Top Five EDM Shows to See in March

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Matt Oliver / OC Weekly
Beyond Wonderland 2012

Festival season is less than a month away for the electronic dance music community, and with it comes the time-honored tradition of skimpy outfits, three-day ragers, pool parties and dancing until the sun comes up. Starting in March, a slew of your favorite DJs will be on tour to promote new albums and/or tracks. Add all of the amazing shows right here in OC or a short drive away, and you can find something for every dance-music palate on a weekly basis. We did all the research to find the best EDM shows this month on which to spend your hard-earned cash.

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Alabama Shakes - Fox Theater - 8/15/12

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LP Hastings
Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes
Alabama Shakes
Fox Theater

"I wrote this song for a friend of mine. He was a little boy and I was a little girl. He was like a brother to me.  We grew older and people said we were too old to be friends. I said 'That's some bullshit.'"

Such is the story of the title track of Alabama Shakes' breakthrough first album Boys and Girls, released in April. Singer Brittany Howard explained the lyrics and then jumped into the song that explores an age old question: Why can't boys and girls just be friends? While the song doesn't offer a definitive answer, it offers a comfort of being relatable. The lyrics of the rest of the album more or less follow suit: relatable and lamentable but optimistic tunes.  

The effect of the songs were evident from the response of the packed audience last night. For example, during "You Ain't Alone" roars of approval rang through the Fox Theater after every single poignant lyric: 

     "Are you scared to tell somebody how you feel about somebody?" ("Yes!" cried one audience member). 
     "Are you scared to wear your heart out on your sleeve?"
     "Are you scared of me?"

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Devious Means Release Their New EP Tonight at the House of Blues Anaheim

Devious Means
The Devious Means' album release show tonight at the House of Blues Anaheim has been garnering a buzz for several weeks now, and is even projected to sell out. They've been in the studio since last fall have now they've taken the extra steps to make sure they send deliver their hard work into the world on the right note. Vocalist/guitarist Christopher Faris, bassist Megan Polendo, drummer Jason Mize, keyboardist Rachel Anderson spoke with the  Weekly about what they've been doing to prepare for the show (guitarist Andrew Faris was not present).
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Lou Reed Signing at Fingerprints Tomorrow

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Maybe you read this week's print story on Lou Reed and realized he's probably a little, uh, moody. But the legend himself is coming to Fingerprints Record Store in Long Beach tomorrow, right before he goes off to converse with Bob Ezrin at The Carpenter Center. (He's also in town for a Metal Machine Music art opening at University Art Museum.) He'll be available to sign a few albums and books, but he'll be at Fingerprints for a very short time, so call now if you want in!

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TrashPretty's End Of Summer Music Fest

Trash Pretty Shop Black And White
Flickr user gnar cami
Trash Pretty in Laguna Beach
Summer ain't over 'till the bands at TrashPretty sing. Just because our mid-year season isn't over technically until late September, that doesn't mean there's no reason to throw a helluva party now. TrashPretty, Laguna Beach's vintage store-venue-superstar, is going to do just that on Saturday with their End of Summer Music Fest featuring Tomorrows Tulips, TRMRS, The Lovely Bad Things and more. Together, TrashPretty and the bands are going to bring some anarchy to the city by the sea. 
We spoke via email with some of the bands and Erin from TrashPretty about how they spent their summer vacations!

  • What was the worst thing that happened this summer?
The Lovely Bad Things:
Tim: Tacoma, Wash. 
Brayden: Camping outside of Federal Way, Wash. in the rain for three days, and almost getting stabbed at the Tacoma Safeway.
Camron: And being silently stalked in the woods by an unknown creature.
Brayden: And meeting a possible serial killer in Chehalis, Wash.
Lauren: Camron had a diarrhea inducing burrito on the road.

Tommy from TRMRS: Aside from the death of our van (R.I.P. CHONGLER) The worst thing that happened was me having to take an emergency shit at a venue in Seattle called "the Funhouse"....not fun. We're looking at 1.5, maybe a 2 on a 1-10 scale. No locks, no paper, no door.

Erin from TrashPretty: That blond hotty next door at SUP hasn't talked to me yet.

Keepers of the Sun:
Amy: Dragons inhabited my brain.
Mario: I started using my credit card at bars cause I ran out of money.

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[UPDATED] "Secret" Green Day Show This Thursday in Costa Mesa!

Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
Green Day at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, August 31, 2010.
UPDATE, 12:23 A.M., AUGUST 11, 2011: Due to overwhelming demand, Green Day is being forced to do a pre-sale for the show. We have the exclusive on how to score yer tickets to Green Day at the Tiki Bar here.

UPDATE, 10:14 A.M., AUGUST 10, 2011: We hear that Green Day will be playing Thursday (that's tomorrow, by the way--are you in line yet?) without their backing band--and to expect a set list rife with "old stuff."

ORIGINAL POST, 1:50 P.M., AUGUST 9, 2011: We just received a sweeeet tip that there will be a secret Green Day show this Thursday night in little ol' Costa Mesa. Find out where after the jump

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Kissing Cousins: Loud, Abrasive, Adorable

Categories: Q&As, showgazing

Courtesy of Velvet Blue Music
Kissing Cousins
Heather Heywood lost her Southern accent when she moved to Los Angeles in 2000, but she hasn't lost her Southern hospitality. The Alabama native is a warm, inviting lady who doesn't quite match the abrasive-in-a-good-way sound of her band, Kissing Cousins. She moved to LA to discover the artistic side of the city, as many often do, and she found a plethora of musicians to play in bands with, one of whom became her husband. In 2005 Kissing Cousins began as a project with her best friend, Beth Ziegler, sparked by Ziegler's interest in playing drums. 

Kissing Cousins are celebrating their sixth release, Unfortunate End, with a west coast tour. The ladies are bringing their rowdy act to La Cave in Costa Mesa Tuesday along with OC's California Condors and Two Guns. We chatted via telephone with Heywood in anticipation of the show while she enjoyed a barbecue, beer and the beautiful view from Echo Park's hills.

Check out the interview after the jump.

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John Doe and Jill Sobule Celebrate Fan-Funded Album

John and Jill Larger

John Doe of X and Jill Sobule, the creator if the original I Kissed a Girl from the '80s, are rolling into Orange County to celebrate the release of their first recorded collaboration (check out the full album stream below.) The longtime friends released their album, A Day at the Pass, with the help of some dedicated fans: The album is completely fan-funded. Donators were able to watch the creation of the album virtually the whole way through.

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Secret Foo Fighters Show in West Hollywood Tonight

The Foo Fighters have been playing a round of secret, unannounced shows in Los Angeles lately, and we just got a tip that there's another one tonight in West Hollywood. It's first-come-first-served,  and we hear there will be a camera crew to tape the whole thing. Want to go? Details after the jump.

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Mmoss at Thee Men's Warehouse Over the Weekend: Eight Observations

Taylor Hamby
Mmoss at Thee Men's Warehouse

Oct. 9, 2010
Thee Men's Warehouse, Anaheim

1. Burger Records' Mmoss is finishing up their week-long San Francisco to San Diego tour, and one of their stops was at Thee Men's Warehouse in Anaheim last Saturday.

2. The evening started off slow, but picked up when Mmoss began their set. The four piece from Dover, New Hampshire parallel Jefferson Airplane with dueling male and female vocals and a mild psychedelic sound. They received more applause than any of the three other local bands.

3. Rachel played a hammond organ and flute which added a unique and slightly mystical aspect to their sound.

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