Coachella Spotlight: Ximena Sariñana

What kind of offspring can a director and screenwriter procreate? Of course someone that likely wants to be in the limelight, but if they're lucky, they'll emulate someone like singer/songwriter, and actress, 26-year-old Ximena Sariñana. But make no mistake this Mexican starlet, who began her career at the age of 11 as a young villain on the telenovela stands in a category all her own. More »

Four Best Madonna Feuds--Ever!

On Sunday, Madonna, the aging goddess of pop music (okay, we kid) will be embarking to where many of her younger counterparts have already performed: the Super Bowl Half-Time Show.

The 53-year-old has made no qualms about being nervous about the mega show, telling Jay Leno that it's "the most nerve-wracking thing" she's ever done. (We can hardly believe a woman of her stature, who's gone head-to-head with the best and the brightest in her industry, could be at all intimidated by this massive exposure.)

The thing is, despite her tremendous success, she's still got a lot to prove. The original Material Girl has been accused of a lot of things, including of lip-syncing, which is perhaps why Madge has been rehearsing her setlist---that includes "Gimmie All Your Luvin," "Ray of Light" and "Vogue," "Music" and "Holiday"---extensively. Because if she blows it on Sunday, these enemies will get the last laugh.

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Musical Makeovers: Why They Suck


If you haven't seen Lady Gaga's latest video, "You and I", in which she transforms to look like a dude, then you were probably confused by last night's opening of the VMAs. Yes, Lady Gaga can play a convincing roughed-up guy, but her chameleon skills aren't easy to come by. It doesn't matter how many stylists you have, how many producers work for you, or how much dough the record label throws your way, because ultimately if you don't have the chops don't bother changing your look (it won't help). With out a doubt real iconic artists, like Lady Gaga, Madonna, and David Bowie, have the talent to pull off different styles and branch out to different genres. Some pay off and some definitely don't.

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Kim Kardashian's Wedding Playist: 5 Songs To Avoid


On Saturday, while you're sleeping in or making a run to Trader Joe's for vegan pizza, there'll be more important things going on in the world. Yeah, it's Kim Kardashian's wedding! We know you could probably care less, but these multimillion-dollar Hollywood weddings only happen once every...month?

Since this wedding will be televised in a two-day E! event, we're sure some big musical heavyweights will be performing (or at least some well-known DJ will be mounted on a huge platform) at the $29-million estate in Montecito which is where the wedding is being held. And since we already have some inclination of what the wedding playlist might include, we definitely know what songs will NOT be making the cut:

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Red Hot Chili Peppers New Video "Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie"

Our favorite LA boys are back! Here's the first video off of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' latest album I'm With You with the single "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie."

This is not the much-hyped Kreayshawn version, which, according to bassist Flea, "just didnt work out." He added, "That happens sometimes, I think Kreayshawn is awesome and a great artist."

So who says you can't recycle U2's roof performance concept as they did back in the '80s in downtown LA? It seems RHCP had the proper permits to perform atop an apartment complex in Venice. BTW we're digging the 'stache. Watch it after the jump.

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Top 5 Defining MTV Moments (If You Were A Teen In The '90s)


Most people who grew up in the early '80s were lucky enough to witness MTV's revolutionary images but for many of us, who were just in grade school at the time, the cutting-edge visuals that appeared before us were too conceptual for us to comprehend.

It wasn't until the early '90s (when we were allowed more TV time) that we could really sit and process the music videos, and were able to differentiate our musical tastes. Also, by this time MTV's original programming had began to launch several new shows, so MTV wasn't just a musical haven but was slowly becoming a mecca for all things cool and thought provoking.

So while the generation before us had Michael Jackson's "Thriller," we had yet to experience high-budgeted, mega, videos until way later. And that was just the beginning.

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Are You A Real Pearl Jam Fan?

Pearl Jam is having a pretty big year. Seattle's finest conquered what many bands dream of (second to marrying models, which Eddie Vedder has also been victorious in), and that is reaching the level of rock legend status.

This year, aside from the release of the Pearl Jam documentary PJ20, directed by Cameron Crowe, which will be in theaters in the fall, marks the 20th Anniversary that Pearl Jam released their debut album Ten (holy cow, we're getting old).

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Five Red Flags Marc Anthony Missed From Jennifer Lopez Herself

What was once (and still could be, who the hell knows)
There some people who are blinded by love, then there others who are addicted to it--sadly Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are each of these things, respectively.

Some were surprised when the pair announced their separation less than a week ago, mostly because the two were seen on just about every channel promoting their various endeavors from American Idol, to Gucci ads, and new dance tracks, all helmed by J.Lo. However, they both are working on a new reality show called Q'Viva!, an American Idol-like show with a Latino spin, of course, and have vowed to continue to proceed with through their separation. Awkward!

So as we bid-adios to one of our favorite power couples (we wouldn't put it past them to pull this off as a publicity stunt, perhaps reconcile during their show launch), we sincerely ask Marc Anthony, how could you have missed the signs? (Yes, we are thinking this is all Lopez' doing considering her track record).

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Eddie The Great To Play Really Tiny Guitar (Top Five Pearl Jam Songs We Hope To Hear Tonight)


We were lucky enough to see the marvelous Eddie Vedder at the legendary Beacon Theater in New York a couple of weeks back during his latest solo tour, this time promoting his new album Ukulele Songs.

You might be wondering why the former grunge king would ever succumb to tour and highlight the minuscule instrument as the main focal point, but Vedder has played the ukulele on past Pearl Jam albums so it was just a matter of time that he take the small four-stringed guitar on the road.

When Bruce Springsteen was told about Vedder's grandiose tour, he said, "that takes huge balls." (Which pretty much summarizes how we feel, too.)

And although you will hear some Eddie awesomely blast Pearl Jam tunes tonight at the Terrace Theater, mixed in with the news ones, we write this post to Mr. Vedder, selfishly, as a request to play our favorite five Pearl Jam songs that we think would sound incredible on the ukulele:

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Coachella Vs. Lollapalooza: Which Festival Is Better?

1Picnik collage.jpg
Lilledeshan Bose/Laila Derakhshanian

The battle for the best coast (West Coast, East Coast, Third Coast) goes beyond Tupac and Biggie, and In-N-Out and Shake Shack. Ultimately Coachella and Lollapalooza must join the fight. (Yes, Lolla is set in the Midwest, but we did say Third Coast. Got it? Good.)

So now that Coachella is a distant, but vivid, memory, and with recently released Lollapalooza lineup, we wondered: which is the better music festival?

Having been to both, we narrowed down a couple of pros and cons for each festival and here are the results:

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