Lou Reed Became My Inspiration on the Streets of NYC

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Mary Bell
Lou Reed at Fingerprints in Long Beach last year
Growing up in New York, the Velvet Underground was always prevalent. It could be in the music of young bands or seen in people's fashion choices as you walk down the street. It could have been as simple as seeing a banana and thinking of Andy Warhol's iconic album cover or walking through Chelsea humming "Chelsea Girl." No matter how you slice it, the band was part of the New York fabric and remains so today.

Which brings us to the sad news about VU frontman and fellow Long Islander Lou Reed's surprising, yet not shocking passing on Sunday. An iconoclast in the truest definition of the word, Reed did whatever he wanted creatively and explored sounds we liked (most of the VU material and Transformer) and hated (Metal Machine Music). Reed is one of the few musicians to make calculated moves on his own terms and without regret, even if it meant alienating his casual fans. He's made a concept album with Metallica, and opened for U2 on their Zoo TV tour. He's recorded with David Bowie and pushed the boundaries of sexuality with his exploratory lyrics. Reed's songbook reads like a fulfilling musical journey that cuts across artistic borders. Not bad for a kid from Freeport.

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Former Owner of the Doll Hut Killed After Car Crash in Anaheim

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Loco Moto's Facebook Page
Anthony Castaneda
The details are still foggy surrounding the death of hot rod builder and former Doll Hut co-owner Anthony Castaneda, who died early Monday morning after crashing a vehicle he was apparently working on for a customer. Records from the OC Coroner's office show that Castaneda died just after 1:30 a.m. on Monday the corner of Lincoln and West streets after crashing a pick up truck into another parked car in the area.

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Here's What Five People Have to Say About Avalon Bar Closing

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Nate Jackson
So last night was THE final show at Avalon Bar as we know it. As of this week, Costa Mesa's hole-in-the-wall punk palace with the finest sangria in town is shuttered, awaiting a revamp that we will have more news about very shortly.

But there's no question that the final gig was the same crowded, brown-baggin', sweaty-ass affair to which you've grown accustomed for decades. But usually we're prepared to walk in to find slightly more familiar surroundings (i.e. some dirt bag metal band or howling punks thrashing their guitars indiscriminately in the corner with crappy PA). But last night's show-- a RVCA-sponsored event featuring Slime Kings, Slasher, Rankin and more--brought out a young 21ish surfer crowd that seemed less-than aware of the gravity of what they were leaving behind when they stumbled out of the bar for the last time.

The bar built by deceased punk pioneer Mike Conley of M.I.A., is a longtime stronghold for scrappy local bands and is home to plenty of punk lore that most crusty punkers worth their salt will recount for you over a 40oz of Mickeys. This wasn't really that kind of crowd, but despite our sangria buzz we decided to go up to a few people and ask how they felt about the end of Avalon. Here's what they said (please excuse my crappy photos).

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Top 10 Selena Songs of All Time

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On April 16th, 1971, in the small town of Lake Jackson, Texas, an angel was born. Her name was Selena Quintanilla. This angel, who was tragically taken from us at the young age of twenty-three, was a Latina superstar before JLo or Shakira or Ricky Martin. Her voice, full of love and joy and heartbreak, continues to capture the hearts of millions of fans around the world, Latinos and non-Latinos alike. So today, we celebrate what would have been her forty-second birthday by counting down her ten best songs. Feliz cumpleaños, Selena!

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Hip-Hop Legend Tim Dog's Top Five Most Outrageous Songs

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Tim Dog

Longtime hip-hop fans were saddened last week to hear of the passing of Bronx rapper Tim Dog. Always brash and entertaining, his cult-classic 1991 album, Penicillin On Wax, and legendary feud with N.W.A made him one of hip-hop's all-time ballers. The world was reminded of his greatness last summer when NBC's Dateline dedicated a two-hour episode to covering the allegations of Tim Dog defrauding various women for thousands of dollars, leading to a full-fledged, hip-hop social-media explosion that was nothing short of an event.

Tim Dog leaves behind a one-of-a-kind legacy, with some of the most memorably over-the-top verses in rap history. We at the Weekly are paying our respects by looking back at some of his most disrespectful moments. Here are our choices for Tim Dog's Most Outrageous Songs.

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Local Skateboarder John Sirmon Loses Longtime Battle With Cancer

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john sirmon.jpg
R.I.P. John Sirmon

The Weekly is sad to report that local skateboarder John Sirmon passed away on Saturday after a long battle with colon cancer.

After being diagnosed in October 2011, a large portion of OC's skateboarding community rallied around Sirmon, hosting benefit concerts and silent auctions to help fund his cancer treatment. A donation site--savesermon.com--was also created in his honor.

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Longtime Mom-and-Pop Store Rockit Music Closing Its Doors

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Rockit Pic1.jpg
Brandon Ferguson
After more than two decades of selling guitars, amps and drums to a fiercely loyal group of customers, Rockit Music in Brea will soon close for good. Though he declined to name a specific date, owner Ian Williams said the store will likely shut its doors in two weeks.

"I think it's a fait accompli. The Internet's taking over, and it's hurt sales," says Williams. "Between Amazon and eBay it seems to be the way of the world."

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Bands Share Stories in Remembrance of Adolescents Driver/Tour Manager Chris Schaefer

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Last week, we reported the tragic death of Chris Schaefer, a former European tour manager and driver for a multitude of legendary punk bands--namely OC's the Adolescents--who delivered the sad news via guitarist Steve Soto. The 46-year-old L.A. native tied unexpectedly of carbon monoxide poisoning in a home in Prague shared by him and his fiance.  But this weekend, a group of West Coast bands, family and friends gather tomorrow to celebrate Schaefer's life in the only successful way possible: a punk rock pub crawl!

Tomorrow starting at 3 p.m., Schaefer's family is setting up a small memorial area and shrine at Acapulco Restaurant at 4444 Sunset Blvd. in LA, a favorite meeting ground of Schaefer's. Anyone who comes is invited to bring a favorite photo or memory of Schaefer to the memorial crawl. The event rolls on with visits and some surrounding area watering holes like Ye Rustic Inn, Good Luck Bar, the Drawing Room and Tiki Ti. Recently, a few of the bands Schaefer used to drive around Europe were kind enough to share some thoughts about their fallen friend.

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Adolescents Driver and Tour Manager Chris Schaefer Found Dead

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Courtesy Steve Soto
Chris Schaefer, right, with Adolescents guitarist Dan Root
Some sad news came from one of OC's legendary punk bands yesterday when The Adolescents' guitarist Steve Soto told the Weekly the band's longtime driver and tour manager Chris Schaefer was found dead in his home in Prague over the weekend. Schaefer's body was discovered on the bathroom floor in his house by his fiance, Lou, on Saturday night. According to the local coroner's office, the cause is said to have been carbon monoxide poisoning from the water heater/heater, located in the couple's bathroom.  An LA native, Schaefer, 46, moved to Prague around the late '90s and started working with the Adolescents in 2007. For the past six summers, Soto said, they'd worked with him whenever they went to Europe.

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Top Five Musical Moments With Huell Howser

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huell howser.jpg

To say Huell Howser always had a song in his heart is probably an understatement. Anyone who ever sat down to watch his show California's Gold is familiar with the signature, syrupy southern drawl that made him sound like he was singing even when he wasn't. After the Weekly broke the news about the legendary broadcaster's passing last Sunday, it was hard not imagine him delivering one more sing-songy "Wooooooowww!" at the pearly gates. Some may not know this, but Howser was actually quite the music enthusiast while he was here. C'mon, have you heard his world-famous track "California Here I Come" in all of it's smilley-faced, Shatner-esque glory? Naturally, we thought we'd pay tribute to Howser by looking back at some of his best musical moments on camera, from the goofiest to the grandest. Or if you just wanna trip balls while listening to Howser's voice one last time, we recommend watching this.
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