Laguna Beach's KX-FM 93.5 Continues Its Indie Radio Rebellion

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Gabriel San Roman
Greg Friedman in the studio at KX-FM 93.5
The studio at KX-FM 93.5 in Laguna Beach is abuzz on a recent Sunday evening even before the "on-air" light switches on. The host of the eponymous Inner Journey With Greg Friedman hurriedly checks in with phone-interview guests slated to promote the Bhakti Fest held in Joshua Tree. Five minutes before his show is scheduled to begin, his producer waves him into the studio. The New Age-flavored theme music begins sharply at 7 p.m. Friedman clears his throat, shuffles around a bit, then finds poise just as his mic goes live.

The next two hours of higher consciousness, spiritual awakening and healing talk meshes perfectly with the vibe of Laguna Beach. But if not for the bold dream of Tyler Russell, a 26-year-old radio upstart, KX-FM would have been just another static skip on the radio dial. "Laguna Beach is such an artistic, eccentric town," says Russell, the station's program director and founder. "We have such an eclectic mix of shows, everything from spirituality to reggae and ska music to surf culture to yoga. These are all very Laguna Beach things."

And now so is KX-FM, a low-power, community-radio gem resting just on the outskirts of downtown Laguna Beach's bustle. The white walls of the second-story office suite where the station makes its home are scrawled with messages from all its on-air guests.

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LA County Proclaims 'Art Laboe Day' Ahead of the Radio Legend's 90th Birthday!

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JoMo for Art Laboe
Art Laboe honing the mic for KDAY!
All of Los Angeles County will be riding low with Art Laboe today! The legendary radio host is being honored with an 'Art Laboe Day' proclamation by Mike Antonovich and the County Board of Supervisors. The festivities begin at 10 a.m. this morning during the board's weekly meeting with a presentation lauding the legend for his contributions to LA through radio and rock 'n' roll. The KDAY 93.5FM "Oldies But Goodies" host turns 90 on Friday and boasts an epic 72-year career centered in the city spanning decades.

"It's a great a honor, of course," Laboe tells the Weekly. "I've been here so long I consider myself an LA homeboy!"

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FCC Approves 104.7FM Frequency for Radio Santa Ana!

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We want the airwaves back!
Artwork by Zuleica Zepeda
The dream of building a community radio station in Santa Ana took a huge step towards becoming a reality this week. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved a license application on Monday for local non-profits Latino Health Access and El Centro Cultural de México. Within a year-and-a-half listeners will be able to tune into Radio Santa Ana on 104.7FM!

"It feels awesome!" says Luis Sarmiento, a Radio Santa Ana volunteer. "This is the most difficult step. The FCC's decision is the biggest hurdle in this process."

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Legendary Radio Host Art Laboe Returns to LA on KDAY!

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JoMo for Art Laboe
Art Laboe: Hall of fame radio game!
Sunday nights just haven't been the same without Art Laboe. The "Oldies But Goodies" Radio Hall of Fame host got format flipped off LA airwaves in February spurring boycotts and protests. Since then, it's been as lonely as a Lady Playful dedication of "So" by War to Sad Puppet! Laboe's loyal following made due in the meantime with streaming apps before he returned to the Inland Empire in March.

But like The Stylistics song "Break Up to Make Up" Art Laboe is FINALLY returning to the LA radio dial on KDAY 93.5 FM this Sunday.

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Rebel Radio Station KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles Fights to Stay On the Air

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Gabriel San Roman / OC Weekly
Radio host Margaret Prescod makes her fund drive pitch to KPFK listeners
"We are listener sponsored radio," Margaret Prescod pleads during her show on Thursday morning. "We do not want to close our doors! That's how serious this is."

The KPFK 90.7 FM personality throws to a clip of Martin Luther King Jr. after urging listeners to pledge in exchange for an archival compilation of the social justice preacher's speeches. Phone room volunteers answer calls as they stream in steadily. Prescod's golden brown dreadlocks frame her face while the slow tenor of her voice reaches a frenzied pitch during Sojourner Truth Radio's last ten minutes.

The station is in full survival mode. Either it raises $300,000 dollars during a one-week emergency fund drive or it faces the harsh choice of locking the doors to the two-story red brick building in North Hollywood and going off the air to save money.

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Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness - Shrine Auditorium - April 4, 2015

Christopher Victorio
Kevin & Bean's 7th annual April Foolishness show played out at the Shrine Auditorium for the second year in a row with all of the proceeds being donated to Fisher House and Cedars-Sinai NICU. Okay, now that we have those details out of the way, let's break down the show because it was phenomenal once again.

The doors of the Shrine opened at 6p.m. and with the show starting at 8p.m., everyone was good and saucy when Mike Relm got on the turntables to mix extraordinary music with video clips. Of course putting up his tribute to "School of Rock" was the biggest crowd pleaser because, well, Tenacious D. Honestly though, we sense he could've put up a video of a gal barfing and mixed it to music and people would've loved it. Oh wait, he did. Mike Relm is a god damn wizard.

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Art Laboe Returns to the Inland Empire (And OC With Static) on Old School 104.7FM!

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JoMo for Art Laboe
Laboe manning the mic
Life has a way of coming full circle when you've lived as long as Art Laboe. Back in 1991, his Sunday Special show hit the airwaves with 'Oldies but Goodies' dedications on Riverside's KGGI 99.1FM. The two parted ways in 2012, but by that time the show syndicated in several cities including on Hot 92.3FM in Los Angeles.

After being format flipped out of LA last month, the radio legend returned to the Inland Empire Sunday night on the brand new Old School 104.7FM!

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92.3 FM Listeners Want Art Laboe Back. NOW!

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JoMo for Art Laboe
The legend on the soundboard
Sunday night passed without any 'oldies but goodies' spun on LA's 92.3 FM radio station. No love zone dedications could be heard. Art Laboe's familiar, iconic Hall of Fame voice didn't soothe through speakers to his faithful, multi-generational audience. In another sudden format flip, Real 92.3 took over the frequency leaving Laboe and Old School music without a home in Los Angeles.

And listeners are really pissed. Some are even calling for a boycott of the new station. Others are signing an online petition demanding the return of Hot 92.3FM radio personalities and its playlist.

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Put Your Big Boy Britches on for Tom Leykis's "Be Funny!" Live From the Laugh Factory

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Nanette Gonzales Photography

Tom Leykis has made quite a long career out of saying what he wants, staying true to himself, and fighting for his right to do just that. The ever growing popularity of The Tom Leykis Show verifies that his hard work has beyond paid off because now, he's even more successful than ever. With an upcoming live version of his "Be Funny!" segment at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood this Thursday October 30, we figured there'd be no better time to get him on the horn for the details of the event and of course, to find out what he really thinks about our very own Gustavo Arellano.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): We actually have history because back in 1998, I interviewed you when I was in radio broadcast school. Clearly I didn't take your advice though because I'm a journalist and not a radio host. Either way, it was pretty awesome for me.
Tom Leykis: Oh yeah? Well I like to say yes to interviews because back when I was in school, someone said yes to me. The person I met was Imus. I was in New York, wanted to go to college, and wanted to ask him what I should do. He invited me to come to 30 Rockefeller Plaza. So at fifteen, I got on the train with my camera, and there I was sitting with Imus at 6:00 in the morning in studio. It was pretty amazing stuff. I always want to pay it back so when people ask me for advice, I want to give it to them.

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The 6th Annual KROQ's April Foolishness Line-Up Announced

OMG this line-up is INSANE!!!!

Over the years we have waited with baited breath to see who would be on the April Foolishness show hosted by KROQ's Kevin and Bean and this year was obviously no exception. Promising to release the info today, we got up early to get the news on who would grace the stage at this year's event just for you and boy oh boy, we are so glad that we did!

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