Art Laboe Returns to the Inland Empire (And OC With Static) on Old School 104.7FM!

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JoMo for Art Laboe
Laboe manning the mic
Life has a way of coming full circle when you've lived as long as Art Laboe. Back in 1991, his Sunday Special show hit the airwaves with 'Oldies but Goodies' dedications on Riverside's KGGI 99.1FM. The two parted ways in 2012, but by that time the show syndicated in several cities including on Hot 92.3FM in Los Angeles.

After being format flipped out of LA last month, the radio legend returned to the Inland Empire Sunday night on the brand new Old School 104.7FM!

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92.3 FM Listeners Want Art Laboe Back. NOW!

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JoMo for Art Laboe
The legend on the soundboard
Sunday night passed without any 'oldies but goodies' spun on LA's 92.3 FM radio station. No love zone dedications could be heard. Art Laboe's familiar, iconic Hall of Fame voice didn't soothe through speakers to his faithful, multi-generational audience. In another sudden format flip, Real 92.3 took over the frequency leaving Laboe and Old School music without a home in Los Angeles.

And listeners are really pissed. Some are even calling for a boycott of the new station. Others are signing an online petition demanding the return of Hot 92.3FM radio personalities and its playlist.

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Put Your Big Boy Britches on for Tom Leykis's "Be Funny!" Live From the Laugh Factory

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Nanette Gonzales Photography

Tom Leykis has made quite a long career out of saying what he wants, staying true to himself, and fighting for his right to do just that. The ever growing popularity of The Tom Leykis Show verifies that his hard work has beyond paid off because now, he's even more successful than ever. With an upcoming live version of his "Be Funny!" segment at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood this Thursday October 30, we figured there'd be no better time to get him on the horn for the details of the event and of course, to find out what he really thinks about our very own Gustavo Arellano.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): We actually have history because back in 1998, I interviewed you when I was in radio broadcast school. Clearly I didn't take your advice though because I'm a journalist and not a radio host. Either way, it was pretty awesome for me.
Tom Leykis: Oh yeah? Well I like to say yes to interviews because back when I was in school, someone said yes to me. The person I met was Imus. I was in New York, wanted to go to college, and wanted to ask him what I should do. He invited me to come to 30 Rockefeller Plaza. So at fifteen, I got on the train with my camera, and there I was sitting with Imus at 6:00 in the morning in studio. It was pretty amazing stuff. I always want to pay it back so when people ask me for advice, I want to give it to them.

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The 6th Annual KROQ's April Foolishness Line-Up Announced

OMG this line-up is INSANE!!!!

Over the years we have waited with baited breath to see who would be on the April Foolishness show hosted by KROQ's Kevin and Bean and this year was obviously no exception. Promising to release the info today, we got up early to get the news on who would grace the stage at this year's event just for you and boy oh boy, we are so glad that we did!

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El Centro Cultural de Mexico Seeks Funds to Build a Low Power FM Community Radio Station in Santa Ana!

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Art by Zuleica Zepeda
Liberation Frequency!
El Centro Cultural de México is currently in the beginning stages of starting up a low-power FM community radio station in Santa Ana. Hailed by the Weekly's Best Of 2013 issue as 'Best Community Space', the non-profit has hatched a number of grassroots organizations over the years, so why not shake up OC's frequencies too? With the Local Community Radio Act having been signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2011, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has opened a filing window from October 15-29 for free non-commercial, low-power FM radio licenses.

"We have everything we need for the application, including an engineer," says Luis Sarmiento, a longtime volunteer with El Centro who became interested in community media working with Colectivo Altepee in Veracruz. "Everything is ready to go."

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Radio Internationale: Bringing Communist Anthems to KUCI's Airwaves

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Lucas Chemotti
DJ John Kim is a communist and a Karl Marx-loving socialist. He's also down to earth, extremely friendly, despite being unsurprisingly alienated by our modern pop culture.

Kim is sitting in a chair in the KUCI studios surrounded by CDs and vinyl from every genre and time period. "This is Radio Internationale, the greatest socialist-music show in the Western Hemisphere." He pauses before adding, "And the only."

Kim first came up with the line for his now-3-year-old show after a guest called the station to ridicule his beliefs. When a call comes into the KUCI hot line, a light flashes; Kim turns off the microphone from the archaic-looking mixing board and removes his actual, antique Soviet headphones and answers:"Hello, this is Radio Internationale."

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KROQ's 'Psycho Mike' Shares His Top Five Sexual-Innuendo Songs

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Psycho Mike knows a thing or two (or a million) about sex....

Chances are you know Mike Catherwood (a.k.a. Psycho Mike) best from "The Kevin & Bean show" on KROQ. Or you know him from "Loveline," "Dancing With the Stars," or maybe even from when he filled in on "Live With Regis and Kelly." All over Southern California, we all know and love Psycho Mike from something or somewhere.

Since "Loveline" tackles topics from drugs and alcohol to the over-the-top sexy and, at times, over-the-top cringe-worthy, we knew there was no one better than Mr. Catherwood to tap when we were looking for an ultra-sultry list of songs. We recommend playing these songs together with friends--or just with yourself. That's fine, too.

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Thanks to KX 93.5 FM, Finding Cool New Music in Laguna Beach Isn't Impossible

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Thumbnail image for grantpic1studio.jpg
DJ Grant Owens (right) with guest Jordan Khajavipour
By: Dawn DiMare Thiery
Considered a revered epicenter of fine art, the well-to-do city of Laguna Beach isn't known as a bastion of new music discovery (unless you're looking for surf rock or reggae à la Sublime). Grant Owens--a disc jockey at member-supported KX-FM 93.5--is trying to change that. For the past six months, he has faithfully flipped on his studio mic every Friday at 9 p.m. to host the recently expanded show We Found New Music. The concept of the now-two-hour show is as simple as its name: During each episode, Owens plays the newest releases and features live sets from subterranean indie, pop and electronic gems just begging to be discovered.

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Frank Kramer is Radio's Crazy, Foul-Mouthed, Workaholic One-Man Army

Frank Kramer.JPG
Dish Nation
I truly love radio. They'll have to carry me out of this motherfucker.

As the leader of the "Frank Army," Frank Kramer's devoted fans count on his quick wit, his mind that seems to stay forever on the dirty side, and his ability to be brutality honest in the most charming of ways. With Heidi by his side, this unflappable duo riff effortlessly like a married couple that somehow still enjoy being together after all of these years. The secret of this team's success? As Frank put it, "Heidi is one of the strongest women in radio. As far as being animated and being responsive, you throw her anything and it's like tennis. I'm just bringing the balls." For the last six months from 6am-10am "The Heidi & Frank Show" has been entertaining the masses on KLOS and when I had the chance to go into the station and watch these two in action, I jumped at the chance.

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Predicting the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Lineup


In a month, alternative rock radio behemoth KROQ will be throwing down their annual Almost Acoustic Christmas concerts. After some sleuthing and perusal of other regional radio holiday shows, the dates for KROQ will be December 8th and 9th at the Gibson Amphitheater. Let's look at the potential line-up by reviewing the other announced radio station shows.

In San Diego on Friday December 7th, 91X is holding their Wrex The Halls show with The Killers, M83, Passion Pit, Tegan & Sara, The Joy Formidable, Imagine Dragons, and Youngblood Hawke.

In San Francisco, LIVE105 has expanded their Not So Silent Night holiday concert series to two nights. On Friday December 7th they have Jack White, The Shins, Metric, Of Monsters and Men, The Gaslight Anthem, and Two Door Cinema Club. On Saturday December 8th they have The Killers, M83, Passion Pit, Tegan & Sara, Grouplove and Imagine Dragons.

So my predictions are as follows:

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