A Tale of Two Psycho De Mayos

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Mary Bell
Psycho De Mayo last year at the Yost
A music festival can't survive without good branding--no matter what crowd you're trying to attract. For his second annual Psycho De Mayo festival this Sunday, promoter Evan Hagen made sure everything--from the band lineup to the acid trip posters--create a vibe that's eccentric, inclusive, and rowdy as fuck. Though most consider Psycho De Mayo to be geared to psych-rock scenesters, presenting a wide range of acts like the doom metal pioneers of Pentagram, Stoner Metal thrashers The Shrine and hypnotic art rockers Suuns mirrors Hagen's own connoisseur tastes.

"I want to cater to the people of course but I wouldn't want to put a band on stage that I couldn't stand behind, just because I thought they could sell tickets," Hagen says. "There's no point to doing that. I wanna go to a show that I would wanna go to."

After holding the first year of the the fest at the Yost, Hagen moved it across town to the Observatory this year to continue building his brand. But he was surprised last month when he found out the Yost was still hosting Psycho De Mayo--a very different Psycho De Mayo, presented by LA hip hop legends Psycho Realm slated for May 4. It turns out the group, led by emcee Sick Jacken, had started their idea for an event with the same name the same year as Evan. Two shows with two very different brands with the same name, in the same city? Whether it was calculated or just some bumbling coincidence, the brand confusion caused a momentary stir over which fest was legitimately more psycho.

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Why is There No Filipino-American Music Scene in Orange County?

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Courtesy 3 Headed Dog
3 Headed Dog

At a benefit for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Glendale last month, 3 Headed Dog took part in a multiband musical lineup. It seemed like the kind of event that would draw a huge crowd; after all, thousands had died in a natural calamity in the Philippines, and the Filipino-American community--at 1.4 million strong, the largest Asian American population in California--was finding all kinds of ways to raise money to help victims in the motherland.

But inside, Beyond the Stars Palace was barely half-full. By 9:15 p.m., when singer/guitarist Dave Aguirre, drummer Wolf Gemora and bassist Danny Gonzalez got onstage, the host introduced them as "huge rock stars in the Philippines," mentioning the members were part of the legendary Razorback and Wolfgang. Then he mispronounced their name, saying, "Let's welcome 3 Headed Dogs!"

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Why '90s Bands, Like Pearl Jam, Are Still Relevant

Jena Ardell
Rock would be dead if '90s alternative rock bands called it quits. So why has it become cool to hate on them and discredit their relevance? We all know complainers who claim they don't know why they still attend Pearl Jam shows, yet purchase the band's new album and keep coming back for more.

See also: Pearl Jam Haven't Been Relevant in Years, So Why Do We Still Clamor to See Them Live? via Village Voice

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Why It's Racist to Call Lorde's 'Royals' Racist

Jena Ardell
We think that it is ironic (and wrong) that a blogger on a feminist website is pulling the 'racist' card on Lorde's ubiquitous single, 'Royals.'

Time.com's headline, "'Royals' Singer Lorde Caught in Racism Row" is hardly factual. Lorde isn't caught in a racism scandal; a lone blogger voiced an opinion and, for whatever reason, everyone is making a big deal over it.

See also: Stuff Lorde Says, in Illustrated Form

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Quotes from Pussy Riot, in Illustrated Form

Jena Ardell
Don't call Pussy Riot a band. They are three young, brave women (plus a few anonymous members) who started a feminist movement in Russia. Although we don't agree with their 'protest' which involved surprise open-mouth kissing female security guards, we admire their gumption to stand up to a Russian dictator... err, president.

Pussy Riot member Yekaterina Samutsevich has been freed, but Nadezhda Tolokonnikovan and Maria Alekhina, who was recently denied parole, will remain incarcerated until March 2014 on charges of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.

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Six Rules for Moshing at Shows

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John Gilhooley
By Gavin Cleaver
Apparently the youth of today can sometimes be found in "pits," and within these pits, it is agreed upon they will "mosh," a word that covers a variety of bodily gyrations and movements. While in Britain (where I come from) we call them "polite sections" where everyone vigorously shakes hands and nods gently in time to the music, I've now been here long enough that I've seen a thing or two.

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Updated: Punk Art Space AAA Electra 99 to Host Anaheim Mayoral Debate Before Shutting Down

From the official flyer
​Originally posted Oct. 5 at 6:49 p.m. Updated Oct. 7 at 11:20 a.m. with the sweet official poster. See bottom of post. 

Richard Johnson, owner of the 14-old gallery/performance venue AAA Electra 99 now based in Anaheim, understands the ridiculousness of the idea that he'd host a debate between two button-up Republican candidates for elected office. 

"It is unbelievable, but true," he wrote on Facebook. "The next Mayor of Anaheim at the punkest place in the O.C.--on the same stage as you saw Punk as a Doornail and Sarcastic Bitch and home to the Spinning Head of Big Prizes... What a world. Maybe world has gone mad or Anaheim is getting cooler?"

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Trying to Make Sense of the OC Music Awards Nominees


Everyone I've talked to about the OC Music Awards nominee list, released yesterday, seems to have the same reaction: Huh? Why are young, unsigned bands like The Jakes competing against veteran, internationally known acts like The Offspring, who had Billboard's #1 Hot Modern Rock Track for 11 weeks last year?

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CSULB-Ludacris Concert Protest

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The L.A. Independent Media Center, a non-commercial coalition of media makers and outlets in the Los Angeles area, recently posted a flier on its website regarding a protest of an upcoming performance by rapper Ludacris. The show takes place Feb. 23, 7:30 p.m., at Cal State Long Beach in front of the Walter Pyramid.

I love a good protest as much as the next guy. But in the case of L.A. Indy media protesting this Ludacris concert just seems like, well. . .the kind of publicity every rapper dreams of—unless the LAIMC comes up with an interesting way of getting attention that strays from the cliché of uptight rabble rousers shaking their fists.

The internet flier for the protest cites the Southern rhyme-slinger's use of homophobic, misogynistic and violent lyrics against women. This is no new development among recent popular hip-hop artists, although it's a sad but true reality. This leads me to wonder whether it's the venue with which LAIMC disagrees. After all, we can't have our local colleges and students plagued with disgusting displays of X-rated lyrics, overt sexual behavior and shameful degradation in the streets. People have to go to the clubs for that and pay a two-drink minimum.

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The Clinic: The Cure or a Scourge?

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Our latest Locals Only feature by Erin DeWitt on Santa Ana-based venue The Clinic, which was full of positive quotes by OC musicians, inspired the letter below (all of which is reprinted here unedited).

The clinic is one of the worst venues that i've been to in my life. All these claims of "punk" are lies and the term "Punk" should not be associated with the clinic. It was never started as a punk venue, it was started as a venue strictly dedicated to the "noise" genre.

They claim to be a punk venue but how could they be this when they ban bands that speak their mind. What ever happend to "free speach"? Obviously its not welcomed at the clinic. It is a place run by kids that are governed by highschool politics. "If we don't like you, you don't play. If we don't like what you say about us, you don't play" Punk rock, i think not.

This venue is all about the $$ and that is very sad. They've screwed numerous bands and fans out of good shows. If you don't play bu their rules, they cut your set to 5minutes and don't care if the crowd paid to see you.

A "no booze" vene? i think not, you mean a no booze venue for the people, yet i have counted numerous times the "security" guards chugging some coronas in the back.

I think you should speak to alot more of the bands that have played there that have had a negative experience with the clinic. The clinic isn't so great, it may be all Santa Ana has, but i'd take the drama of a backyard party any day to the clinics hidden agend and highschool politics any day. A venue dedicated to bringing bands for the youth of santa ana, but yet they deprive many of Santa Ana's up and comming bands of playing at the clinic. Bands that are not wanted their becuase the owners of the clinic feel that a certain band won't bring them enough $$$. Because in the end, thats what the clinic wants. Since when was punk about the $$$. A bunch of sell outs in my opinion. Punks, i don't think so. A bunch of sad idie kids trying to bring their crappy noise music to the masses.

Whew! Strong charges. This reader/scenester obviously paints a very different picture than that portrayed in our column. So I'm asking bands that have played The Clinic to respond to her accusations. Did The Clinic treat you like dirt or with respect? Are the guys who run the joint money-grubbing douchebags or altruistic supporters of OC's all-ages punk scene? Or are they something else altogether? If you're simply someone who attends shows at The Clinic, feel free to relate your experiences there.

Sound off in the comments box, pronto! Thanks.

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