Rivers Cuomo's Thoughts on Sex and Celibacy, in Illustrated Form

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Jena Ardell
Remember Rivers Cuomo's prolonged celibacy stint that lasted over two years?! We're not sure it helped Weezer's direction, but it did seem to help Cuomo settle down and find a wife. (If the number of girls he slept with in 1997 was 40, we really don't want to imagine what his count was in 2005). If your music career is in a rut, take Cuomo's advice and think twice before declaring celibacy. We think Cuomo wouldn't have needed to ward off sex-hungry groupies had he embraced the Ned Flanders look years earlier.

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Stuff Tom Petty Said, In Illustrated Form

Jena Ardell

We like reading quotations just as much as we like quoting musicians. So we illustrated our five favorite quotations from Tom Petty, the man we think of whenever we find ourselves moving west down Ventura Blvd.

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Bizarre Things Riff Raff Says, In Illustrated Form

Jena Ardell
Love him or hate him, Horst Christian Simco, a.k.a. the rapper RiFF RaFF, says some entertaining things. You almost have to respect someone who constantly seems in character. RiFF RaFF takes his persona very seriously. In July, he announced he was suing the creators of the movie Spring Breakers for 10 million dollars for sampling his life without his permission, referring to James Franco's character, Alien. For a deeper look inside the most enigmatic rapper of the moment, we suggest you take a gander at this recent in-depth cover story by our sister paper L.A. Weekly. But for now, join us a for a little slice of absurdity, courtesy of some choice RiFF RaFF quotes in illustrated form.

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Kurt Cobain Banter, In Illustrated Form

Jena Ardell

Kurt Cobain's stage banter was often as memorable as his poetic, fragmented lyrics. Here's our top five favorite quotations Cobain said on stage, in illustrated form:

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Musician Quotations as Fortune Cookie Fortunes

Jena Ardell
Sometimes famous musicians say profound things otherwise only conjured by fortune cookie writers. We wouldn't mind finding these pearls of wisdom the next time we crack open a fortune cookie. Moo shoo gai pan with a side of lo mein, please!

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Famous Musicians Sounding Off About The Environment, In Illustrated Form

Jena Ardell

Not all famous musicians live a life of excess. Some, like Sheryl Crow, only use one square of toilet paper after using the restroom in order to save trees. Everyone likes the idea of living on a healthier planet, but seldom do people actually change their daily habits in order to make a difference. Here are our favorite five quotations from musicians sounding off about the environment who actually make an effort to be environmentally conscious citizens.

Now go plant a tree and stay safe in the bike lane! And remember to turn off lights and appliances when not in use. And turn off your ignition instead of leaving your car idle while waiting for someone. And stand up for cleaner air and water. (We could go on and on...)

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No More New Bands for Jack White

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It's shocking. . . . We were expecting Jack White to continue joining and developing many more bands because The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather and his solo projects just aren't enough. Sadly, White informed Q Magazine he will never form another new band. Maybe after the White Stripes disbanded, he just couldn't go through the process another time? He admitted, "If I can't say it in any of these bands, then I'll say it by myself."

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Former Oasis Singer Liam Gallagher Bitches About His Brother's Song Snags

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​The Gallagher brothers haven't made consistently great music since the late-'90s, so I guess this is an easier way for them to get free publicity. Liam told Uncut magazine that his older brother, Noel, stole songs they wrote and recorded together during sessions for Oasis' 2008 album, Dig Out Your Soul, to use on his upcoming solo release. Apparently, Noel isn't into the idea of crediting his brother for the tracks.More »

The Anti-iTunes Stand: Why AC/DC, Kid Rock and Garth Brooks are Still Holdouts

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Seriously, we thought iTunes was going to announce something really cool today, but all it was, is that the Beatles are finally on iTunes. Ho-hum, maybe. You might think, who on earth is going to download the White Album in a new format AGAIN? 

Well, a ton of people, apparently. After all, TechCrunch just announced that ALL 17 ALBUMS ARE NOW ON iTUNES TOP 100!

Poking around the Internet, though, we found a few other artists who are still not on iTunes; read what AC/DC, Kid Rock, Bob Seger and Garth Brooks have to say after the jump.

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Exclusive: Don't Call Reel Big Fish's Aaron Barrett the 'Skafather'

In this week's story about Reel Big Fish, Aaron Barrett talked about Orange County's old ska scene, and how that's propelled their career.

But ultra-charming Reel Big Fish front man also talked about a few other things--regarding karaoke, his iPod and the term "skafather," which came from an OC Register interview last year.

On being the Skafather: "I don't like that term. I think Tazy Phillips is the skafather, he's the guy who's been promoting ska music and telling people about ska bands.

We're a ska band and we've influenced a lot of people but I don't want to take credit for crating a sound or a scene. I was just a ska kid who made the music for fun. When I started going to shows I'd watch four or five bands and I'd dance for hours and hours. I was always proud to just be part of it."

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