Slidebar Puts the Kibosh on Metal Mondays After Rowdy Exhumed Show

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There are few solid metal venues in OC where you can rely on breakneck riffs and top-notch brutality on a weekly basis. And even though we knew it wouldn't last forever, it saddened us yesterday to get confirmation that Slidebar is ending its weekly Metal Mondays showcases following another brawl and mosh-pit/crowd-surfing incident last Monday featuring Exhumed and Phobia. The rowdiness in the crowd apparently caused the bar to shut the show down.

Though he doesn't blame Exhumed in particular, Slidebar manager and entertainment coordinator Joshua Stolo says the club is going to stop booking the metal night.

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Tyga's 'Rack City': The Five Whitest Covers Ever

If you have ears then you've probably heard the Tyga song off of his second album Careless World: Rise of the Last King called "Rack City." Not only has it soared its way up the Billboard 100 charts (it currently sits at #15), it has spawned a slew of awesome remixes and covers. Our friend Glynn Montemayor (of the band Oh Girl) sent us this impressive cover (he really knows his shit and studied the lyrics!)  which inspired us to see what other goodies might be out on YouTube. After the jump, the five whitest covers we've seen.

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Kim Kardashian's Wedding Playist: 5 Songs To Avoid


On Saturday, while you're sleeping in or making a run to Trader Joe's for vegan pizza, there'll be more important things going on in the world. Yeah, it's Kim Kardashian's wedding! We know you could probably care less, but these multimillion-dollar Hollywood weddings only happen once every...month?

Since this wedding will be televised in a two-day E! event, we're sure some big musical heavyweights will be performing (or at least some well-known DJ will be mounted on a huge platform) at the $29-million estate in Montecito which is where the wedding is being held. And since we already have some inclination of what the wedding playlist might include, we definitely know what songs will NOT be making the cut:

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Kreayshawn Gets Nominated Best New Artist at the VMAs--and Other WTF Moments This Year

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I've never agreed with any award-giving body on who gets nominated or gets awards for best this or that, but this year's VMAs are akin to the year Milli Vanilli won Grammys over the Indigo Girls. (The fact that I date myself by remembering this hoopla means I'm really mystified by what's going on, too.)

And I love Kreayshawn's as much as the next bubblegum beat lover, but...c'mon. "Best New Artist"? She has ONE SONG out, folks! And, uh, no Lady Gaga in the "Best Video of the Year" category? That's just nuts. And no nominations for Rihanna? Weird.

And, uh, why is Tyler, the Creator's "Yonkers" video in "Best Video of the Year" but wasn't nominated in the hip-hop category? Katy Perry, Adele and Kanye West have the most nominations this year...where did everyone else go? (Last but not least--no ironic Rebecca Black nomination? Tsk, tsk, tsk, MTV!)

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Five Red Flags Marc Anthony Missed From Jennifer Lopez Herself

What was once (and still could be, who the hell knows)
There some people who are blinded by love, then there others who are addicted to it--sadly Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are each of these things, respectively.

Some were surprised when the pair announced their separation less than a week ago, mostly because the two were seen on just about every channel promoting their various endeavors from American Idol, to Gucci ads, and new dance tracks, all helmed by J.Lo. However, they both are working on a new reality show called Q'Viva!, an American Idol-like show with a Latino spin, of course, and have vowed to continue to proceed with through their separation. Awkward!

So as we bid-adios to one of our favorite power couples (we wouldn't put it past them to pull this off as a publicity stunt, perhaps reconcile during their show launch), we sincerely ask Marc Anthony, how could you have missed the signs? (Yes, we are thinking this is all Lopez' doing considering her track record).

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