Set Your Boners to Hyperdrive: Star Wars-Inspired Burlesque Show Coming to Santa Ana!

Photo of Audrey Deluxe by Maarten Deboer
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, comic book geeks and science fiction nerds were among the least likely social groups to be associated with sexuality. However, anyone who has attended a comic book or sci-fi convention in the past 10 years, give or take, has observed that flesh, cosplay, and nerd chic have become as part and parcel of the cons as getting autographs from artists & celebrities, buying campy memorabilia, and geeking out over trailers to upcoming superhero movies. That being said, on Saturday, July 12, the girls of Devil's Playground Burlesque, in association with Yadi, will be taking all Orange County comers -- nerdly fetishists as well as civilians -- to the next level of galactic experience with their Star Wars-inspired show, "Star Girls."

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Funniest Coachella Craigslist Ads For Hookups and Casual Encounters

Nanette Gonzales/LA Weekly
Looking for love
There's something undeniably erotic about Coachella. Perhaps it's the triple-digit heat that gets you hot and heavy, or maybe seeing some of your favorite bands all in one weekend gets your juices flowing. Or, most likely, you're in your twenties so you're perpetually horny by default.

But who has the time and energy to charm that cutie in front of you during the Replacements' set enough to ensure coitus? You have three short days here, so you gotta cut to the chase. Smart festival goers who think with their head hop on over to Craigslist for their festival, er, festivities.

Here are five of the most...interesting personal ads on the site from those looking for a little festival fuck.

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Famous Musicians Tell How They Lost Their Virginity, In Illustrated Form

Categories: Sex Appeal, quotes

Jena Ardell

Fans like to know everything about their favorite musicians, including the utmost personal information, like how they lost their V-card. The topic is so enticing, John Stamos even built a web series around it, in which he asks actors to divulge the details.

Here's what a handful of famous musicians had to say about their first dalliances:

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MTV VMAs: A Sexual Retrospective

Jena Ardell
We're not sure why parents are in an uproar over Miley's VMA performance since sexual content has been a staple on MTV for over twenty years. Let's look back on controversial VMA performances from twenty and ten years ago.

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10 Songs With Surprisingly Good Sex Advice

Categories: Sex Appeal

makeout party - jena ardell.jpg
Makeout Party © Jena Ardell.

Sometimes paying attention to song lyrics pays off. We decoded some great sex advice in these sensual songs:

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Frances Bean Cobain: More Amaaaaaazing Photos as Glamour Girl

Categories: Sex Appeal
Rocky Schenck

Remember Frances Bean Cobain's photos by designer/photographer Hedi Slimane? Everyone's jaws dropped when they witnessed how grown up Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's now-almost-19-year-old has become. Today, MTV released LA photographer Rocky Schenck's photos of Cobain, in vintage outfits she chose herself. 

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Gwen Stefani Honored for Her Amazing Abs

Categories: Sex Appeal
Andrew Youssef
Gwen Stefani showing off those awesome abs last summer during OC homecoming show
Yep, the readers of Fitness Magazine have voted and Orange County's most famous female singer (and fashion designer) has rightfully topped the abs tally. 

Congrats, Gwen, we've been fans of that sexy tummy for years!

Are Strippers to Blame for Popularity of 'Mainstream Rock'?

Categories: Sex Appeal
Bubbles Burbujas interests include "dance (pole, lap, couch)"

​Our big sister paper Village Voice might be on to something. Everyone agrees "mainstream rock" pretty much sucks. Except for when you're getting a lap dance--because the girls seem to really get off on that shit.

Dumb rock is a necessary ingredient for a one-song dry hump--or more serious action in the VIP room. Animal Collective just won't cut it. Just ask Bubbles Burbujas.

"I dance to Muse, I admit it, because the crowd loves it," she tells Village Voice. "I do now and always have thought they were a Styx for our time."

Click to read entire Q&A: "Are Strip Clubs the Reason Bad Mainstream Rock is a Chart Staple? An Interview With Stripper Tweets."