjoy.

Before George Lewis Jr. and his touring team hit the stage, Poolside set out to give the audience a taste of their slower, more relaxed take on shimmery dance music. Judging by what was coming out of the speakers, it sounded like a group of rogue, disco DJ's from somewhere in the '70s had taken over the place, deciding to bring instruments on stage instead of turntables. Not only did they do well in keeping the audience interested before the main event, but Poolside would have fit in perfectly in Tony Montana's 1983 Miami as well. We mean that as a compliment, as Poolside did a fantastic job of representing bygone times of disco balls, loud outfits, and coked-up lounge lizards.

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Refused at the Glass House, April 12, 2012

The Glass House
April 12, 2012

Prior to Refused's intensely anticipated show at the Glass House, frontman Dennis Lyxzen posted a Youtube video on his Facebook artist page of punk legends The Germs performing "Lexicon Devil" at the Whisky in 1979. Lyxzen remarked that "we are going to do some last minute rehearsals so that we can sound at least as good as the Germs!" The performance he was speaking of was a perfect example of the repertoire of the early punk rock spectacle: raw, noisy, and driven more by the crash-and-burn minded forces behind the instruments than the actual physical parts controlling them. After so many years out of the live performance circuit, would he and Refused be able to capture the crux and core of what made Darby Crash and his band of punks so extraordinary? Only early Friday morning could say.
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TONIGHT & THIS WEEKEND: The Killingtons at Alex's Bar and the Glass House

The Weekly and the Killingtons, taking it back to 2000.
A few weeks ago, we checked back in with JK Thompson, Christopher Muench and Mitch Townsend of the recently (and briefly?) reunited Killingtons.

The Long Beach-based band once played with bands that have gone on to become big household names, like Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, Sonic Youth and the Get Up Kids, but the Killingtons ended up disbanding after a 10-year run some time in 2005.

Lucky for us, they've decided to reunite for a too-brief, two show run starting tonight at Alex's Bar. After the jump: Full show info and the Killingtons' music video for "Best I Know," filmed in the summer of 1999 in Long Beach and Fullerton.     

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