OC Music Awards: Rock Rage of Night 3 Makes Earplugs a Requirement

Shannon Nehls / OC Weekly
Beneath The Buried

OC Music Awards Showcase: Night 3

The Slide Bar Rock-N-Roll Cafe
January 22, 2013

The OC Music Awards Showcase continued it's excursion on the quest to find OC's best live band for night three at the Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Cafe in downtown Fullerton. To test the nominated bands originality, stage presence, crowd participation and overall appeal where a few of the elite members of the OC Music Awards Academy which is comprised of music journalists, radio personalities, booking agents and industry professionals who help support our local music scene. Starting at 8 p.m., the showcase featured and interesting array of bands including Anna Vexa, Snakebit Drifters, Fiction Reform, Beneath the Buried and Death Hymn Number 9 who all brought their own eclectic crowds and energy to the Slide Bar stage.

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South Coast Repertory Teams with Latino Health Access to Develop Community Latino Theater in Santa Ana

south coast rep.jpg
South Coast Rep

Latino theater is returning to the city Santa Ana thanks to the awarding of a grant earlier this month from the James Irvine Foundation. As recipient, South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa is partnering up with acclaimed non-profit Latino Health Access to launch a community-based theater initiative called Dialogue/Diálogos SCR.

The two-year, $600,000 project can, in part, fill the artistic void that's been left in the wake of Breath of Fire Latina Theater's closure in downtown Santa Ana last year. Naturally, the partnership found an asset in the company's Artistic Director Sara Guerrero. "I'm really proud to be a part of this and helping to put it together," Guerrero says as Engagement Project Director of Dialogue/Diálogos SCR.

"Knowing my community, I'm happy to have a voice such as mine involved in the process from the beginning."
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Today in hell freezes over

Perrier is now served in Hades, water is flowing uphill and clocks are running backwards.
How else to explain the announcement yesterday that Dave Barton, Orange County's longtime theatrical agent provocateur (and OC Weekly arts writer) will program the 2013 season at Stages Theatre, OC's longest established storefront theater?
It's not like Stages is an old fuddy-duddy community theater reeling out tired play after tired play. Sure, it has had its share of Odd Couples, Steel Magnolias and Lend me a Tenors. But in its 20-year history, it's also delivered a host of new plays, along with work by Arthur Miller, David Mamet, Sam Shepard and other top-shelf playwrights. Hell, Fred Willard's even performed there.

NOT Dave Barton.From ...


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It Ain't Easy Being A Clown: South Coast Rep's 'Four Clowns' Amuse and Shock

Consider the clown. Though part of an illustrious history of performing that reaches back some 4,500 years, lots of people revile, fear and downright hate the creatures. Kind of sucks for such a fun-loving trope
But for every terrifying John Wayne Gacy and Pennywise, and for every unctuous dolt like Bozo, there are hundreds of very serious performers who embrace the cult of clowning like a douche bag throwing back Jager Bombs.
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[UPDATED with New Shows!] Breath of Fire to Close Space With 'Slip of the Tongue' Performances

UPDATE, Sept. 16 2:40 P.M.: After a successful opening weekend with packed audiences, Slip of the Tongue has added a show and a performer to close out Breath of Fire's theater space in Santa Ana.

As doors open tonight and tomorrow at 8 p.m., another one-woman play joins the fray. Cristina Nava, a Los Angeles based member of the 'Slip of the Tongue' Latina artistic collective, will be coming down to OC to stage Rocks in My Salsa, described as "somewhere between Chicana and Mexican" where "self discovery happens at the bottom of a dirty martini glass."

The three solo performances originally helped to launch the Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble five years ago in 2006 so it's only fitting that they help bring the space on the corner of Fifth and Broadway to a close this weekend.

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West Side Story One Woman at a Time

At first thought, the notion of a one-woman show in which the entire musical West Side Story is re-enacted would seem suspect at best. After all, two of the most annoyingly overwrought theatrical genres are one-person shows and musical theater. Combining them would seem a recipe of disaster.

But West Side Terri, currently playing at Fullerton's Monkey Wrench Collective is anything but an exercise in bombastic overemoting. Conceived by and starring Terri Mowrey, one of OC's brightest theatrical talents, it's a 75-minute show that is frequently hilarious, occasionally poignant and eminently entertaining.

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One Era Ends and Another Begins at South Coast Repertory

Martin Benson and David Emmes
It's not exactly a seismic shift, but whenever two main forces behind a major artistic institution decide to step down, it's a very big deal.
And that's what's happening at South Coast Repertory, a theater that (sorry, Will Ferrell and Jenna Haze) is, hands-down, Orange County's greatest artistic contribution to the world.
The announcement that Martin Benson and David Emmes, the two San Francisco State theater-arts graduates who founded the company in 1964 and served as its artistic co-directors for all that time, would be stepping down came in February 2010. It's taken a year to find a replacement: Marc Masterson, who was named Wednesday as the new creative force. 

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Slappy White Wants to Fuck Valentine's Day

Not this Slappy White...

​It's been some time since the illustrious Reverend Slappy White (not Red Foxx's old pal), the brazenly Fascist impresario behind Slappy White & his Calvacade of Comic All-Stars, has graced the county with his presence.

The driving force behind the sort-of-annual A Dolt's Only Xma$ Pageant, a no-holds-barred, wildly irreverent take on Christmas in downtown Fullerton that began some 15 years ago, White and his motley crew haven't re-assembled in at least three years.

Until now.

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Aunt Jemima to Angela Davis: Wringing Some Laughs from Racism


​While it's an obvious nod to the fact that February is Black History Month, George Wolfe's The Colored Museum, which opens this weekend at UC Irvine, is also right in time for those who blanch at the thought of the Hallmark holiday of Feb. 14. It's all about hate.

Okay, maybe it has absolutely nothing to do with Valentine's Day, but I couldn't resist.

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Hamlet With No Legs, But Plenty of Heart

More words have been written about William Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet than probably any piece of literature in history other than the Bible. It's been the subject of countless dramatic treatments, at least nine film versions and Lord knows how many pop-culture references.

But a Hamlet produced with all puppets? That might be a first. And it's happening at the Maverick Theater: Hamlet Has No Legs is a 75-minute production that was first staged last year at the Empire Theatre in Santa Ana by the All Puppet Players. We caught up with head puppetmaster Shaun McNamara to pick his brain about the project.

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