Richard Elfman Talks Forbidden Zone, to Screen this Week at Long Beach Cinematheque!

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A chicken boy, a frog butler and a topless princess are only a few of the bizarre characters from film-director Richard Elfman's debut film Forbidden Zone. As the 30th birthday of the cult classic draws near, Elfman teamed up with the Long Beach shadow cast Midnight Insanity and Logan Crow's Long Beach Cinematheque, to deliver an outrageously fun evening that would surely only be found in the "sixth dimension."

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Rihanna Pregnant? Five Songs That Could've Been The Soundtrack for Her Baby Making

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Rihanna mag cover.JPG
At this point we are all familiar with the Barbados beauty Rihanna and there are a few things that we certainly know about her outside of her music. She enjoys crazy fashion, she's been known to smoke a doobie or two, loves tattoos and dying her hair, and of course, she is very forgiving.

It was reported on the cover of the UK magazine, "Famous" that Rihanna is now sporting a bun in the oven and it got us thinking. Mozel if it's true although, we assume this is just cover story gossip. (Must be a slow week at the "Kardashian Kamp.") Either way, we also assume that Rihanna likes to screw so that certainly triggers the thought, which guy could be the baby daddy? We also got to wondering, what could the "bump and grind" music be that was playing while this hypothetical baby making was going on? Yes, we are sick. Don't judge.

Regardless if she is knocked up or not, we know Rihanna that wasn't shagging in silence. With that said, here are the songs she could've been listening to while making babies.

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Game of Thrones: Let the Withdrawal Start! Three Theme Song Variations

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Now that the medieval doggystyling and beheading is behind us, here's three variations of the Game of Thrones theme song for you to fill your head with until the actual soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi comes out next week. Long live the Starks!

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Movies and Music: Smoking Popes Do Not Choose the Willy Wonka Soundtrack as a Fave

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Katie Hovland
The Smoking Popes, set to release their concept album This Is Only a Test (about the life of a fictional high schooler) on March 15, know what it's like to tell stories through music. So is it any surprise lead singer Josh Caterer picked The Music Man as his all-time favorite soundtrack? (Oddly enough, "Pure Imagination," the song from the original Willy Wonka movie, which made them famous, was not his first choice.) He says:

The songwriting is amazing. I must have watched that movie a hundred times growing up. It really shaped my concept of how to write a good melody.  
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Movies and Music: Girl Talk Talks (Hah!) About His Favorite Soundtrack

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It makes sense that Girl Talk, famous for smooshing together seemingly incongruous songs (gangsta rap with Sinead O'Connor and Aphex Twin), would choose the House Party 2 soundtrack as his favorite. 

"There are so many heavy hitters on this soundtrack," he says. "It goes from uptempo party tracks to smooth ballads. The flow works really well. It's some new jack swing-era magic."

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