I Love This City Festival - Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - 5/27/12

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I Love This City Festival

Cricket Wireless Amphitheater 


This Memorial Day Weekend, the new electronic music festival produced by Live Nation Entertainment and LED Presents made its debut. The San Diego edition of I Love This City drew a sea of EDM fans at the Cricket Wireless Amphitheater on Sunday starting at 1:00pm. This day-long festival featured an avalanche of electronic music royalty, including Skrillex, A-Trak, The Crystal Method, Dirtyloud, Adrian Lux, Twelves, TJR, Terravita, The M Machine, AC Slater, Clockwork, Audrey Napoleon and Gina Turner on three different stages.

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Four Best Madonna Feuds--Ever!

On Sunday, Madonna, the aging goddess of pop music (okay, we kid) will be embarking to where many of her younger counterparts have already performed: the Super Bowl Half-Time Show.

The 53-year-old has made no qualms about being nervous about the mega show, telling Jay Leno that it's "the most nerve-wracking thing" she's ever done. (We can hardly believe a woman of her stature, who's gone head-to-head with the best and the brightest in her industry, could be at all intimidated by this massive exposure.)

The thing is, despite her tremendous success, she's still got a lot to prove. The original Material Girl has been accused of a lot of things, including of lip-syncing, which is perhaps why Madge has been rehearsing her setlist---that includes "Gimmie All Your Luvin," "Ray of Light" and "Vogue," "Music" and "Holiday"---extensively. Because if she blows it on Sunday, these enemies will get the last laugh.

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SUNDAY: Jail Weddings, Death Hymn Number 9, Gestapo Khazi and Big Whup at Continental Room

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It's always interesting to see the maximum capacity of the Continental Room's cozy stage put to the test by some ridiculously large band. We think LA's 10-piece doo-wop/garage rock outfit Jail Weddings will probably need a little extra room on the dance floor to give us the full splendor of their rowdy live show. 

This week, they headline Sunday night showcase Notes From the Underground, your weekly dose of drunken hipster revelry in Downtown Fullerton. 

Running the gamut from anxious indie pop to savage punk and instrumental thrash, this weekend's lineup offers all kinds of lo-fi goodness. Supporting acts include guitar/drum duo Death Hymn Number 9 (full disclosure: their guitarist Troy Bootow is the the esteemed, mustachioed organizer of this weekly event). Long Beach punks Gestapo Khazi and LA's inventive, pop five-piece Big Whup are also performing. Yes, it is going to be quite a full house. But unlike the one on this flier, you won't have to worry about it collapsing on you.

The Littlest Viking at Bull Bar, Long Beach


Ask guitarist Ruben Cortez of Whittier's the Littlest Viking to deconstruct his music and he'll flash a boyish smile and tell you he simply writes pop songs.

"I could play all of our songs as pop-punk versions," he says.

Never mind that the music is instrumental, and laden with math rock sensibilities, vacillating between angular rhythms and sugary sweet melodies sandwiched between as many thematic changes as one song can reasonably be expected to hold, leading me to suspect that Cortez might be speaking with an overly glib tongue.

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