Mitch Fatel Has No Respect For Dicks.

My dick is about to fall off.
Some people talk under their breath and they're considered assholes. And then there are a few people that can talk under their breath in a funny way and those peeps are considered, hilarious. See also: Mitch Fatel. This New York comedian has the sexy snark on lock all delivered with a charming innocence and a twinkle in those eyes that you can't help but love. We know a thing or two about the "love" portion when it comes to Fatel so when we heard he was headlining the Ontario Improv August 6th through 9th, our (cold) hearts bursted knowing we'd get the chance to talk to that magical mofo. And since we know Fatel stays busy, we didn't waste any time with throwing out some of our favorite "quick questions" his way to see how he'd fare. And fair enough, his wit stayed ready.

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Nadia G is Causing a Riot With Food, Comedy and Punk Rock

Jose Rodriguez
I can't make any promises about the sticky fingers.
Bad ass babe Nadia G is somewhat of a super woman due to the many avenues she occupies while wearing heels to die for. Some of the powers she's mastered include putting it down in the kitchen, rocking a stage, and kicking some jokes around, but now, she's adding another one: Festival superstar. The first ever Riot Grill is popping its cherry August 7th at The Regent with an all grrrl lineup that includes Babes in Toyland, Le Butcherettes, Slutever, and The Menstruators. It will also be hosted by comedian Sara Schaefer and will feature a pop up by Nadia G's Bitchin Kitchen. Sounds like crazy fun right? We were super pumped to get on Nadia's level for a chat and since we've talked with her before, we decided to make it completely rando this time because we remember a thing or two about how she rolls. And rocks. Effortlessly.

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Bobby Kelly Knows a Thing (or a Million) About Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

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I didn't even need to audition, that was crazy.
Fresh off the success of his special "Live at the Village Underground," comedian Robert Kelly is making big moves and stirring all kinds of pots. (Calm down, it's not a "food in a pot" fat joke.) And just when you wanted more of Bobby (of course you did), you'll be getting it Thursday nights when he plays "Bam Bam" the drummer extraordinaire for "The Heathens" on Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll on FX. And if you think that living the lifestyle of a comic differs from a "rock and roll lifestyle," well, you'd be wrong but don't be too hard on yourself! We didn't really realize it either until Kelly rang us up at 3:30am proving that at least the hours they keep are quite similar. Oddly enough, ours are too. On his way to do press, Bobby agreed to give us some comedic press relief about his new gig with an impromptu Q&A about the show straight from the airport. Talk about a multitasker!

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Jay Mohr on Google, Probiotics, and Ellen

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As a kid I was into the monster family with Count Chocula and Boo Berry.
We rarely say no when it comes to a good cause and when you can do something that helps a cause that in turn causes you to feel good, we're first in line. 'Cause that's how we roll. This Thursday (July 9th) at the Brea Improv is your chance to see an incredible show that includes Jay Mohr, Christopher Titus, Dean Delray, and is hosted by Patrick Fowler. As if that weren't enough, the proceeds for this extraordinary night will be going to F*CK Cancer. Since Jay Mohr often takes to Twitter to answer fan questions, we decided to hit him with a few of our own in a lightning round of "Quick Questions" before the big event goes down.

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Comedy and Military Collide When PJ Walsh Takes on American Ninja Warrior

I work best when I am doing something for a good cause.
It takes bravery, skill, endurance, and the right mindset to represent for our country and oddly enough, the same could be said for comedy. Well, maybe if your name is PJ Walsh. This U.S. Navy veteran and stand-up comic houses all of those qualities and then some and on Monday July 6th, he'll be flexing his talents (or, attempting to) along with other members of the U.S. military on a special episode of American Ninja Warrior.

Paying tribute to our brothers and sisters in arms is important because we owe so much to these heroes that protect us and the ones we love. The team over on American Ninja Warrior concurs and figured out a fun way to show them some love by sending them off to battle...on their obstacle course. We talked to PJ before the episode airs to find out how rigorous the training process was, how it was working with his best friend (and co-host of ANW) Matt Iseman, and to see how the experience changed him for the better.

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Lisa Lampanelli Gives Us a Little Relationship Therapy

I'm really lucky that people get it.
Hold the phones people because your plans for Friday night have just been made! The Queen Lisa Lampanelli has a brand new special called "Back to the Drawing Board" and it's premiering June 26th on EPIX. Bringing her signature sharp tongue to the stage for raunch filled banter and racial insults galore, she's also killing it with truths about her recent divorce, weight loss, and dating at this juncture in her life. Since she gives so much of her real self in the new special, we wanted to hear a little more about her new path to see if we could apply it to our own lives. Turns out, LL is pretty great at giving advice and we ended up getting somewhat of a free therapy session...and maybe you will too.

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Bob Saget is a Giver

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images
I don't think Star Wars metaphors work for this.
Being Bob Saget is really a full-time job. Figuratively and literally. He is always working (bravo for that) and in turn, always entertaining us, always giving back, and somehow, always manages to remain humble. He's also a sweet guy for staying in town to do a weekend run at the Irvine Improv (May 29th through 31st) and on June 5th, to host the "Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine" benefit show for the Scleroderma Research Foundation at the Beverly Wilshire. Since we know he keeps a hectic schedule we were pleased as punch (please punch us if we ever say that again) that he found time to chat with us about his upcoming gigs, getting older, and promoting of all kinds.

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Jim Breuer Offers up a Tsunami of Entertainment

Gregory Pallante
I spent three paychecks on those stupid things.
Jim Breuer might have tamed his language a bit but the comedy hasn't settled down in the least. This May 21st through 23rd (Thursday through Saturday) Breuer will be shaking up the Irvine Improv and because in rock you gotta hit it two times, you can also see the premiere of his new comedy special "Comic Frenzy" May 29th on EPIX. Breuer has been good to us over here at the Weekly with past Q&A's and listing out head banging songs so this time around when we talked to him, we got the details of his upcoming gigs (because we're professional) and then went off the rails with a crazy train of randomness. (Apologizes to Mr. Breuer for that awful metaphor.)

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Jason Collings Is Not a Fan Of Your Food Porn

Categories: Q&As, comedy

Matt Misisco Studios
What a weird way to live.
[Editor's Note: Quick Questions is our semi-regular feature where we ask comedians a ton of random questions without giving them time to think of anything funny to say. Surprisingly, they still do.]

It seems like everyone is in a rush these days and when it comes to having an actual conversation, many of us choose to make it a quickie. OK, that may have come out all wrong but you get what we're saying. What won't be coming out wrong is the masterfully crafted words in joke form that will be flowing from Jason Collings mouth on May 13th when he hits the stage at Gaslamp in Long Beach. Before you head out to his show this Wednesday, we wanted to get you familiar with the man behind the humor so we blasted his dome with utter randomness via "Quick Questions." And just as we suspected, he didn't miss a beat.

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Rita Rudner Makes Her Next Gig Family Affair

It's all kind of a mess and then it just comes together.
Back in the 80's when a ton of female comedians weren't necessarily in the spotlight, Rita Rudner was and she was blazing trails. Her gift of delivering clever quips in a sweet demeanor while somehow being a bit self-depreciating can't be duplicated and even now, this stylish and classy funny gal hasn't slowed down a bit. These days Rita hits the stage mostly in Las Vegas but this Sunday (May 10th) as a special Mother's Day treat, she'll be in beautiful Dana Point hosting the StillWater Showcase featuring five of OC's best young musical performers. Before you award yourself with an evening of discovering new talent along with being entertained by the great Rita Rudner, we talked to her about the showcase, her writing style, her thoughts on Twitter, and even got a bit of love advice.

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