Prince Gets Sassy, In Illustrated Form

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Jena Ardell
Prince is as mysterious as he is musically gifted. The cosmically flamboyant musician abandoned twitter in 2013 after posting only two tweets. (One tweet was about pepper in his salad). If you're a fan hoping to follow him online -- forget it -- all of the social media links on his website are currently broken. Even Prince's recent tour dates have been a mystery.

Recently, Prince was playing short-notice "Hit N Run" gigs announced a day or two prior in Canada. Fans in Toronto were paying up to $270 to see the rock legend perform with his all-female power trio, 3rd Eye Girl, in small venues.

Earlier this month, Prince hosted a Dance Rally 4 Peace at his Paisley Park Studios outside Minneapolis to honor Freddie Gray and show support to protesters in Baltimore. He then traveled to Baltimore to host a surprise 'Rally 4 Peace' concert. You can listen to his political-charged tribute track "Baltimore" below.

Here is a selection of sassy quotations from the legendary musician. Quotation above via

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David Letterman Reacts To His Favorite Bands

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There's one thing we've learned while watching Late Night with David Letterman throughout the years: Letterman has great taste in music.

Letterman's Late Night departure hit us particularly hard. His show first aired when many of us were born, which means: he's always been on television throughout our lives. Even if we didn't watch his show every night, his presence was comforting; he was accessible; and a little piece of New York could be broadcast into our living room.

Over the years, we've noticed three tiers of enthusiasm in Letterman's reactions to musical performances on his show. First, was his default send-off: "Thank you very much. Terrific. Nice job. Thanks, folks."

On the next tier, Letterman's honest-to-goodness seal of approval: "Yeah!" he'd say a few times. "How about that? How about that!"

At the peak of his enjoyment, were glimpses of fanboyhood that were sometimes cleverly and covertly masked by Letterman's signature, soft snark. "This is all you want, my friends: Al Green..."

After Green's performance, Letterman was at a loss for words: "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God... Beautiful, my friend... Oh my God."

Donned in suits, the Foo Fighters performed "Everlong" as Letterman's final musical guests, while a video montage played. His final show marked the end of 33 years of familiarity.

Here are some of our favorite reactions from Letterman throughout his career. Quotation above via . Godspeed David Letterman! You will be missed.

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Pat Benatar Talks Longevity, In Illustrated Form

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Pat Benatar and guitarist-turned-husband Neil Giraldo are currently celebrating 35 years of professional partnership and love by--what else--touring.

"Thirty-five years ago, 'Heartbreaker' was the catalyst for it all. It's hard to believe that so much time has passed," Benatar said in a news release. "We're excited to be celebrating this personal and musical milestone."

To coincide with the tour, the duo released a CD/DVD compilation, Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo: The 35th Anniversary Tour, that contains 14 of their biggest hits. You can see them perform live at the Pacific Ampitheatre in Costa Mesa on Aug. 6.

Benatar is ranked as one of the most successful female rock vocalists of all time by Billboard, partially because her powerful pop-rock ballads continue to withstand time. Here is what the rock legend has said about her longevity in the music industry. Quotation above via

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Inside the Mind of Tame Impala's Kevin Parker

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Tame Impala is synonymous with stoner beats and trippy stage effects; and the success of the Australia-bred 'epiphany pop' band is anything but tame now.

The band just released a brand-new track titled 'Eventually' from their upcoming album, Currents, which you can pre-order today. Currents "follows the progression of someone feeling like they are becoming something else," frontman Kevin Parker told NME. "They're becoming the kind of person they thought they'd never become."

The band is currently touring and will be performing at Austin City Limits Music Festival
2015 this October. Here are some ponderisms from frontman Kevin Parker. Quotation above via

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Famous Musicians Who Care About Bears

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The Let A Bear Sh!t In The Woods campaign features a laundry list of celebrities, including musicians like Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis, Duff McKagan of Guns n' Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, and Moby--but what exactly does the group advocate?

Answer: to end bear bile farming, the horrific extraction of bile from the gall bladders of bears raised in small "crush cages." Bear bile is used for medicinal purposes and fetches a pretty penny, along with bear parts. Activists insist there are alternative, synthetic replacements that can replace bear bile.

The extraction process is painful, leads to infections, and captive bears have shortened life spans. According to, the Asain black bear (commonly farmed) can live to age 35 in the wild, while bile bears peak at age five and are killed at age of ten, if they survive that long.

The good news: Animals Asia's campaign is working and has save over 400 bears. According to Animals Asia's website, pressure from activists has led to another recent victory: "The local authorities of Vietnam's Quang Ninh government have agreed to completely end bear bile farming in the province by transferring all of the remaining 38 bears to Animals Asia's Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre."

We're intrigued by this bizarre teaser from RHCP's frontman Anthony Kiedis. To learn more, visit

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Mike Patton Explains Himself, In Illustrated Form

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Mike Patton is known for inviting fans to encourage his crazy stage antics. In fact, it's difficult to imagine what the lead singer of Faith No More hasn't done on stage.

There is a laundry list of shocking things Patton has allegedly done on stage; highlights include: drinking urine; inviting fans to spit in his mouth; inviting fans to throw garbage on stage and then eating some of it; exposing himself; eating and regurgitating a shoelace; urinating on security guards--and we can't forget Patton's perverse preoccupation with sharing his fecal matter.

Faith No More fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Sol Invictus, the band's first album in 18 years, to be released on May 19. The band will also release expanded edition reissues of 1989's The Real Thing and 1992's Angel Dust on June 9. (Vinyl lovers will have to wait until August). The reissues will include the original album artwork and a collection of rarities, including some kick-ass covers.

You can catch Faith No More during their two-night stint at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on April 23-24, or at The Observatory in Santa Ana on April 25. Tour dates from the band's full 2015 world tour can be seen here.

Here are some eloquent quotations from the FNM's bold frontman. We're hoping the eccentric Patton has mellowed with age. Quotation above via

See also: The Return of Faith No More is Beyond Epic

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Madonna Talks Ageism and Sexism

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Madonna's impromptu make-out session with Drake at Coachella this past weekend mirrored another shocking music moment: when Jenny McCarthy sexually harassed Justin Bieber at the 2012 American Music Awards by grabbing his ass and biting his neck as he accepted his award. (Does everyone remember that?) Call it what you want--the media playfully dubbed it 'cougar rape'--but it was highly inappropriate of McCarthy.

Drake may be boasting about his experience now, but we can't get over his initial reaction (that resembled 'disgust'). According to TMZ, Drake wasn't disgusted by Madonna's open-mouth kiss, it was her "gnarly lipstick."

We're all for spontaneous acts of consensual friskiness, but we're disturbed when the loudest mouthpieces on issues like sexism aren't leading by example. Could a male celebrity have gotten away with either act with a female peer without severe consequence? We think not.

Despite this faux-pas--because who knows how much of it was planned--we shouldn't discredit Madonna's drive to combat social injustices. Here are Madonna's views on ageism and sexism. Quotation above via

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Joni Mitchell Speaks Her Mind, In Illustrated Form

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Joni Mitchell remains in the hospital and is "resting comfortably," according to an update on CBC News reported that the singer suffered a "minor medical emergency" when she was found unconscious March 31 in her Los Angeles home and rushed to the hospital. It's still unclear what caused her to become unconscious.

"Joni remains under observation in the hospital and is resting comfortably," Mitchell's site states. "We are encouraged by her progress and she continues to improve and get stronger each day."

Fans can post well-wishes to Mitchell on

The 71-year-old singer-songwriter has openly spoken about her rare skin condition, called Morgellons disease, which prevents her from touring.

"You have two options," Mitchell told Rolling Stone in 1979. "You can stay the same and protect the formula that gave you your initial success. They're going to crucify you for staying the same. If you change, they're going to crucify you for changing. But staying the same is boring. And change is interesting. So of the two options. I'd rather be crucified for changing."

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Wolf Alice On Breaking Into The Industry

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There is a new surge of young bands with successful EPs, purposefully blasé publicity photos and normcore music videos who are scoring big with an online presence, but one thing sets Wolf Alice apart: lead singer Ellie Rowsell's soft, innocuous vocals that seem to float above the band's rock riffs.

A warm homecoming awaits the London-based band who is currently selling out shows across the UK. Wolf Alice caught our attention earlier this year with their grunge-pop-rock single "Moaning Lisa Smile," and we cry a little bit inside whenever the band combats being labeled 'grunge' (as if that's a bad thing) to emphasize their music isn't all 'angst-ridden'.

"We're not all heavy, but we're not all quiet," lead singer Ellie Rowsell told MinimalTalks.

The band genuinely doesn't know how to label themselves--they're somewhere between folk and grunge--and matching a specific genre isn't important since they're finding success regardless. In fact, it's hard to believe Wolf Alice, a band with nearly 30,000 twitter followers and a laundry list of hard-to-book festival gigs, hasn't released a debut album yet.

"Good bands like this don't happen much," YouTube user Jolly Infidel posted in the comment section for the band's Glastonbury 2014 set. "I can't even remember the last time I seen a English chick doing this sorta stuff."

You can catch Wolf Alice on May 16 at Soda Bar in San Diego or May 18 at The Roxy in L.A. Their debut album, My Love Is Cool, drops June 23.

Here's what Wolf Alice band members have said about their slow climb to success. Quotation above via

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The Beastie Boys Call It Quits in Illustrated Form

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The Beastie Boys are no more. Following founding member Adam 'MCA' Yauch's death in 2012, the remaining Beasties, Adam 'Ad-Rock' Horovitz and 'Mike D' Diamond, have announced they will not release any new music under the Beastie Boys namesake.

"Adam started the band, so we couldn't do anything without him," Ad-Rock recently told NME. However, fans should remain optimistic: there will be a Beastie Boys memoir (slated to be released in 2017) and Ad-Rock revealed to NME that there is previously unreleased material "in the vault" that he hopes to someday release, including hours of "really bad jamming" and priceless outtakes from recording. Licensed To Ill, the Beastie Boys' debut album that was released nearly 30 years ago, has now sold over 10 million copies and is certified diamond by the RIAA.

Ad-Rock and Mike D worked together with the Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band for 'Bad Dancer' in 2013, but are currently pursuing non-musical interests: Mike D and his wife Tamra Davis teamed up with architects Jill and John Bouratoglou to build multi-million-dollar townhouses in Brooklyn, while Ad-Rock is pursuing acting and can be seen in Noah Baumbach's While We're Young, alongside Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts.

Here's what Ad-Rock and Mike D have said about the bittersweet end to the Beastie Boys. Quotation above via

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