Left of The Dial Records Gets Its Second Wind

Heidi Darby
It's easy to miss Left of The Dial Records in downtown Santa Ana. The shop is tucked away on French Street, indicated by a sidewalk sign and mini-mural. Walking up to the store, live music wafts down from band lockouts located on the second story of the building. Inside, owner Geoff Leamon sits behind a counter and fiddles with a turntable. Leamon is soft spoken, but once he starts pulling out rare releases his eyes light up and his stoic persona gives way to youthful giddiness.

He's currently fascinated with a private press from an elderly gentleman named Bob Pratt, that features song titles like "Young Chicks Look Good To This Old Man." Leamon admires the album and says with a chuckle, "It's so funny and incredibly interesting to me that somebody said, ok, this guy needs to make a record."

In addition to random pieces like Pratt's, Left of The Dial also carries an extensive prog section along with pop culture gems like a 1959 original press of Big Bopper's "Chantilly Lace." Given his Slowdive t-shirt, it's not surprising he keeps well-stocked '80s alternative and post-punk sections as well. Leamon takes pride in his eclectic inventory, which is refreshing in Orange County's punk rock terrain. He also shares that owning and operating Left of The Dial is his dream gig, yet the store owner nearly called it quits in early 2014.

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An OC Guide to Record Store Day 2014

Jena Ardell
Record Store Day is this Saturday, April 19th. Not sure where to head for the best selection, sales or coolest live performances? We've got you covered. We've called every participating record store in Orange County to find out what will be going down at each location. If you wake up really early and plan accordingly, you can hit up each shop... or just cherry-pick based on your interests and this nifty list:

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Fingerprints Celebrates Record Store Day With Jimmy Eat World, Best Coast and More

jimmy eat world.jpg
The arrival of April means that Record Store Day is almost upon us. On April 20, our favorite LBC music shop Fingerprints is celebrating in a big way. This year the shop's in-store performance lineup boasts FM alt-rockers Jimmy Eat World along with L.A.'s own Best Coast, Grammy-winning Guitarist Laurence Juber (formerly of Wings--yeah, with Sir Paul himself) and bassist/punk demigod Mike Watt. All that music in one day. Crazy right? And no, this isn't an April Fool's joke.

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Creme Tangerine's Parker Macy Talks Record Store Day 2012

Miguel Vasconcellos/OC Weekly
Parker Macy (top) and Jonathan Staph (bottom)

As you can see above, Creme Tangerine is not like most independent record stores. They took a niche market and made it even quirkier by selling vinyl out of a baby-blue trailer. Creme Tangerine, and it's owner Parker Macy is no stranger to these pages, but we figure he'd have a unique take on Record Store Day so we had a little e-chat with Macy about annual day of support for the independent record store. You can read more about Record Store Day here

Creme Tangerine survived their first Record Store Day last year, and Macy tells us about all the cool stuff he has planned for Record Store Day 2012, this Saturday! 

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Record Store Day 2012: Your Handy Guide To Orange County Stores

What's happening in the OC/LB area for this year's edition of Record Store Day, you ask? Here's a nifty guide to all the excitement spinning around on Saturday, April 21.
record store day- fingerprints-lilledeshan bose.jpg
Lilledeshan Bose
Fingerprints Record Store

Black Hole Records: They will carry a selection of the official Record Store Day limited edition releases. 108 N. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, (714) 449-1788. http://www.blackholerecords.info


Bionic Records: They will carry a selection of the official Record Store Day Releases. 6012 Ball Rd., Buena Park, (714) 828-4225; bionicrecords.tumblr.com.


Creme Tangerine Records: Many records will be on sale up to 75% off through Sunday. They will carry a selection of the official Record Store Day limited edition releases. 2930 Bristol St., Kiosk 2 (in front of Urban Outfitters), Costa Mesa, (714) 932-0552;  www.cremetangerinerecords.com.

Durty Mick's Records: They will play host to a free in-store appearance from Danny Diablo of Skarhead and the Shotblockers, Skinhead Rob of the Transplants, Tobe Bean of the Street Dogs. Live performances by Twitching Tongues and Damon Dagger. Durty Mick Records and Insta-Press merch will be handed out throughout the day. On Sunday, they will hold a 10% off sale. They will carry a selection of the official Record Store Day limited edition releases. 403 E. 3rd St., Long Beach, (562) 437-3590; www.durtymickrecords.com.

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Record Store Day's Black Friday Special Releases: Rolling Stones, Beastie Boys And More


Record Store Day is giving fans a few limited releases to tide them over until the annual April event. The event, which saw it's 30th anniversary this year, is dedicated to independent record retailers and supported by artists and fans alike. A handful of new records will be released on Nov. 25, in celebration of Black Friday.

"Back To Black Friday" will mostly release singles and box sets from classic rock icons such as the Beatles, Pete Townsend and the Rolling Stones.More »

What's Happening in OC/LB on Record Store Day? Your Handy Event Directory

Since its inception in 2007, the fandemonium over Record Store Day has only grown. Drak, owner of Vinyl Solution in Huntington Beach, expressed his awe of fans last year who flooded into his store "like mice after a piece of cheese. It's amazing."

It's no wonder they do--each year on the third Saturday of April, independent record stores throw more events and carry limited amounts of limited-edition releases of fan favorite artists. After the jump, a list of what participating Orange County and Long Beach record stores will be doing to celebrate on Saturday.

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Record Store Day Releases From Our Homeboys

Hunting for rare releases on Saturday? Might as well rep your hometown and buy releases from local bands and record labels. Hundreds of limited-edition vinyls and some CD's will be released as the main hype of Record Store Day--we present OC's contribution to the arsenal of vinyl after the jump. 

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Factory Records Holds 99¢ Sale on Record Store Day


It's Factory Records' first-year anniversary, and it coincides with Record Store Day. To celebrate, they're holding a parking lot sale this weekend, where everything--LPs, 12", 45s--is 99¢ or less. The hours are 8 a.m. 'til dark, with Factory Records also open during regular hours.

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[UPDATED] Foo Fighters to Perform In-Store at Fingerprints for Record Store Day!

UPDATE, APRIL 11, 6:56 P.M.: Hey, seriously, this in-store performance is way sold-out. Fingerprints would like to stress that there will be absolutely no walk-up entry on Saturday. So don't go loiter outside the store anyway hoping you'll get in, and stop freaking out the city of Long Beach, okay? 

UPDATE, APRIL 4, 5:26 P.M.: So if you're not already in line, we'd probably think over making the drive to Long Beach. According to Fingerprints' official Facebook page:
Attn.: Foo Fans: The line is longer than our capacity, so if you're headed this way for anything besides a sunburn, you might want to reconsider. . . .
And check out a photo of the queue sent in by a reader after the jump.

ORIGINAL POST, APRIL 4, 2:30 P.M.: And Record Store Day 2011 (that's Saturday, April 16) just keeps getting cooler: Foo Fighters will be performing an in-store show at Fingerprints in Long Beach!
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