Quick Questions with Allison Sciulla

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Vinnie Spit
[Editor's Note: Quick Questions is our semi-regular feature where we ask comedians a ton of random questions without giving them time to think of anything funny to say. Surprisingly, they still do.]

Allison Sciulla is a kick ass comic and author of the books "You're Probably A Slut," "And Then I Shit My Pants," and "Anna Likes Anal" which are clearly not for your parents or Oprah's book club. She's also very musically inclined and has a new solo comedy music album called "Wholesome" coming out April 12th and a companion movie called "Some Hole" that you can grab on May 1st. For now though, let's get back to focusing on the comedy. Sciulla will be at the Irvine Improv April 10th for "Sideshow Network's 5 spot Comedy" and before the laughs are delivered via the awesome line-up that evening, we got some one-on-one time with her for a quick game of "Quick Questions."

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Rome Ramirez Returns to Showing up at Bars and Singing Songs

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John Gilhooley
The last four years have been a whirlwind for Rome Ramirez, the 24-year-old singer who took on Bradley Nowell's role in Sublime's second incarnation, Sublime With Rome. But catapulting from obscurity to fronting one of the biggest bands ever only made Ramirez hungry for more success and artistic growth.

We checked in with the Huntington Beach res while he was chillin' at home getting ready for a string of solo gigs including one tonight at the Coach House. His first full-length solo album will be released in the coming months.

OC Weekly (Arrissia Owen): So tell us about Get Free. Is it going to be more of what we heard on last year's EP Dedication?

Rome Ramirez: It's a totally different sound with more of an edge. The EP had an overall pop sound to it in songwriting and song construction. It was a little more heartfelt.

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Quick Questions With Chris Porter

Bob Segar knows what's up in your brain.
[Editor's Note: Quick Questions is our semi-regular feature where we ask comedians a ton of random questions without giving them time to think of anything funny to say. Surprisingly, they still do.]

One could say that when it comes to providing laughs all over the country, Chris Porter really knows his shit. For over 15 years, this Kansas native has been delivering his awkwardly awesome high energy comedy and this April 3rd through 6th, you'll get the chance to witness his hilarity first hand when he headlines at the Irvine Improv. Since we love our comedian's over here at the Weekly and we love digging into their brains oh so much, we hit Porter up before this weekend's gig to play a quick game of "Quick Questions" with us.

Michael Jackson or Prince? Oh wow that's a tough one. They're both the most talented gay dudes ever! It's like, sometimes you want to make love and sometimes you just like to fuck. That's the difference between Michael Jackson and Prince! Jackson is all about making sweet love and Prince is about putting her arms behind her back and stuff. Grabbing her hair a bit. If that's the case, I have to go Prince. They're like the most talented guys ever though and they're the kings of the closet!

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Go Ahead And Be Offended Because Keith Robinson Isn't Apologizing

It's like I can't even say "black" and I'm black!
If there is one thing that can be said about comedian Keith Robinson it is that he always speaks his mind. OK, let's say two things about him because the other thing is, he's fucking hysterical. If you aren't familiar with this Philly native (and now that you know two things about this incredibly talented comic), it's time to get acquainted. We've personally been a fan of his since Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, he's had his own half hour special, he often chimes in on Opie and Anthony, and to be perfectly honest with you all, if you don't see him when he headlines the Ontario Improv this April 3rd through 6th, you'll seriously be missing out. Now that we've laid down the way we feel about Keith (and we hope you picked it up), we're going to get you in tune with the way he feels about the "PC police," what his thoughts are on how comedy varies from the east to the west, and also, what the scoop is on his upcoming hour long special.

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John Pinette's Incentive to Keep Touring: Staying Away From Family

I just want to make people laugh.
John Pinette is making a successful, long term career in stand-up look like a cakewalk. Add in that fact that Pinette has also been fruitful in television, film, and on the Broadway stage and now we're talking about a man who is completely living a dream job. This job is also taking him to the Brea Improv this weekend (March 27th through 30th) and before his headlining gig kicks off, we talked to John about his family, his recent health issues, and quickly found out that he loves the good ol' OC just as much as we do.

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Brandon "Gooch" Hahn's Comedy is Pantera-Approved

Radiant-Inc Photos
I wanted to do both radio and stand-up and now I'm doing it.
Brandon "Gooch" Hahn is well known around Las Vegas for being a comedian and on-air personality at KOMP 92.3 but on March 27th, this funny man is bringing his talent from Sin City to our stomping grounds. Finally! The Irvine Improv is the place to be this Thursday when the "Cackle for Cancer" benefit show goes down and for one night only, Hahn will be there on stage ditching his "PC" on-air persona for his hilarious observational style and rock-n-roll attitude. Before he joins the amazing line-up for this incredible night of giving back, we got more familiar with this man who mixes his realms in hopes that we'll get the chance to see more and more of him in and around Orange County.

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Descendents Guitarist Was a Fan of the Band Before He Joined. These Are His Favorite Songs.

Greg Jacobs
Stephen Egerton
Rather than having some schlub (i.e., me) pontificate about how brilliant pop/punk/hardcore pioneers the Descendents are and why everyone should see them Friday as part of the MusInk Tattoo Convention & Music Festival, I thought I'd go to the source. And by "source," I mean Descendents guitarist Stephen Egerton.

Egerton doesn't play on the group's first three full-length albums (1982's Milo Goes to College, 1985's I Don't Want To Grow Up and 1986's Enjoy! ) and one EP (1981's Fat). He joined the band during 1987's ALL, so I figured the Oklahoma resident would offer a unique viewpoint on the songs as someone who is a fan of the band and a member. The group has had one drummer (Bill Stevenson) and singer Milo Aukerman is on all releases except the first single (1979's Ride the Wild), so their opinions might be biased. And original bass player Tony Lombardo and his replacement Doug Carrion couldn't talk about the songs that followed their departures. Same with original guitarist Frank Navetta (who passed away in 2008) and his successor Ray Cooper. Yes, I could have included third bassist Karl Alvarez -- who joined with Egerton in 1986 -- but I don't have his number. I do, however, have Egerton's. Luckily, I was right as the guitarist spoke at length about the difficulty of honoring the legacy of Navetta and Cooper while maintaining his own musical voice.

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Author Craig Lewis Explains Why Punk Rock is a Haven For the Mentally Unstable

Max Braverman
Craig Lewis

Many authors speak in front of live audiences in hopes of selling books. Craig Lewis, however, has a different agenda.

The 40-year-old's lecture Saturday night at TKO Records in Huntington Beach will address issues regarding mental health, but in a way many are unfamiliar with. You see, Lewis -- like Sheena -- is a punk rocker.

To the uninformed, punk rock is nothing more than Sid Vicious shooting dope and (allegedly) killing his girlfriend Nancy Spungen, but people actively involved in punk understand the genre is more than a deceased Sex Pistol. The culture's do-it-yourself spirit empowers its followers and allows them to be as expressive and individualistic as they choose. Often, Lewis says, punk's open-door policy welcomes artists, misfits, weirdos and anti-authoritarian types. The scene also becomes a sanctuary for people with mental health issues.

Unfortunately, Lewis -- a certified peer specialist -- says mental health is an issue still not fully addressed in his community, which is why he published Better Days: A Mental Health Recovery Workbook and You're Crazy, a collection of 27 essays by punkers addressing their mental health issues and addiction. It's a sentiment that Lewis understands as he was first placed into a psychiatric home at 14 and later spent a decade getting high. Lewis says he's been drug-and-alcohol -free since 2001 and focuses on having good minutes, good hours and good days, which he attributes to his being "healthy now...for the most part."

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Quick Questions With Brad Williams

Never go against Dirk Diggler.
Fullerton native Brad Williams is a favorite around Southern California and when he's not busy touring the country and has the chance to grace us with a stop in town, we jump at the chance to talk to this powerhouse. We keep up with this guy as much as we can and since we know that his newest CD "Hi Ho" came out last November and his podcast "About Last Night" is as successful as ever, we thought we'd hit him with a little rapid fire this time around. (Sorry about the "little" part.) Before he headlines the Brea Improv March 21st through 23rd, we dug a bit deeper with Williams to get to the bottom of a few random inquiries we had in mind by playing a game we like to call, "Quick Questions."

Beer or Liquor- Liquor, my drink is Jack and Ginger Ale. It makes me feel manly and childlike at the same time.

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Paula Bel: "People Tell Me They Wish They Could Say What I Say. Especially Women"

Michael Schwatrz
Truth be told, people think I'm pissed or I'm angry but I'm really just passionate about what I say.
We all know that the ability to sugarcoat things is not a virtue in the comedy business and comedian Paula Bel certainly doesn't mind unloading her issues and pet peeves whenever she steps to the mic. Before her upcoming gig at the Brea Improv on March 12th called "Hell in High Heels," we took some time to talk to Bel to see where her brutally funny and fearless as fuck comedy style comes from. And we don't want to blow her cover BUT...she is actually a total sweetheart... and a total badass!

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